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The Stalker Idea is Born (Feb. 29, 2000)

Henry (after Holden brushes off Katie to go home with Lily): Anchor girl crushed. Film at 11:00.

Katie: Shut up, Henry. I'm fine.

Henry: What, instead of Holden's undivided attention, it's you, me and the techies.

Katie: Why is everything always so complicated?

Henry: Well, I'm no expert on love, marriage, infidelity, but I'd say a wife can be a problem.

Katie: A couple more minutes -- a couple more minutes and we would have been out of here.

Henry: Cheer up. The night is still young. You may yet have your chance with Mr. Station Manager. (Feb. 29, 2000)


Henry: I think your one flaw may be your lack of imagination.

Katie: And sharp knives?

Henry: Luckily, I buy them by the gross. (Feb. 29, 2000)


Henry: Look -- Katie, come on, relax. You're dealing with a pro.

Katie: It's bad enough that you poisoned Molly.

Henry: It was ipecac, not arsenic. And it put your goldilocks into that anchor chair.

Katie: But you didn't stop there.

Henry: I had to secure your position.

Katie: By exposing Molly and Chris?

Henry: Brilliantly, I might add.

Katie: No, it was cruel.

Henry: Katie, getting to the top is easy, staying there is the tough part.

Katie: I can handle my own career, please.

Henry: Well, you know what? You don't have a career. You have a job. And a very good one at that. Careers take a lot of time and hard planning.

Katie: And treachery and destroying people's lives?

Henry: If it was easy to be a winner, there would be no losers. And they're everywhere, Peretti.

Katie: Look, I am not proud of what we've done.

Henry: Pride is for girl scouts. Listen, reeling Holden into your camp will not be easy. You're gonna have to short circuit all those home-grown, down-on-the-farm morals of his.

Katie: My interest in Holden is strictly professional. Look, I have got a file full of ideas about how to improve this broadcast.

Henry: That's great. Here you are, holding your file, while Holden is off somewhere holding his wife. Gotta fix that.

Katie: What are you doing?

Henry: I'm gonna get Holden's undivided attention. (Feb. 29, 2000)


Katie: A death threat?!

Henry: It's not such a stretch. If Lily knew what you were planning, she'd kill you herself.

Katie: Not funny.

Henry: Now, big, brave Snyderman has to come down here and comfort poor, little, scared Katie. Try to look a little bit more petrified, okay?

Katie: Why? Why go out on a limb for me, Henry? Why are you doing this? What's in it for you?

Henry: A number one rating and a big, fat promotion.

Katie: So, it's all business?

Henry: What else is there?

Katie: Look, if you even hurt Holden

Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Down, down, girl. His wife is part owner of this joint, okay? He's untouchable. You need to wipe off some of this war paint. You need to look pale and frightened.

Katie: What if he sees through us?

Henry: I have faith in you.

Katie: Look, if you are using me to get to Holden

Henry: Katie, I'm not your enemy. Haven't you figured that out by now?

Katie: Then who are you?

Henry: I'm the guy that handed you your dream. Can't you trust that? Trust me? (Feb. 29, 2000)


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