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A Promotion for Henry? (Feb. 22-24, 2000)

Henry: Holden doesn't have the first clue about how to run a TV station, or how the absence of just one person can mess up everyone else's schedule.

Denise: Look, I'm sorry if this inconvenienced

Henry: Never mind. Kim Hughes is meeting with him today, which means you could be reporting to someone else real soon, someone a lot less understanding. (Feb. 22, 2000)


Henry: Katie, this is Chris Hughes we're talking about, all right? Not the boys from "Law and Order."

Katie: You should still be worried. My life is a mess!

Henry: Your life looks charmed from where I stand. You've got to get over these attacks of conscience.

Katie: Yeah, that's easy for you to say, Henry, you don't have one.

Henry: Katie, Chris Hughes is not a threat, all right? He's gonna trip over some little filly at the grocery store and forget all about this crusade. And that's not all I see in my crystal ball.

Katie: Your crystal ball? Okay, what else is in there? You see me becoming a star, you ruling the world?

Henry: Yeah, perhaps. I have a feeling that Kim is less than thrilled with our fearless leader's performance around here.

Katie: What makes you say that?

Henry: Well, she wasn't happy that Molly was on the air to begin with. And now she finds out that Molly's been playing Mrs. Robinson with her son. She's having a private meeting with Holden today. And if she sends him packing, yours truly stands ready to fill in the void. (Feb. 22, 2000)


Henry (after Holden was made permanent station manager): I'm in for the long haul, Katie. My time will come. (Feb. 22, 2000)


Henry (after Chris starts snooping around the station): Drug him, kidnap him, seduce him -- I don't care! Just get rid of him before Holden shows up. (Feb. 24, 2000)


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