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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Henry is not happy that Dr. Reid has moved in with Katie.  When he finds out from Maddie that Luke blackmailed him about something, he did a little digging.  Reid found out about it and had Henry quarantined at the hospital for tuberculosis!

Todayís episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum and written by Susan Dansby.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Reid: When did it happen? Was his family with him when he died? Don't -- don't bother. They're not gonna want to hear from me. Just you take care of it.

Katie: Uh, have you seen Jacobís blue-striped sock? I can't find it anywhere?

Reid: I hate it when people feel the need to walk around on eggshells. Just ask me what you want to know.

Katie: It sounded like someone died.

Reid: A patient. It happens.

Katie: Doesn't it get to you?

Reid: Only if you let it.

Henry: Dr. Oliver.

Reid: Hank.

Henry: Henry, actually. How are you today?

Reid: Needed.

Henry: Really?

Katie: Oh, stop!

[Henry stammers]

Henry: Don't you "Oh, stop" me. That guy gives rude and insensitive a bad name.


Katie: I'm sorry, I don't have time for this. Jacob and I have to go.

Henry: Where are you going?

Katie: The hospital.

Henry: Oh, come on! Isn't it enough that you have to share the place with McBrainy? You got to have lunch with him, too?

Katie: Would you stop dumping on him? He's a nice guy.

Henry: He is not a nice guy! He is rude, and he is snide. He's so conceited!

Katie: Okay, he's not all warm and fuzzy. And on the outside, he's a little cold.

Henry: Try heartless.

Katie: He's driven.

Henry: He's a monomaniac.

Katie: He's focused. That's why he's a good doctor.

Henry: He is focused! He's focused on himself all the time.

Katie: He has feelings, Henry. He just doesn't show them all the time like --

Henry: Like -- what, like me? Well, I am sorry, Katie, but I will not apologize for being human. It comes in handy when you need a friend.


Maddie: "Needed -- apartment to share. Three --"

Henry: Look who decided to stick around!

Maddie: Hi! Well, you know, I have my vlog and my brother.

Henry: Vlog. Wait a second. You're sticking around for me, even though you never make any time to see me?

Maddie: Excuse me. I have been helping my dear friend Noah.

Henry: Oh, that is -- that is a good deed, considering the situation.

Maddie: Why? What do you mean? 'Cause he left me for Luke?

Henry: No, not at all. I mean because of his neurosurgeon from hell, this Dr. "It's all about me," Reid Oliver.

Maddie: Wow. He's not so bad.

Henry: Have you met the guy, Maddie?

Maddie: Well, just in passing. But I'm not surprised he has a chip on his shoulder. I mean, I'd be pretty ticked off, too, with the whole blackmail thing.

Henry: Oh, excuse me. What? What blackmail thing?

Maddie: Oh, yeah. Luke basically blackmailed him to come to town to treat Noah.

Henry: Really?

Maddie: Mm-hmm. Down, boy. I don't think he had any dirt on him. I think it was just all bluff.

Henry: Bluff? Well, I -- I've played poker long enough to know that you can't bluff someone unless they think that you're holding a lot of aces. So the all-important Dr. Oliver has something to hide.


Katie: Sorry to bother you. Come on, Jacob. Let's go.

Reid: If Jacobís sister needs a bone-marrow transplant, then she needs one now. You wringing your hands and dreaming up worst-case scenarios -- it just wastes time.

Katie: Let go.

Reid: If Jacob were sick and Liberty's mother was dragging her feet, would you have any patience?

Katie: No, but Jacob --

Reid: Don't tell me that Jacob is just a baby. It just means that he's too young to worry about it. Give him a kiss. Give him his teddy bear. Get over yourself. See? That wasn't so hard.

Henry: If it isn't the infamous Dr. Oliver. Did you have a nice lunch with Katie?

Reid: Hank.

Henry: You're smiling. You never smile. What's the matter with you?

Reid: You tried to make trouble for me, Hank. You shouldn't have done that.

Henry: Me, make trouble for you? I don't know what you're talking about.

Reid: I just got a call a few minutes ago from a friend back in Dallas, John Barber. I thought that name might get you. Seems somebody's been asking questions about me, offering to pay for information. He thought I'd want to know. He owes me one for cutting a tumor out of his grandma. That someone wouldn't happen to be you, would it, Hank?

Henry: What if it was?

Reid: Why are you digging into my past?

Henry: I want to prove to Katie that I'm right about you.

Reid: Prove what, that I'm not all warm and fuzzy? She already knows that.

Henry: When she finds out what kind of guy you really are, she is going to kick you out on your tail.

Reid: You think so?

Henry: I'm absolutely sure.

Reid: Here's the thing, Hank. I like Katie's place. Hell, I even like Katie and the kid. I'm not going anywhere.

Henry: Here's the thing, Reid. Once I expose you for who you really are --

Reid: Oh, speaking of exposing, excuse me. Hey, orderly?

Orderly: Yes, Dr. Oliver.

Reid: I need some help with my patient here. He just tested positive for tuberculosis.

Henry: I did not.

Reid: He needs to be quarantined immediately.

Henry: No, I donít.

Reid: He's a bit resistant, but he's highly contagious.

Orderly: Come along.

Henry: I'm not his patient! Look, I am not -- I am not his -- I don't anything!

Orderly: Come along quietly, Sir.

Henry: This is ridiculous!


[Knock on door]

Henry: Hey! If you're not gonna let me out of here, can you at least give me an extra blanket? My backside is freezing! Quarantine my frozen tundra. And find that quack Reid Oliver, okay? Tell him he can't do this to me! [Henry grunts] Tell him I'm going to take his butt to the AMA, and the CIA, and the -- the AARP, the ASPCA! He's history, do you hear me? He is history!

[Henry sighs]


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