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The Stalker Letter (Mar. 7, 2000) 

Katie (answering the phone): Hello?

Henry: Rise and shine, Peretti.

Katie: What do you want?

Henry: Who got up on the wrong side of her lonely twin bed this morning? Must be hard to sleep knowing you're being harassed by some crazed maniac.

Katie: Actually, you didn't cross my mind at all.

Henry: Touché. So, any additional fallout from my little arts and crafts project?

Katie: I'll talk to you when I get in, okay?


Katie: You have no clue what I just had to go through.

Henry: What?  Poor baby. Poor baby. Did Holden force you to listen to '70s music all the way over?

Katie: No, Margo got the forensics report back while I was standing there with Holden.

Henry: So?  Forensics came up empty, right?

Katie: Yeah, luckily for you.

Henry: Luck had nothing to do with it. It's amazing what you can accomplish with brains and a pair of latex gloves.

Katie: Don't be so cocky. Margo has already figured out that the stalker probably works here, at the station.

[Henry whistles.]

Henry: What a pro, that Margo. No wonder they pay her the big bucks.

Katie: Aren't you worried in the least?

Henry: Why should I be, Katie? Even Margo the magnificent cannot link us to those letters. What motive would we possibly have?

Katie: Oh, you are actually enjoying this.

Henry: Actually, I wish the game were a little bit more challenging.

Katie: Henry, I don't want you making any more phone calls, writing any more letters, okay?

Henry: Katie --

Katie: I'm sick of this!

Henry: Katie, this faux stalker is the best thing to happen to your career since Molly and Chris left the blinds open.


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