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The Photos of Molly and Chris (Feb. 8-9, 2000)

Katie: How can you just be sitting there reading? Oh, where is Holden? We've got one camera for the news in a little over an hour

Henry: Breathe, Katie. Simple, effective.

Katie: Maybe -- maybe we should just forget about showing Holden those pictures. I mean, they don't just affect Molly. They could ruin Chris's life. You know, my mom always said, "nothing good can come out of anything bad."

Henry: Well, she never worked in television. Come here. Come on. Get a grip, Katie, all right? You have two options here. You can let Molly cast her aspersions, you can take it on the chin with no defense and lose your job. Or you can show the pictures to Holden, Molly will take her rightful place -- at the curb -- and you will take yours -- in the anchor desk. It's a no-brainer. Speaking of which (Holden and Molly approach) (Feb. 8, 2000)


Katie (after Holden saw the pictures of Molly and Chris): What do you think's going on in there?

Henry: Well, from the look of Holden's face when he saw that picture of Molly and the Hughes boy, I would say that madame anchorperson is about to be thrown to the lions. (Feb. 8, 2000)


Henry (after Katie filled in for the fired Molly Conlon): Well, you've put in a full night. How about a celebratory drink at Java Underground? I'm buying.

Katie: How can you do that?

Henry: What? Drink? I'm off duty.

Katie: No, just act like everything that we've done is all in a day's work.

Henry: If you wanna run with the big dogs, Peretti

Katie: I can't stomach this.

Henry: Oh, please. Just pop an antacid, let's party.

Katie: I'm not in the mood to celebrate, Henry. I'm sorry. You may be able to just ruin people's lives and not think twice about it, but I'm not like that.

Henry: Oh, come on, drop this guiltier-than-thou routine, will you? You're gonna blow all the success we've worked for. You got your big news job.

Katie: At what price?

Henry: Katie, I'm warning you, shed this shawl of shame, or you'll be out of here faster than Molly.

Katie: Enough, Henry! Don't want to keep you from that drink.

Henry: I earned it. We both did. Come on, just one.

Katie: No, I'm positive.

Henry: Well, that's a pity. I was looking forward to toasting our continued success.

Katie: Better run along then.

Henry: I'll see you bright and early tomorrow?

Katie: You bet.

Henry: Congratulations, Miss Peretti, on your incredible leap into the anchor chair. Of course, you had a boost from a friend, someone who knows you won't forget him when you reach the top. After all, he knew you when. (Feb. 9, 2000)


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