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The Ipecac Syrup (Jan. 26-27, 2000)

Henry: Rumor has it that Molly gets to play Oakdale's goddess of love this Valentine's Day, and poor little Peretti has to play court jester.

Katie: You are definitely right. She has totally got it in for me. And she is going to do anything she can to make sure I never get on air again.

Henry: Uncle Henry knows these things. So, what're you gonna do about it? (Jan. 26, 2000)


Katie (to Molly who just left): Get right on it, as soon I park your broom stick. What, am I her personal gopher?

Henry: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Katie: She is such a -- oh, I just want to

Henry: Well, if you want me to help you get rid of the "problem," I can do it in such a way that your fingerprints will never show up on the results. (Jan. 26, 2000)


Henry (after giving Molly the sandwich laced with ipecac): Brace yourself Peretti. She could blow at any minute. (Jan. 26, 2000)


Henry: So, Katie, how does it feel? The power, the glory

Katie: What happened? What happened?

Henry: Well, you got your shot at stardom. Congrats. It's very impressive work.

Katie: I'm not talking about that. What happened to Molly?

Henry: Oh, who knows? Instant sickness. Yet not serious enough for 911. A couple of bites of tuna and -- whoops! You got your shot.

Katie: Henry, this is serious. Did you make her sick?

Henry: Oh, no, no. It was the ipecac syrup. You know, the stuff they give to babies when they swallow poison or something like that. You add a couple of dashes of mayo, and presto! One indisposed anchor. Temporarily.

Katie: You are so sick!

Henry: Hey, hey, don't play into the blonde stereotype, all right? You knew I would come up with something brilliant. Hell, you even gave me the go-ahead.

Katie: Yeah, well, I didn't think you would do something so

Henry: You grabbed that copy and dove behind that anchor desk before Molly even hit the ladies room door. Face it. We're in this together, Peretti. (Jan. 27, 2000)


Katie: Why are you doing this, Henry? Why are you helping me?

Henry: The truth?

Katie: No, lie to me.

Henry: Snyder. The guy just ticks me off, you know? He's always spitting on my ideas, he puts some bimbo like Conlan into the anchor chair. What the hell does this guy know about running a television station?

Katie: Well, the ratings are improving.

Henry: Right, which coincides exactly with the time that I started here. I think it's time that "the horse whisperer" wised up and realized that there is some real talent at this station. Me. And you. Did you see how impressed he was with what you did? You are golden.

Katie: That's it. Don't ever mention this again, okay? It's a one-time deal. Holden will hopefully forget all about it by tomorrow.

Henry: Then why did we bother? Trust me. I've done you more good than you know. (Jan. 27, 2000)


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