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The Results of the Death Threat (Mar. 1-3, 2000)

Katie (after being questioned by Holden and Jack): Happy now?

Henry: Don't lose your cool, Peretti, not now.

Katie: What have you done? I just lied to the cops. That is a crime.

Henry: That was a stellar performance, as always.

Katie: You are so whacked!

Henry: Will you stop complaining and thank me?

Katie: For what?

Henry: You wanted Holden here, instead of at home with the wife. So, I rushed him here for you. And guess who's home alone?

Katie: Do you realize the position that you have put me in? This better not ever happen again, Henry. This is the last time.

Henry: Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Katie: No, listen to me, Henry

Henry: Katie, you'll be whistling a different tune the next time you need Holden pried away from home and hearth. (March 1, 2000)


Katie: Don't be so smug, okay? You are not off the hook.

Henry: Why should I worry, when I have little ol' you to protect me from your big, bad cop sister.

Katie: Don't ever underestimate Margo. She is so smart.

Henry: I'm smarter.

Katie: I mean it, Henry. She is already too close as it is, connecting this with what happened with Molly. She's gonna figure out it's a hoax, and then she's gonna figure out that we are connected and then we're done.

Henry: Shh!

Katie: No career, no nothing.

Henry: All right. Henry will fix everything. (Mar. 2, 2000)


Henry (after Katie finds the death threat note he planted): Keep it up, Peretti. You're doing an impeccable job.

Katie: What are you trying to do, Henry. I already have Molly's job.

Henry: Yes, and Holden's big, strong shoulder to lean on in times of duress.

Katie: So back off! I don't need your help!

Henry: Listen, Katie, I'm not just doing this for you. I'm doing it for the good of the station. To boost ratings.

Katie: What on earth are you talking about?

Henry: Look, when our public finds out that there's some mad stalker here at WOAK and that their golden girl is in danger, our ratings will go off the charts!

Katie: Oh, please tell me that you are joking

Henry: Wait, wait, wait. Get a new name for the news. What about this -- "Death Watch: With Katie Peretti." What do you think about that, huh? (Mar. 3, 2000)


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