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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Henry and Barbara are being held hostage by Mick, along with Alison and Casey and several of their wedding guests.  Henry stands up for Barbara, telling Mick/James, "You don't know what beauty is, or bravery, but they start with B and that stands for Barbara!"  Alison is eventually able to get Mick to let everyone go and run away with her.  The hostages are relieved to be free, including Henry and Barbara.

Today’s episode was directed by Chris Goutman and written by Susan Dansby.


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Mick: Hello, Margo.

Margo: I will give you five seconds to open this door!

Mick: Next time, I won't miss.

Margo: Two --

Henry: Shouldn't you deal with the angry policewoman?

Margo: Three --

Mick: Barbara, tell Margo to relax.

Margo: Four --

Barbara: Margo, it's okay! Wait! Nobody's hurt! It was just an accident!

Margo: I want to hear my son say that.

Mick: Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Casey: I'm okay.

Mick: Good boy. Must be every bride's dream, seeing her groom willing to die for her honor, such as it is.

Emily: Will you stop it? Haven't you hurt her enough?

Casey: What did you do to her? You drug her, threaten her?

Mick: I didn't do anything. Girls always go for the bad boy. Just ask Barbara, or Emily, or your sweet, sweet mother. She and I were lovers once, as well.

Henry: Don't take the bait.

Casey: Alison would never go near you, much less -- what did he do to you?


Mick: Tie them up. Tie them both up. Tie her to her groom.

Henry: With what?

Mick: Oh, you're more useless than your brother. There is rope behind the altar. Get it.


Henry: Listen, dad, you've missed out on a lot of family moments. I can tell that. So why don't you and I make up for that? We'll slip out of here. We'll have a -- we'll have a haut brion '82, maybe a steak. What do you say?

Barbara: Henry, don't waste your breath. He is not your father. He's just been programmed to think like James. He's a poor imitation.

Mick: [Growls] We're gonna go have a chat. One of you tries to escape, I kill them both.

Alison: Emmy, he means it. Don't try to get away.

Emily: No. Ali, no!

Henry: No, no, stop. You're just gonna make him crazier than he already is.

Paul: We're gonna be fine. We'll just do what he says.


Henry: Listen. If I have to choose between being shot, doing nothing, and shot trying to escape, I vote escape.

Barbara: Well, we have to try now, because we're not gonna get another chance. Help me with Paul.

Emily: We -- we cannot just leave Casey a -- and Alison here!

Henry: Casey's a strong guy, and I didn't tie that rope as tight as I should have.

Barbara: You said that she was buying us time anyway.


Margo: What about Alison and Casey? What have you done with them?

Mick: Well, they're working through some issues right now. I have a feeling there won't be a couple much longer.

Emily: What have you done with Alison and Casey?

Mick: I've merely stirred the pot. They're simmering now.

Henry: Excuse me, dad. Uh, Paul and I are your sons. You've got a score to settle, fine. I got nobody waiting or weeping for me. Just let them go, and I'll stay.

Mick: There may be hope for you yet, Henry. But Paul is still the number-one son. I'm not done with him yet. If he disappoints, maybe I'll allow you to make the supreme sacrifice.

Paul: You want to finish me off? Fine. You go ahead. You do whatever you want. But you let Emily go.

Mick: Sorry. What's that? I couldn't hear you. Maybe I could hear you better if you were on your knees!


Barbara: Stop it. Stop torturing him.

Mick: Oh, here we go. Just like old days. Here comes mommy to save her little boy. How do you expect him to grow into a real man with you constantly smothering him?!

Barbara: You are a freak. You are not his father.

Mick: Oh, you're nobody's idea of a mother, either, Barbara, or a wife. I molded you. I enhanced what was beautiful about you. And how do you repay me? By turning my son into your lapdog?

Barbara: What about all the times that you abused me, threatened me, deserted me? I was not about to let my son grow up to be anything like you -- like James!

Mick: Your beauty is no longer dazzling, Barbara. I have no problem keeping a clear head.

Henry: You don't know what beauty is, or bravery, but they begin with "b," and they stand for Barbara! Oh, oh! Almost had him.

Mick: [Laughs] Aiming a little low these days, Barbara, chasing after a man who's half your age who only seduced you to get my money, didn't you?

Henry: Guilty as charged.

Barbara: I do not regret my time with Henry.

Mick: Spare me.

Barbara: If I die now, I know that I will have been with a man 10 times better than James Stenbeck ever was!

Mick: Well, well. If things don't work out for Alison and Casey, then you and Henry can get married. It would be a shame to waste all these flowers. Although we could save them for the funeral.


Paul: Please. This church is giving me the creeps.

Henry: Yeah, that's a good idea, before daddio comes back and finishes us off, right?

Margo: Where is he? Where's Dante?

Henry: He's gone.

Emily: Yeah, thanks to Alison. She offered herself in our place.

Tom: Casey?

Barbara: He went after them.


Barbara: [Sighs and leans her head on Henry's shoulder] Oh, I'm sorry.

Henry: It's okay, it's okay. That's what it's there for.


Barbara: What are you still doing here?

Henry: [Sighs] You gave me a look after I said that no one would be waiting or weeping for me.

Barbara: Because you were wrong. You have Katie.

Henry: Not even close.

Barbara: Look, you took me to the wedding to make her jealous.

Henry: I took you to the wedding because I was jealous. I wanted to be with Katie, but she doesn't see me that way. And you do.

Barbara: But I'm old and desperate.

Henry: That is exactly how James wanted you to feel. You need to get back to who you were -- strong, sexy. You beat cancer, Barbara. That's a lot tougher than James Stenbeck.

Barbara: Thanks for trying to buck me up.

Henry: I'm just trying to remind you of what you already knew. The years have made you better. You're not that wimpy, sappy ingénue that fell in love with the wrong guy, okay? You are a formidable woman -- a woman who fights and wins. And quite frankly, you're more gorgeous than ever.

Barbara: You need to leave. You need to go out there and find yourself a woman with more staying power than Vienna and more insight than Katie and someone who's a lot younger than me.

Henry: You know what you need to do? You need to turn around. You need to lie on your back. And you need to close your eyes. And you need to stay right here.

Barbara: That feels really good.

Henry: It does feel really good. That's all that matters.

Barbara: For now.

Henry: For now.


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