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Monday, January 18, 2010

Margo and Henry throw Katie a going away party, hoping to convince her not to leave town with Simon.  Katie doesn't appreciate being told what to do and is determined to leave.  But then she thinks about Jacob, and how important it is for him to be surrounded by family.  She decides to stay and tells Simon to leave, because she believes he'll never be happy living a settled life.  Henry and her siblings are happy she decided to stay.

Today’s episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum and written by Josh Griffith.


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Henry: Knowing Katie, she'll show up late and try to leave early, so we'll have a limited amount of time to work on her.

Craig: Do you really think that a few gifts, some weepy toasts, and a walk down memory lane is going to be enough to stop Katie?

Margo: Well, are you really willing to let her go without a fight?

Craig: No. I'm saying you're not putting up enough of a fight. We should start by throwing the Aussie into jail and throwing away the key.

Margo: That was plan "A." It failed miserably.

Henry: What we need to do is remind her why we love her and why she needs us.

Craig: Katie is way too headstrong and savvy to fall for something like this.

Margo: Which is why we need the one-two punch, which is why you're here.

Craig: Me?

Margo: Yeah. While we're working on Katie, you work on Simon, because he's the only one who is going to convince her to stay. She will only listen to him. So you got to get him to change his mind.

Craig: Ahh. The good cop, bad cop routine. I like it.

Margo: We thought you would, and you are deputized.


Margo: Hey! There you are! I was beginning to think you weren't going to show.

Katie: Well, you would have sent out an APB on Simon if we didn't, right?

Margo: Oh, come on. I promise you this afternoon's going to be fun. It will be.

Craig: Simon.

Simon: Craig.

Craig: You all packed and ready to go?

Simon: Yeah. We're getting there.

Craig: Mm-hmm. Getaway car idling at the curb. Next stop, destination unknown.

Simon: Uh, New York, actually. And surprise, surprise, we're catching a plane.

Craig: Manhattan. Interesting choice. You know what they say about it, don't you?

Simon: If you can make a day, you can make it anywhere?

Craig: No. There's a broken heart for every light on Broadway.

Simon: Then I guess we'll live downtown.

Craig: Broadway's a very long street.

Margo: Oh, come on, Craig. This is a party, not interrogation.

Craig: Oh, you're right. I'm sorry. But cut me a little slack. I'm about to say goodbye to my sister and it's breaking my heart.

Henry: Hey! The guests of honor are here! Hallelujah!

Katie: Hello, Henry.

Henry: Yes. I got your favorite bubbly, Bubbles.

Katie: Oh, you didn't have to do this.

Henry: Yes, I did. Of course I did. This is a very, very, very special night. One that I want you to remember for a very, very long time. First, though, I'd like to propose a toast.

Craig: No, thanks. Tonight I need something a little higher-proof.

Henry: Okay. Um, to Katie and Simon.

Jack: Hold on, Henry.

Katie: Jack? Car-- what -- this is a surprise.

Jack: I think the surprise is on us. Please do not tell me that you are seriously, seriously thinking about leaving town with this man. He's a fugitive, Katie. Do you understand what that means?

Carly: Jack, come on.

Craig: Wow. You're not going to tell me that you two are back together already?

Carly: Would you knock it off?

Craig: I mean, that's very impressive, Jack, even for you.

Jack: Isn't there a waitress around here someplace you should be flirting with?

Craig: Yes, but first I have a sister to say goodbye to. Speaking of waitresses, how's Janet?

Margo: Whoa, whoa. Okay. Hi. Carly, Jack, I'm glad that you could make it. Henry was just going to make a little, little toast.

Henry: Yes, uh yes. To Katie and Simon. I know I'm probably the last person you'd ever expect to say this, but I am happy that you two found each other again. Because if you're happy, then I'm happy. And if you need to go thousands of miles away from the people that you love to find that happiness, then so be it.

Katie: Thank you.

Henry: But tonight I would like to give you a few memories to take with you. First a toast, though, to Katie and Simon.

Craig: Hear, hear.

Katie: Henry, I'm touched. I didn't expect that from you.

Margo: Neither did I.

Henry: Yes. Let's get to the gift giving.

Margo: Yes.

Henry: This is from Emma. It's the Snyder family bible. Huh.

Katie: Wow.

Henry: I think you'll see on the front page there is a family tree.

Katie: Oh, my gosh. It's beautiful. [Sighs] There's Holden. There's you, Jack. Brad. Emma already has Jacob in here.

Margo: Let's give her our gift.

Katie: No. You didn't have to do that.

Henry: Oh yeah, yeah, we did. We did. It's a brand-new luggage set!


Margo: We wanted to get you something practical 'cause, you know, you'll probably be moving from place to place. Remember the way you used to do with mama?

Katie: Yeah.

Margo: Yeah. So, you know, you never know where you're going to be sleeping from night to night.

