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The Aftershocks from the Photos (Feb. 11-14, 2000)

Henry (to Katie): Oh, confidence, my wobbly protege. You're his golden child. (Feb. 11, 2000)


Molly: Every smarmy detail of your back-stabbing scheme is on this tape. Don't grab onto a drowning man when your ship is sinking faster than the "Valetta."

Henry: The only person down for the count here Molly is you. Do you think Holden's gonna listen to some news flash from the whore of Babylon, hmm?

Molly: We'll see.

Henry: All right, you were kicked off the premises once.

Molly: Wrong. I wasn't fired, I quit.

Henry: Whatever, whatever. Your pass was revoked. Security will see you out. (Feb. 11, 2000)


Henry: It looks like you scored some good points with Holden today. Keep up the A-plus performance and I guarantee you, your name will be permanently emblazoned on the TV listings.

Katie: Do you think he'd really hire me permanently?

Henry: Oh, sure, sure, sure. And when he does, remember who really put you into that anchor seat.

Katie: Oh, he believed every word I said today.

Henry: You know, I think pillow talk might be more convincing.

Katie: Ew, Henry! I would never use sex.

Henry: You had the chutzpah to take those pics of Molly and her boy toy. The same approach might take you to the top. (Feb. 11, 2000)


Henry (at J.U. for the Valentine’s Day segment): I'll go ahead and scope out the single women -- for the show, of course. (Feb. 14, 2000)


Henry: What's with the long faces? You two [Jen and Katie] just find out that Matt Damon got married?

Katie: Chris' girlfriend just broke up with him.

Henry: And this affects you –

Katie: Because it's probably because of the pictures.

Henry: Oh. Oh, my heart really goes out for the guy, you know? He probably won't have a date for two, three hours?

Katie: Come on, Henry. He is my friend.

Henry: Well, then years from now, you can fill him in, and he'll be happy to know that he made a sacrifice in the name of your career. Speaking of which, let's get back on track, shall we? Here comes a lady [Julia] looking for some action. Go for it. (Feb. 14, 2000)


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