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Molly’s Accident (Feb. 17, 2000)

Henry: Katie, hey. Late-breaking newsflash on Molly Conlan.

Katie: Yeah, I know, I heard. I don't want to get into it right now, okay?

Henry: Don't look so glum. This is good news.

Katie: How can you say that?

Henry: Molly is still in a coma.

Katie: Oh, I gotta go on. I gotta go in here.

Henry: All right, okay. Knock 'em dead. Not literally. (Feb. 17, 2000)


Henry: Confess? Are you crazy?

Katie: A woman is in the hospital.

Henry: Yeah, she's comatose -- so, now Molly Conlan is your best friend?

Katie: Whether we like her or not has nothing to do with it, okay? The facts are the facts. Do you care at all? Do you have any remorse?

Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't accuse me of not caring. Who do you think put that line in the broadcast, "our thoughts and our prayers are with Molly"? All right? That is all we can do for her right now is pray. And ruining everything, destroying our careers -- that's not gonna help anybody! And Holden -- when he finds out the truth, Katie, he will hate you.

Katie: I had no idea anything like this could ever happen.

Henry: No, of course not. Nobody did.

Katie: Abigail was never supposed to find out, ever! And if it wasn't for us and those stupid pictures, she never would've found out.

Henry: You don't know that.

Katie: It is our fault that Molly almost died, and she's not out of the woods yet. She could still die.

Henry: Katie, stop it. Molly slept with her daughter's boyfriend. Did you put them in bed together? No.

Katie: I can't listen to this anymore, okay? I know what I have to do and you're not gonna stop me!

Henry: Katie -- (Feb. 17, 2000)


Katie: Leave Molly alone, Henry. She has suffered enough.

Henry: Easy, Katie, easy.

Katie: Don't do anything, okay we don't need to pull any more stunts. We are secure here.

Henry: Better safe than sorry.

Katie: No, I will not be part of any more sleazy stunts!

Henry: Well, too bad, it's already in motion. And you are in this up to your pretty little choker.

Katie: Forget it, Henry. Please, we have hurt enough people. Let's end it now! (Feb. 17, 2000)


Henry (on the phone with The Intruder): Yeah, it's me. I want to make sure everything's in motion. Today? That's fast work. Perfect. Yeah, Molly won't seem like the innocent martyr when this hits the fan. (Feb. 17, 2000)


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