Katie: Simon and I are not going to let that happen.

Margo: No, hopefully not.

Katie: Is that going to be a running theme throughout this evening?

Margo: What? What do you mean?

Craig: Look, Katie, no one wants you to leave, and we're hoping to talk you out of this nonsense.

Jack: I agree.

Henry: Guys, stop it, please. Stop. This isn't about you. I know you're upset. We're all upset. We're all upset that Katie is leaving home and she's leaving her family and her friends and the town that she loves, but we have to accept it. This is her decision. It's just you mean so much to us. You mean so much to just about everybody in this crazy old town. Katie Snyder, this is your life. Now, I don't think there's anyone in this town who hasn't been touched by Katie in one way or another, whether it be a simple tightening of the thighs -- [Giggling] Or an all-over workout.


Katie: Oh, my God.

Henry: Or -- you say you want to try setting the standard for a beautiful bride. But I try whether it's for a marriage that wasn't meant to be -- or one that absolutely was. You're our hometown girl, Katie. Don't want to break my heart again you're the radiant spot in the center of our simple lives. Multi-talented. And always make us laugh. And you always, always, always touch our hearts. Because, really, you're the heart and soul of the town.

Craig: Go ahead. Take her away. You'll only be breaking a lot of hearts, maybe Katie's, but then who's counting?

Simon: Bite me, Craig.

Henry: So, just know this, Bubbles, that you can travel the world, you can go wherever you want, but you will always have a bed and a home and a lot of people that really love you right here waiting for you to come back if you ever decide to do that.

Katie: Okay, would you stop, please? This is too much, even for you.

Henry: I'm sorry. I didn't want to upset you. That's the last thing I wanted to do. I'm sorry.

Katie: Really? Is it? Are you all just trying to make me feel guilty for wanting to leave town with Simon?

Henry: Absolutely not. Do you?

Katie: Look, thank you all for all the trouble you've gone to. I really appreciate it, but it's getting late and Jacob needs to get to bed. I think its just time we say goodnight.

Margo: You know, no, no, no. Wait. There's one more gift.

Katie: Oh, yes. I'm sure there is. I can't handle another one.

Margo: Come on. Here. You'll like it. It's about your trip. Come on. Here. Open it.

Katie: What is it?

Margo: Well, let's find out. This is a map of all the places you lived when you were little when Mama was on the road. I made it myself. Like it? 'Cause, you know, if you get bored in New York City, you just find a new place to live. Huh?

Katie: Wow. We sure did travel a lot, didn't we? I don't even remember half these places.

Margo: Yeah. Well, that's the thing about moving around. Everything just becomes a blur.

Henry: It's amazing you turned out as stable as you did, considering your upbringing. I mean, think about it. You could have turned out like me.

Katie: And now I'm supposed to be afraid of what's going to happen to Jacob if I uproot him, right? Is that what you're not so subtly trying to say?

Henry: No. Nobody's saying that. Are you thinking that?

Katie: No, not at all.


Henry: Can't go yet, 'cause I've got a few more surprises for you.

Katie: I'm sure you do.

Henry: Yeah. There's my little cowpoke. Ah, who's not going to miss that little doggie? And I, uh -- I know how hard it was for you to forgive me about Brad's death, but you did. And you let me back into your life and you let me back in the little fella's life. And I will cherish every memory that I have of him, especially our cowboy lullaby. Whoopie-ti-yi-yo get along little doggies I'm sure he'll miss me serenading him, so I made a little CD for you here. You can play this for him if he's ever missing Uncle Henry.

Simon: Well, Katie and I are going to leave. There's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Jack: Yes, there is, actually.

Carly: Okay. Jack!

Katie: What is going on in there?

Henry: I didn't hear anything.

Margo: Oh!

Katie: Simon?

Simon: Everything's fine. Just having a chat with the lads.

Craig: Actually, Katie, would you mind waiting in the lounge just for a minute?

Margo: Yeah, Craig's right. Let's just go.

Katie: No, no, no, no, no! Stop telling me what to do! I knew it. I knew the second we walked in here that this whole party was just one big setup. So, you weren't all here to wish me bon voyage. You were just trying to convince me to change my mind and stay.

Henry: We're worried about you, and we don't want to see you make a mistake.

Katie: I already told you, this was my idea. I need to go away with Simon and start somewhere new. This is about me.

Henry: We know. We just wanted you to see what you'd be leaving behind.

Katie: Oh. Well, congratulations, Henry. You pulled it off. I know exactly what I'm leaving behind now -- a bunch of clingy, selfish people who claim to know what's best for me but really just want to hold me back.

Craig: We're not trying to hold you back. We just want to protect you.

Katie: Oh, shut up, Craig. As if you have any right to tell me how to live my life. Or you, Jack.

Jack: I promised Brad that I would protect you and Jacob.

