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Friday, February 12, 2010

Henry is able to break out of his fake quarantine that Reid put him in, and he goes straight to Barbara's room to talk to her about Mick's claim that he's James.  Barbara tells Henry that she believes Mick, but Henry is afraid he's just using her for her money.  When Barbara expresses her insecurities around younger women like Vienna and Katie, Henry assures her that she has no reason to be insecure.

Today’s episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum and written by Gordon Rayfield.


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Henry: Listen, you got to let me out of here, all right? Take that mask off! I don't have tuberculosis! You're gonna regret locking me up in here! Dr. Hughes happens to be a very good friend of mine!

[Telephone rings]

Room 715. It's for you. Detective hughes.

Henry: Oh, Margo! Thank god! You have got to help me out. I am being held against my will! What? No, not by Mick Dante. Why would -- he said what? Does he know James is dead? Does Barbara know about this? You really think he's dangerous? No, of course I won't go near him, Margo. I'm trying to tell you that I am a prisoner here in -- Margo? Margo?

[Coughing] Help! Tuberculosis! It's getting worse! You got to help me!

I'll call a doctor!

Henry: You don't understand! You don't understand! I'm feeling very weak!


Barbara: God, you came to your senses, Paul! Henry?

Henry: Can I come in, please? I'm freezing.

Barbara: You're in a hospital gown.

Henry: I know that.

Barbara: W-why?

Henry: Look, I can tell you. It's a very long story. Please let me in, please?

Barbara: Yes. Come on in. What were you doing in the hospital?

Henry: I wasn't just in the hospital. I was in quarantine.

Barbara: Why?

Henry: Tuberculosis.

Barbara: You've got to get out of here!


Barbara: You're sure you're not sick?

Henry: Yes, of course I'm sure! It was that lunatic quack that's been treating Noah. Forget about him. Forget about the doctor. Listen, Margo told me about Mick Dante.

Barbara: What did she tell you?

Henry: She told me that he's going around saying he's the ghost of James Stenbeck or something crazy like that.

Barbara: She told you that?

Henry: Yeah, she told me like that. So, I thought I would warn you.

Barbara: I already know.

Henry: Yeah, of course. Of course you would already know. I just think we should be careful until they catch this guy, because he's obviously not playing with a full deck.

Barbara: Mick is James.

Henry: What?

Barbara: I know this is very hard to understand, but he's your father.

Henry: What are you talking about?

Barbara: Mick Dante is James Stenbeck.

Henry: Barb-- okay. First of all, the kid's barely out of his 20s.

Barbara: No, I understand that. I understand it, but, you see, James discovered some kind of a youth serum and he used it on himself.

Henry: He's dead.

Barbara: No, he is not. He is very much alive.

Henry: Sweetie, have you been hitting the schnapps? Is that what's going on?

Barbara: I know how hard this is to understand, I really do.

Henry: You really believe this, don't you?

Barbara: Yes, I do. He's back because he wants to make things up to Paul and up to you, and he discovered this serum that can make you younger, actually make you younger, and he is living proof of it.

Henry: Oh, my god. This is why you've been letting him treat you. You want to be younger. Is that it?

Barbara: Well, among other things.

Henry: What? What other things? Why would you do something like this?!

Barbara: Well, I did it for me. And I did it for you.


Henry: You did what for me?

Barbara: Look, Henry, you know, you have to admit, we got off to kind of a rocky start. You were using me.

Henry: You know how sorry I am about that.

Barbara: I do. And I was using you, and I was not quite so sorry about that, because we did have some very lovely times.

Henry: Yeah. With all due respect, Vienna left me because of our times together. So, I don't look back on it as fondly as you do.

Barbara: Well, I suppose not, but, I mean, however, it did happen. For me, it was -- well, it was exactly what I needed.

Henry: Barbara, you are a very attractive woman. You don't need me to prove that to you.

Barbara: Oh, but I did. You see, after the cancer diagnosis, I thought that my life was over, and then you came along and you showed me that it -- it doesn't have to be.

Henry: Well, I'm -- I'm glad I could help you with that. What does this have to do with Mick?

Barbara: I was in a very strange place after us, and -- and -- I mean, even though I had beat the cancer, I was still feeling very vulnerable, and I felt like it could come back and take me away, and I felt old.

Henry: Oh, god. You are not old.

Barbara: Well, the thing is, despite all your faults, Henry, you are alive.

Henry: What faults?

Barbara: Oh, come on, Henry. You're selfish. You're petty.

Henry: I am not petty. I just streaked through old town to see you!

Barbara: That's exactly what I'm talking about! See how alive you are? And that's how you made me feel. And, so, despite everything else, I realized, in the end, I just couldn't compete with Vienna or Katie.

Henry: I never meant for it to be a competition.

Barbara: Well, you probably didn't, but that's how it was in my mind.

Henry: And then Mick comes along with his treatments and you thought --

Barbara: I thought that not only could I feel younger, I could really be younger.

Henry: Hey, hey, it's -- a con man always has a nose for his mark, and the whole fountain of youth thing, that's one of the oldest scams in the book.

Barbara: Because there's always an older, richer woman willing to pay to be younger and silly.

Henry: Would you listen? Listen to me. You don't need to be younger. You don't need to be anything but what you are right now, which happens to be a very attractive, exciting woman, who's also sexy as hell.


Henry: I need to take a shower, wash the hospital off of me. I'll bring you your blanket back later, okay?

Barbara: Okay.

Henry: You all right?

Barbara: Yeah.

Henry: I know you have a really long, twisted history with my father, but this isn't about him, okay? This is about Mick using James to get at your money.

Barbara: I hope you're right.

Henry: I know I'm right. I'll call you later.

Barbara: Henry?

Henry: Yeah?

Barbara: Are you going to Casey and Alison's wedding?

Henry: Yeah, I am.

Barbara: Well, if I go, and I'm not sure that I'm still wanted there because of everything that's gone down, would you like to go with me?

Henry: I'd love to, but I told Katie I'd go with her.

Barbara: Oh, sure. Of course. Well, I'll see you there if they still let me come.

Henry: I'm sure they will. As long as you don't outshine the bride.

[Door closes] 


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