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Monday, January 11, 2010

Henry meets Simon's friend Clarissa and offers to fill Simon's role in the con, since Simon has now gone legit for Katie.

Today’s episode was directed by Chris Goutman and written by Gordon Rayfield.


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Katie: Oh, Kim is back from her cruise. She called me, and she said she can't wait to watch the video I made for the show idea I have, and everybody at the studio thinks she's gonna love it.

Henry: I'm sure she will. You're her biggest star. She's eager to have you back.

Katie: I'm eager to be back. I think the show's gonna be great. Besides, I can use the money.

Henry: You wouldn't be this excited about if it was just about the money.

Katie: Well, that's true. I think it's gonna be good for the moms out there. I think it will really help them.

Henry: I'm sure that Kim will want that, too. It's good to have you back.

Katie: Oh, well, I couldn't put my life on hold forever.

Henry: And if you ever want to book Geneva swift, you know -- that was a joke. [Laughs]


Katie: Who's that?

Henry: It's Simon.

Katie: Not Simon. Who's he with.

Henry: A customer.

Katie: She looks pretty friendly for a customer.

Henry: I -- I'm sure it's nothing. Don't let it bother you.

Katie: Oh, it's not. Why would it bother me? Simon can do whatever he wants with whomever he wants. I got to take Jacob home for a nap.

Henry: He's already sleeping.

Katie: He needs to be in his crib.

Henry: You're gonna wake him up to put him to sleep?

Katie: Bye, Henry.


Henry: Hello, I'm Henry. I'm the owner. How's lunch?

Clarissa: Outstanding. What happened to al?

Henry: You know, that is an interesting story. I would love to tell it.

Clarissa: Which I really don't have the time to hear.

Henry: Okay, right. How long have you known Simon?

Clarissa: Who's Simon?

Henry: I have a keen eye and -- and good instincts for people. It comes in handy in my line of work.

Clarissa: Running a diner?

Henry: No, no, no. This is just a sideline.

Clarissa: Hmm.

Henry: I'm a gambler.

Clarissa: [Laughs] Really? I never would have guessed.

Henry: Well, ask around. I -- I'm sure you know the kind of people who would know.

Clarissa: And why would I care?

Henry: Because Simon turned you down.

Clarissa: I don't know what you're talking about.

Henry: Oh, I don't think you came here to sightsee, darling. I think you came here to offer Simon a job, and he said no.

Clarissa: Shouldn't you be frying something up right about now?

Henry: I'm -- I don't want you to think that this -- this trip was a waste of time.

Clarissa: Oh, but how could I? I got to see Oakdale.

Henry: W -- what I'm saying is I -- I think I can make it worth your while.


Henry: Maybe there is someone else who could provide the skills that would help you complete your transaction.

Clarissa: Like you?

Henry: Like, l -- like me. I would hate to think that you came to our beautiful city for nothing.

Clarissa: Hmm. Okay. I -- I don't mean to offend you, and I'm sure running a diner is incredibly challenging, but my work is highly specialized.

Henry: I -- I'm sure. That's why you needed Simon. Um, but he's trying to work on the good side of the law, and I'm assuming that this job of yours doesn't exactly qualify.

Clarissa: Well, you're assuming a lot.

Henry: Let's put our cards on the table.

Clarissa: Why don't you go first, since you're the self-proclaimed gambler?

Henry: Okay. You need Simon for a score. He said no. Believe me, he means it. He's -- he's found something here that money just can't buy.

Clarissa: Oh, I'm sure she's amazing. They always are.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. She's -- she's worth every penny he's giving up.

Clarissa: Sounds personal.

Henry: It is.

Clarissa: I mean for you.

Henry: Well, yeah. She's -- she's my best friend.

Clarissa: Hmm. That all?

Henry: Uh, not -- not always, but now, yes, yes.

Clarissa: Okay, I see. So you figure Simon gets your ex-girlfriend and you might just grab his action.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. Something like that. Something like that. No, wait a second, wait a second. I can help you. I can help you.

Clarissa: I don't think so.

Henry: No, no, no, no. Just, um -- just tell me about the scam.

Clarissa: I never said there was a scam.

Henry: Hypothetically, if there was one, how big is the score?

Clarissa: Hypothetically, huge.


Henry: Listen, you came here to find a partner, and you can wait from now until next thanksgiving, and Simon is still gonna say no.

Clarissa: How do you know that?

Henry: Like I said, I know Simon.

Clarissa: What would you do?

Henry: Well, I would, uh -- I'd get somebody else. Um, has the, uh -- has the mark actually seen Simon?

Clarissa: No, only spoken to him on the phone a couple of times.

Henry: Ah. [Australian accent] Then all you need is a charming Aussie. Isn't that right, mate?  

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