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Monday, February 15, 2010

Henry and Katie are planning to go to Casey and Alison's wedding together, but she gets upset when he hounds her about her new friend and roommate Dr. Reid.  So he asks Barbara instead.  They show up at the wedding together, and things quickly go badly.  Mick Dante, channeling James Stenbeck, holds all the guests hostage.  He lets a group go and Henry convinces him to let Katie go with them.  But Henry and Barbara are stuck there.

Today’s episode was directed by Chris Goutman and written by Gordon Rayfield.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Henry: What? What is it? You think it's funny that he put me in quarantine?

Katie: I think it's funny that you jumped out of the window in your hospital gown. What did you do to tick him off?

Henry: That's not important! What about his hippocratic oath -- "do no harm"?

Katie: What did you do, Henry?

Henry: I may have hired a P.I. In Texas to see if there's anything in his past that we should know about.

Katie: Why are you so obsessed with him?

Henry: I'm not obsessed! Sweetie, I'm just trying to protect you.


Katie: I don't need you looking out for me. Reid is a friend.

Henry: I don't trust him.

Katie: Well, I don't care! He's here, and he pays his rent on time, and it's really comforting to have a doctor in the house with a newborn.

Henry: What -- what kind of doctor quarantines a healthy man?

Katie: The kind that's as annoyed with you as I am right now.

Henry: Okay, okay, okay. Maybe I -- maybe I shouldn't have hired a P.I. It maybe wasn't such a good idea.

Katie: You think? You should go.

Henry: What do you mean? What do you mean go? What about the wedding?

Katie: I'm not going with you. Come on.

Henry: What? Wait, no. Look, I'm sorry, Katie. I'm sorry.

Katie: It's too late! It's too late.

Henry: Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit here, sweetie? Come on.

Katie: No, I don't. Get out.

Henry: Katie -- Kat --


[ Barbara groans ]

Henry: Is that really the look you're going for?

Barbara: I don't know what you're talking about.

Henry: Casey and Alison's wedding.

Barbara: I'm not going to the wedding. Paul doesn't want me there.

Henry: So what? I do.

Barbara: I thought you were going with Katie.

Henry: Not anymore.

Barbara: Even if I agreed to be your rebound date, I don't think it's a very good idea, because Paul blames me for everything that happened with James.

Henry: You mean Mick. He is not James, Barbara.

Barbara: It doesn't matter anymore.

Henry: What doesn't matter is -- is Paul's opinion, okay? If you want to go, you should go.

Barbara: I don't know.

Henry: Look, I want to go. I want you to go. I don't have a date now. And I think you should go there and prove to people you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Barbara: Can you give me 10?

Henry: I can give you 15.

Barbara: I'll take five. I'll be right back.

[ Henry sighs ]


[ Henry sighs ]

Henry: Wow. You look, uh --

Barbara: Acceptable?

Henry: "Acceptable" for -- talking in understatements. Yeah, I -- I can't believe you did all this in, um --

Barbara: 4 1/2 minutes. A new record.

Henry: It's to be admired.

Barbara: There's one little hitch, though.

Henry: No, don't. Don't tell me that you've changed your mind about going again. There is only one reason that you would not go to this wedding, and it has nothing to do with being seen with me or what Paul wants you to do.

Barbara: And what would that one reason be?

Henry: You'd upstage the bride. [ Barbara sighs ] Barbara, no one's gonna be looking at Alison coming down the aisle when you're standing there in plain sight.

Barbara: Oh, stop it.

Henry: No, I'm serious. So if that's what you were gonna tell me --

Barbara: It's not.

Henry: Well, good.

Barbara: No, I was gonna tell you that we could leave as soon as, uh -- you zip me up.

Henry: Yeah. I can do that. Sure.

[ Barbara laughs ] Sorry.

Barbara: No, no, no. It's just that I'm -- a little ticklish.

Henry: Right, yeah. Ticklish.

Barbara: It's a spot.

Henry: It's -- its one of many, as I recall. Oh!

Barbara: Thank you.

Henry: It's my pleasure.

Barbara: So, what do you think Katie's gonna say when you walk in with me?

Henry: I told you, this is not about Katie.

Barbara: Oh, but I think it is, because you were originally gonna go with her.

Henry: Yeah, and then she decided she didn't want to go with me, so --

Barbara: Younger women make such foolish choices.

Henry: I ever told you that i like the way you think?

Barbara: With experience comes wisdom.

Henry: Maybe you see something in me that she just doesn't.

Barbara: And if I do, that's her loss.

Henry: Shall we go?

Barbara: Okay. You can lead the way.


Henry: Hello, Katie, doctor.

Katie: Hello, Barbara.

Barbara: Hello, Katie.

Katie: Barbara Ryan, this is Dr. Reid Oliver.

Reid: It's nice to meet you.

Barbara: You as well.

Reid: How's the recovery coming?

Barbara: I think we should take our seats.

[ Whispering ]

Henry: I can't believe she's here with him!

Katie: I can't believe he's here with her!

Reid: Are you having fun yet?


Barbara: You shot your own son!

Mick: I know, and it felt really good. [ Gunshot ] Okay, I think everyone should listen to the guy with the gun. Wait, that's me. Lisa, be a dear and turn off your cell phone now. Everyone, take our your cell phones, throw them in the aisle. I catch anyone with a cell phone, the next call you make will be from the mortuary. Son number two, you can't leave yet. The party's just getting started.

Henry: Uh, he's not talking to me. Just --

Mick: Aw, looks like somebody beat you to it, as usual.


Henry: Excuse me, whoever you are. I insist that you let Katie go. S -- she has a child who just lost his father.

Mick: This town always was full of sob stories.

Reid: I'm taking her.

Mick: Yeah. Go.

Henry: And Barbara.

Mick: No. Mother stays. You, too, junior. Because I am such a nice guy, I am letting go everyone who doesn't particularly interest me.


Alison: Casey, don't. Put down the gun. You don't need it, and you don't want to hurt anyone.

Mick: You are so wrong about that.

Barbara: No, she's not. James, listen to me. You can still run. I'll go with you. I'll make sure you're safe wherever you want.

Mick: What makes you think I want to go anywhere with an old sex kitten like you?

Henry: Come on. Is that really necessary?

Mick: Shut up.  


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