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The Incriminating Audio Tape (Feb. 4, 2000)

Katie: How can you be so calm?!

Henry: So Molly has a tape of you and I talking. You think anyone's gonna care once they get a load of her and her boy toy half naked?

Katie: Henry, you're not getting it. We are on tape talking about putting ipecac syrup in her sandwich. We sound like a couple of criminals.

Henry: Oh, you are overreacting.

Katie: Oh, I'm overreacting, yeah. Tell me that when we're on the curb reading the want ads, 'cause that's exactly where we're -- wait, what am I even talking about? What am I talking about? We're not just gonna lose our jobs. We could be charged with attempted murder.

Henry: Get a grip, Katie.

Katie: Don't patronize me.

Henry: Is this how you're gonna react every time some little problem comes up?

Katie: "Little" problem?

Henry: Yes, yes. Do I have to remind you that you and I are a lot smarter than the small minds that run this station? And like I said, those pictures that you took prove that molly has been doing the nasty with her daughter's new boyfriend -- a young man who happens to be Kim Hughes' son!

Katie: I know all that. So what?

Henry: All right, for the last time, follow me here, okay? When Holden and Kim get a look at them, it will make the baby medicine that we put into Molly's tuna on rye look like a fraternity prank. All right? Come on, let's look at those pictures. (Feb. 4, 2000)


Henry (talking about showing Kim the photos of Chris and Molly): Okay, bottom line, Katie -- if you're too chicken to do it, I'll do it myself. But you can consider our partnership dissolved.

Katie: Henry.

Henry: I mean it. I mean it. The train's leaving the station, it's time to hop on board. Now, are you with me, or are we gonna go our separate ways? (Feb. 4, 2000)


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