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The Photos in The Intruder (Feb. 18, 2000)

Henry: Hold on to this copy [of The Intruder]. By noon tomorrow, the newsstands will be sold out.

Katie: How did this happen?

Henry: I don't know what to tell ya. Even in a coma, Molly is the talk of the town. Stardom -- you gotta love it, you gotta have it.

Katie: How could this be happening?

Henry: Well -- you wanted a job, you got the job. You wanted a contract, they gave you a nice, juicy one. Fairy tales can come true when you have the right friends. (Feb, 18, 2000)


Henry: They're the talk of the town.

Katie: How could you have this picture published?

Henry: Networking pays off, Peretti. This isn't a pitch for your share of the fee, is it?

Katie: What -- you got money for this?!

Henry: My motives weren't venal -- I did it for you.

Katie: There was no need to bring Abigail and Chris into this.

Henry: The station has been flooded with phone calls about poor Molly Conlan. Petitions are being faxed in asking us to reinstate her as anchorwoman.

Katie: I have a contract!

Henry: Promises were made to be broken.

Katie: Look -- even though what Molly did makes me sick to my stomach, I still hope she pulls through.

Henry: That's my girl. You keep up a good face for the public. All right? You like your job. Don't be ashamed. It's just business.

Katie: Abigail must feel terrible

Henry: Oh, don't worry about Abigail. Don't worry about anything. Your job is to keep your hands clean, look the other way, and smile that smile that has all of Oakdale starting to love and trust you.

Katie: Oh, I gotta get out of here.

Henry: Katie -- this is really getting to you, isn't it?

Katie: Yeah.

Henry: You know, I bet Holden feels as bad as you do. Big, strong shoulder to lean on. You'll feel better before you know it. (Feb, 18, 2000)


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