Katie: I don't care what you promised. Brad wouldn't want you trying to control me. And how dare you use his memory in that way.

Simon: Well, well done, everybody. Just an awesome party.


Jack: Look, Katie, I don't blame you for being upset, but we are not here because we want to hurt you.

Margo: No, no. We're here because we care about you.

Craig: And we don't want to see you get hurt.

Henry: We love you, more than you know.

Katie: That's what none of you get.

Margo: Get what?

Katie: It's this need you all have to protect me. That's what's making me feel trapped here. That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Simon: It's not the kind of love she needs right now.

Jack: And you're sure that yours is?

Simon: Unlike you guys, what I'm trying to do is put what she wants and needs ahead of everything else. Look, you all know I love her without conditions, right? You knew it when you wanted her to choose me over Brad's ghost. You knew it when you -- when you tracked me down and you brought me back here. Carly, you know more than anyone that love doesn't come wrapped in a neat little package.

Carly: I'm on your side here.

Jack: Leave Carly out of this.

Simon: Look, I just want to leave you all out of it, to be quite honest. It was a stupid idea to come to this party at all. The sooner I get her away from you all, the better.

Katie: Jacob and I want to go home.

Henry: Wait a second. Wait, wait, wait, wait. No, look. I still have something to say.


Jack: I'm sorry I came down so hard on you earlier. This is your life, and if this is what you want to do, then I can't and shouldn't stand in your way.

Katie: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: And I'm not going to let my personal feelings for Simon dictate your happiness, either.

Simon: Well, that's big of you.

Jack: This will go a lot smoother if you just don't talk. I promised my brother something, and I'm going to keep it. Hey, little man. Listen, I told your daddy that I'd watch out for you, and that's what I intend to do. Wherever they take you, wherever you go, wherever you -- wherever you end up, I'll always come for you if you need me. Count on it. You're a Snyder, kid. You'll always be a part of my family. And you'll always have a home here. You be good to them.

Simon: I will.

Carly: Jack, we should go.

Jack: Bye, kid.

Katie: Bye.

Carly: Oh, take care of yourself, both of you.

Simon: Okay. Wow. You ready?

Katie: As I'll ever be.

Simon: Let's go.

Henry: I don't know about you, but I can't imagine my life without Katie.

Craig: I'm going to miss her, too. I wasn't always the best brother, but I sure did love her.

Margo: Oh, my God. Will you guys stop talking about her as if she's dead? She's just moving to New York, where she swears she's going to be very happy, and that's really all we want for her, isn't it?

Craig: Forgive me if I don't think she'll ever find happiness with someone like Simon Frasier.

Margo: Well, it's done, and we've got to let her go. So, to Katie and Simon, like it or not.


[Knock on door]

Margo: It's Katie! It's Katie! Katie!

Katie: Hi. Can I come in?

Margo: Sure. Is everything okay?

Katie: Yeah. It is now.

Margo: So, are you coming in?

Simon: No. I'm just going to hang here. Katie's got something she wants to tell you.

Henry: So, is this the official goodbye?

Katie: No. I can't do it. I can't leave.

Margo: Oh, thank God! Thank God!

Katie: Oakdale is my home, and it should be Jacob's home, too.

Henry: Amen to that.

Craig: I can't tell you how happy I am that you've come to your senses!

Margo: Yeah! What changed your mind?

Katie: Well, I guess your fake farewell party worked after all.

Margo: Ah.

Simon: Hey.

Henry: You okay?

Simon: Katie is. That's what counts.

Henry: It's a far, far better thing.

Simon: It actually feels kind of good to be noble for once.

Henry: Yeah. It almost suits you. So, I guess I'll get used to seeing you around here, huh?

Simon: No, Mate. No, I'm -- I'm heading out.

Henry: Why?

Simon: Listen, I'm not really the settling-down type. Finally managed to convince Katie of that.

Henry: You know, your gift for lying's starting to get a little rusty.

Simon: Once again, I think it's what's best for Katie.

Henry: Good Lord. Now I'm really impressed. Come here, you.

Simon: Listen, try not to miss me, all right?

Henry: Actually, I think I'm going to miss the hell out of you.

Simon: I'll miss you, too. Listen, please just take care of her. You really are the best friend she's ever had.

Henry: I'm trying to be.

Simon: Well, keep it up.

Henry: Take care of yourself.

Simon: That's what I do.

Henry: Goodbye, man.

Simon: See you, Mate.

Henry: Yeah.

Craig: Well, I personally take full credit for your turnaround, because nothing Margo or Henry did seemed to work.

Katie: Craig, I can safely say that nothing you did changed my mind.

Margo: Aha! Take that!

Craig: Fine, fine. All I care about is you're not going anywhere.

Henry: I second that. Bubbles, please, please don't ever do that to us again, okay?

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