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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Henry and Vienna run into Barbara at the Lakeview, and Henry can't get her off of his mind.  He ends up leaving Vienna's room to go to Barbara.

Todayís episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum and written by Susan Dansby.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Henry: Let's go straight to the dining room.

Vienna: No, no, no. I don't care if she's here, okay? Let's have a drink here just like we planned.

Henry: No, let's let -- why cause a scene, Vienna?

Vienna: No, I promise, I will be polite. Now that you and I are back together, I can afford to be generous to my former enemy, okay? Well, hello, Barbara. How are you?

Barbara: Hello. I couldn't be better, Vienna.

Vienna: Well, you know, we didn't really get a chance to bury the hatchet last time. But, um, we're all friends here, aren't we?

Barbara: Are we?

Vienna: Yes, yes, we are. So Henry and I -- we insist that you join us for a drink.

Both: I don't think so.


Henry: Barbara doesn't want to have a drink with us. She's busy.

Vienna: She doesn't look busy. She looks sad and pathetic and all alone.

Barbara: I wouldn't dream of intruding on your date.

Vienna: And we wouldn't think of letting you sit here all depressed and alone. We have time to keep you company, don't we, Henry?

Barbara: Uh, well, you know, as a matter of fact, I am waiting for someone, as well. I have a date, too.

Vienna: Oh.

Henry: Really?

Barbara: Really.

Henry: Who?

Barbara: Uh -- well, there he is right now. Hello, handsome.


Vienna: Barbara is seeing Craig? When -- when did that start?

Henry: I don't know, but I don't like it.

Vienna: Well, there is no accounting for taste, his or hers. You know what? I've got an idea.

Henry: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Vienna: Let's go somewhere else for dinner, somewhere dignified where someone important and a generous philanthropist like you should be seen, hmm?

Henry: I've got a better idea. Let's go to the room and order in.

Vienna: Yes, letís. Do you think we're ready for that?

Henry: Oh, I -- I think we're more than ready.

[Vienna chuckles]


Vienna: You ordered champagne and oysters? Just like when we first met. Do you remember, Henry? We lived on nothing but sex and that taste.

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: Does that mean that we're going to --

Henry: Yes! I am ready if you are.

Vienna: Yes, let's go.

Henry: Okay.

Vienna: Let's go.

Henry: Yes, let's go. But, um --

Vienna: What?

Henry: You know, I want to make sure those oysters are fresh.

Vienna: I'm sure they're fine.

Henry: Yeah, but I don't want our first time back to be blighted by food poisoning, Sweetheart.

Vienna: Aw, you are so conscientious. My hero.

Henry: Mm, you go. I'll be right there.

Vienna: Okay. Just don't be long. I'll hold the elevator.

Henry: Okay. [Sighs]


Henry: I need a word with you. Uh, Craig, do you mind?

Craig: Well, as much as I hate to break this up, Barbara, it's been enlightening.

Barbara: For me as well. I'll see you soon.

Henry: What in the hell are you doing with him?!

Barbara: I'm renewing an old friendship.

Henry: Renewing an old friendship? The guy married you, stole your money, and then left when you were burned nearly to a crisp.

Barbara: These things can happen in a relationship.

Henry: Barbara, if you are rebounding with Craig because Vienna is back, please donít. It is a bad idea.

Barbara: You know what, Henry? I am living my life as we discussed. It's not always about you.

Henry: Well then, who is it about?

Vienna: Henry, you are a naughty boy for keeping me waiting. Are you trying to make me more hungry for you?

Barbara: Don't let the poor thing starve to death, Henry.

Henry: Coming, Liebchen.

Vienna: Let's go.

[Vienna laughs]

Henry: Wait, wait, wait. Uh, what about the oysters?

Vienna: Who needs oysters?

Henry: I'm sorry.

Vienna: What happened? What -- what's the matter? Don't you love me anymore?

Henry: Yeah, yeah. Of course I do.

Vienna: Then why can't you make love to me?

Henry: I don't know. The mind is willing, but the flesh is limp.


Barbara: I may have made Henry jealous, but he still went home with her. And why not? Vienna's in full bloom, and I'm -- I'm -- [Dreaming] Hey, hey! A little decorum here, all right?

Henry: Hello, Barbara. Let me show you to your seat.

Barbara: What did you say?

Henry: Park it right there.

Barbara: Oh.

Henry: There you go.

Vienna: So, do you want to hear the specials?

Barbara: No, I want to hear the specials.

Vienna: Why? You always have the same thing.

Barbara: I want to hear the specials.

Vienna: Okay. Meat loaf, roast chicken, penne with marinara, chicken pot pie, turkey with dressing. What can I get you? What can I get you?

Barbara: I'll have the usual.

Vienna: No surprise there.

Henry: Enjoy.

