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Friday, January 29, 2010

Katie needs a roommate, and Henry thinks she's going to ask her when she declares that she's going to move in with Margo.  But Maddie convinces Henry to just ask her; they're such great friends and they could help each other out!  Henry goes over to Katie's to do just that, when she introduces him to her new roommate, the obnoxious Dr. Reid Oliver.

Today’s episode was directed by Chris Goutman and written by Janet Iacobuzzio.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Henry: Katie, hey.

Katie: Help.

Henry: Help? Why? What's the matter?

Katie: Jacob's been up all night. I don't know if he's coming down with something or he's teething or both. I can't get him to calm down.

Henry: He's asleep now.

Katie: Yeah, of course he is, 'cause that's in the baby manual. As soon as the mother starts acting like a freak show, the proof goes away.

Henry: Yeah, I don't need any proof. I completely believe you. What do you need?

Katie: I lost all my prep time for the show 'cause I was walking the floors all night with him. I didn't sleep at all, as I'm sure you can tell by the bags under my eyes.

Henry: I don't see any bags under your eyes. You look --

Katie: And my fridge is making this really weird, moaning sound all night, coming from the kitchen. The fridge is on the fritz.

Henry: So you are stressed out.

Katie: Yes. I think it's pretty much impossible to do this alone. I don't know how single women do it.

Henry: [Sighs] Well, it takes a village. At least that's what I've been told. I don't know why you didn't call me and ask me for help. I would have come right over.

Katie: I know.

Henry: I could have come over in my PJs, and we could make some popcorn. We can calm the little fella down, and you and I could watch old movies all night.

Katie: You're a genius.

Henry: Yes, I am.

Katie: No, seriously, Henry, you are. Why didn't I think of this myself?

Henry: Uh, because of your job and your son, and -- and you're worried about being alone.

Katie: That's just the thing. I don't have to be alone anymore.


Henry: People aren't meant to live alone. It's -- come on, come on. It's, uh -- it's not right. It messes with your head. It, um -- [Laughs] It's just -- here.

[Katie laughs]

Henry: We both know how depressing it is to order takeout for one, too, right?

Katie: Oh, yeah, I hate that.

Henry: I hate that, too. But, um, if you and Jacob weren't alone --

Katie: Then it would take some of the pressure off of me.

Henry: That's right.

Katie: Oh, and I won't have to worry about what to get for dinner, because Margo is the queen of takeout.

Henry: Margo?

Katie: Yeah. Who did you think I was talking about?

Henry: Margo. I thought you were talking about Margo, your sister, yeah.

Katie: I mean, if I could just live with her for like a month or two.

Henry: Right.

Katie: That way, I could get used to being a mother, get the show off the ground. Oh, my god. I'm going to be late.

Henry: Late for what?

Katie: For the show. To the studio.

Henry: The show. Right, right, right, right.

Katie: Thank you for letting me vent.

Henry: Yay!

Katie: Thank you for letting me vent long enough to come up with a really good plan.

Henry: Yeah. Um, yeah, yeah.

Katie: I mean, seriously. If you can't depend on your family in times of need, who can you depend on?

Henry: Me?


Maddie: I take it you're not saving this seat for anyone.

Henry: Saving it? No, my dear sister, I am a, uh -- I'm a lone wolf these days.

Maddie: Well, you're in a mood.

Henry: You would be, too, if you were me.

Maddie: All right. Lay it on me. I am a sponge today.

Henry: Okay. Let's see. My beautiful ex-girlfriend can't stand the sight of me, my best friend is dead, and my other best friend is too busy being a single mother to see me. And, uh, my ex-roommate, the jewel thief -- he's history. So it is inevitable I will end up alone.

Maddie: Oh, my god.

Henry: No, don't you "oh, my god." I know it sounds melodramatic, but that is how I feel inside.

Maddie: Henry, I get it. You're lonely. You want some company. So why don't you ask Katie?

Henry: Ask Katie what?

Maddie: If you can move in with her. I mean, that's what this is about, right? You're lonely. She's in a big house with a baby. So, see if she wants a roommate.

Henry: She does.

Maddie: You asked her?

Henry: I thought she was going to ask me, but then she decided she wanted to move in with Margo instead.

Maddie: Eh, well, Margo's pretty booked solid these days.

Henry: Hmm?

Maddie: Never mind. Look, why don't you just go over there and give her your pitch? You know, you could take out the garbage, change the baby, give her foot massages.

Henry: What? No, I'm not giving a foot massage just to get a roof over my head, all right? I'm looking for a roommate, not a soul mate.

Maddie: Well, so what if you happen to get both out of the deal?

Henry: What are you talking about?

Maddie: Henry, come on. Katie is your best friend, she's beautiful, she's got a kid that you adore, and -- and she's alone. What is your problem?

Henry: Right now? This conversation. Nothing ruins a good friendship like love. Remember that.


Henry: You're here?

Katie: I live here.

Henry: Yeah.

Katie: What are you doing?

Henry: Uh -- I was just going to make you dinner, since you've been so busy.

Katie: Aww.

Henry: What's that smell?

Katie: Mulled cider. You want some?

Henry: No, no, no, no. Thanks. Say, you look relaxed.

Katie: I am. Hear that?

Henry: No, I don't hear anything.

Katie: Exactly. Jacob's been sleeping all afternoon. I went to a new doctor who gave him antibiotics.

Henry: Oh.

Katie: So he's sleeping. I got back from work, mulled some cider, and fixed the fridge.

Henry: That's a full day.

Katie: Mm-hmm. What did you do?

Henry: I talked to my sister.

Katie: Aww. How's Maddie?

Henry: She's as wise as an owl. In fact, uh, she told me about something that I should do that might help you.

Katie: What's that?

Henry: Give me your foot. Give me your foot. Come on.

[Katie moans]


Henry: You know, I like sisters. I really do. I -- they're important. I like most of my sisters and, uh, I like Margo, too, even though she's arrested me so many times. Sisters should be close.

Katie: Yeah, you're right.

Henry: Yeah. But, uh, roommates as adults? I mean, it's a little too close, don't you think?

[Katie sighs]

Henry: I mean, uh -- I mean, take this, for example, this foot massage. I mean, a sister would -- would never do this on demand. She wouldn't even offer it.

Katie: You're right. This one, too.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah. That's why I think you need someone a little -- little more -- a little less related.

Katie: More disinterested?

Henry: Yes. More -- no, no, no. Not disinterested. More, um, more caring, more loving, more, uh -- more doting.

Katie: Ooh.

Henry: Someone, uh, who could, uh, take care of Jacob.

Katie: Totally.

Henry: Yes. Take care of him when he's sick, when he's not sick.

Katie: Oh, exactly.

Henry: Someone who could take out the trash.

Katie: Uh-huh. Mm.

Henry: Katie, I'm -- I'm really -- I'm really happy you feel that way, 'cause there's something --

Reid: Key works.

Katie: Great. So, what do you think?

Reid: Yeah, it'll do. I'm in.

Katie: Great.

Henry: Excuse me. Who are you?

Katie: Henry Coleman, this is dr. Reid Oliver, my new roommate.


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