Barbara: Ah. Where is my glass of water?!

[Vienna sighs]

Vienna: I hate it when she does that.

Henry: I'll take care of the old bat. You know, it's really my fault. In a moment of weakness, I let her think that I actually had some feelings for her again.

[Vienna laughs]

Henry: Isn't that ridiculous when I have you, my beautiful, young darling? Mm.

Vienna: Oh!

Henry: There you go.

Barbara: Thanks, kid. [Gasps] Oh, no, no, no! I am not ready to throw the towel in yet. [Sighs]


Vienna: We've made love thousands of times before in thousands of places. What was different this time?

Henry: I -- I don't know, Sweetheart. Maybe, uh -- maybe the new noble, philanthropic Henry has, uh, lower sex drive than the good old gambling ne'er-do-well, diner-owning Henry. [Chuckles]

Vienna: How can that be? Don't you find me attractive anymore?

Henry: Oh, Honey -- you're dazzling. You're not to blame here. I am.

Vienna: Okay, well, then, don't feel bad. I'm sure it could happen to anyone.

Henry: Yeah, that's -- that's what I've heard.

Vienna: Although I have to admit, it has never happened to anyone I've been with before.

Henry: So I'm the first.

Vienna: Okay. There's -- there's nothing to be ashamed off. Uh, I'm sure since this is a malfunction that will only happen one time, I have the perfect solution.

Henry: We -- we keep on dating for a few more days?

Vienna: No. Let's do a new game. We can be vampires. I can sit on the dressing table, combing my hair, and you can come up from behind and --

Henry: Yeah, not -- not today.

Vienna: Oh, come on! Let's try.

Henry: It's not going to happen, Sweetie. Trust me. A man knows.

Vienna: Okay. Tell me the truth. Is there someone else?


Henry: There is, uh -- there is no woman who has meant to me what you mean to me, Vienna.

Vienna: Then what's the problem? I want my nonstop Henry back.

Henry: May -- maybe that's -- maybe that's the problem. I -- I'm afraid of disappointing you again.

Vienna: No, you've never disappointed me before when it comes to sex. In fact, you have always been inspirational.

Henry: And then you walk out on me. And -- and I'm not saying you were wrong to do that, because the fact is you werenít. I mean, all the lies and the gambling and the cross-dressing and --

Vienna: But you've changed.

Henry: Not as much as you might think. I -- I'm still going to make mistakes. And then you could walk right out that door again. And that scares me, and I -- and that's why I can't perform. I got -- got a little stage fright.

Vienna: How can I frighten you? I love you, Henry.

Henry: I -- I love you, too, Baby. I love you, too. I just, uh -- I just need a little space, that's all.

Vienna: A little space? I mean, I've been gone for months. How much time do you need? How much distance?

Henry: I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Vienna: No, you're not as sorry as I am. I am sorry I ever came back to you. Real sorry.

Henry: Vienna --

Barbara: Henry? Is everything okay?

Henry: [Chuckles] I am finished, Barbara. I'm -- I'm a broken man. Not even a man. I -- I just need to be alone right now. Wow. You look, uh -- wow.

Barbara: Thank you. But I, um -- I see you're upset, so I won't bother you.


[Knock on door]

Henry: Hi.

Barbara: Hi. I thought you want to be alone.

Henry: I did. That's the dress I got you, isn't it?

Barbara: Mm-hmm. I forgot I even had it on. Thank you again.

Henry: Thank you for wearing it. You look, um -- wow.

Barbara: So you said.

Henry: Did I? I -- I didn't realize the words actually came out of my mouth.

Barbara: They did, and they were much appreciated.

Henry: Well, that's, uh, all I wanted to say.


Barbara: What are we doing?

Henry: I don't know, but I sure like what we just did.

Barbara: Want to do it again?

Henry: Yes.

[Barbara coos]

Henry: Why is that?

Barbara: Why are you asking?

Henry: The woman that -- that's supposed to be the love of my life has taken me back. I should be doing this with her.

Barbara: And you aren't?

Henry: I'm holding back from her. I'm hurting her. [Sighs]

Barbara: Well, then, Henry, maybe it's time for you to consider that you and Vienna aren't meant to be together anymore.

Henry: I'm wondering that myself.

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: [Sighs] Vienna?

Vienna: Oh, Henry, I am so sorry. I never should have run out on you like that.

Henry: Please don't apologize to me.

Vienna: You needed time and I shouldn't have rushed you. Can we -- can we talk about this, please? You mean too much to me for us to leave things like this.

Henry: Sure. Are you downstairs?

Vienna: I'm at Al's.

Henry: Fine. I'll be right there.

Barbara: I get it. Go to her.

Henry: You're an amazing woman, Barbara.

Barbara: Yes, I am. Damn it.


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