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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Henry and Vienna run into Barbara and Craig again, this time at Metro.  And this time, Henry goes home with Vienna.

Today’s episode was directed by Jennifer Pepperman and written by Leslie Nipkow.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Henry: Good morning, Lloyd. Let me have a breakfast martini.

Lloyd: Big meeting?

Henry: Big date. A beautiful woman who I've been in love with for many years.

Lloyd: Sounds tough.

Henry: You have no idea.

Barbara: Good morning, Henry. Did you sleep well? I know I did.

Henry: Listen, uh, Barbara, about last night --

Barbara: Oh, I know, I know. It was fun. Enough said.

Henry: No, not enough said. Listen, I -- I don't want you to think that I'm --

Barbara: You and I don't think. We feel.

Henry: We -- we do feel. But --

Barbara: What? If it happens again, that would be a wonderful thing. But if it -- if it never happens again, we'll always have a beautiful memory. No worries.

Henry: Right. No worries. Sounds easy. Put it on my tab, Lloyd.


[Vienna sighs]


Vienna: God. When did it become so hard to please Henry?

[Henry sighs]

Henry: It's me, Liebchen.

Vienna: Just a minute, Darling.


Vienna: Hi. I'm not ready yet. Would you help me? Would you help me?

[Henry chuckles]


Henry: You have got to try the leek and fennel soup. It is out of this world. Not -- not for breakfast, obviously, but a little later on. And Teri -- Teri's got this roasted-vegetable frittata. So, I don't see it on here, but if I ask for it, I'm sure --

Vienna: No, you know what? I'm not hungry.

Henry: Do you want to leave?

Vienna: No. Dance with me.

Henry: Well, we haven't had breakfast yet.

Vienna: Well, that never stopped us before. Oh, God. Oh, it feels so good to be close like this again.

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Vienna: You know, nobody's in the coat check. Let's go.

Henry: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. The, uh -- the lock on that is broken. Someone might catch us.

Vienna: That makes it even more exciting.


Vienna: Henry, come on. Take me home and make love to me.

Henry: Let's -- we have got to have dessert first. Teri makes this mean soufflé. It takes about 25 minutes, but its well worth the wait.


Vienna: What's wrong, Henry? Don't I turn you on anymore?

Henry: Yes, of -- yes, of course. You -- you're so sexy and alluring and gorgeous.

Vienna: Then what's the problem?

Henry: I've -- I've really got to go to the bathroom, Sweetie. Sorry. Got to go. I'll be right --

Barbara: You hold that thought, all right? Be right back. Vienna. I couldn't help but notice that Henry rushed off like that. Is everything all right?

Vienna: Why would you ask me that?

Barbara: Well, I -- I'm not trying to be nosy or anything, but I -- I could really sense the -- the tension all the way across the room. And you look so upset, and Henry seems so --

Vienna: Hungry.

Barbara: Hungry?

Vienna: Yes. I've never seen a man eat more in one sitting.

Barbara: Well, uh, you know, I don't want to overstep, but woman to woman, that is not a good sign.

Vienna: Well, I imagine you have had your fair share of bad signs and rejections, and you've been through so many, many more men than I've ever had. And considering your age and your experience --

Barbara: What exactly is wrong? I mean, you can tell me. I -- I'm right here, Vienna. Maybe I can help.

Vienna: Well, Henry and I, we used to have such passion, you know? Our sex life was fun and creative, and it was just the best. And then ever since I got back, whenever we're in bed, Henry, he just -- he doesn't, you know?


Vienna: You know, Henry was never able to resist me before. You must have an opinion, Barbara. Please tell me, what do you think it means?

Barbara: Well, I think it's fairly obvious. You left Henry, and then you came waltzing back, expecting to pick things up right where they left off.

Vienna: Well, is that so wrong?

Barbara: Well, I think maybe Henry feels that you expect him to prove how much he loves you in bed, and that's a lot of pressure on a man, especially after you've broken his heart.

Vienna: So how do I fix it?

Barbara: Back off -- way off. Give him some time to figure it out. Stay away. Let him come to you.


Henry: Craig.

Craig: Henry.

Henry: Why are you and Barbara here together?

Craig: We were hungry. Why do you care?

Henry: I don't, I don’t. Just curious. That's all. Do you have designs on her?

Craig: Designs?

Henry: Are you on a date?

Craig: [Laughs] I see now. Barbara's using me to make you jealous, and it's obviously working.

Henry: What are you -- what are you talking about? I'm not jealous.

Craig: Yeah, whatever you say. And here I thought --

Henry: What? What did you think? You thought that she was into you?

Craig: It doesn't matter now. Mystery solved. [Laughs]

Vienna: Henry, there you are, Darling. I was getting worried. You know, I want to go over.

Henry: Uh, what about dessert?

Vienna: Let's get it at Al's. You know, this place has bad vibes. Let's go.


Vienna: So, the pepparkakor is almost ready. So, have you had any since I've been gone?

Henry: Of course not. You know I'd only have pepparkakor with you.

Vienna: Well, I hope you still like them, because you are about to have the best pepparkakor of your life right out of the oven.

Henry: There's nothing like your hot pepparkakor.

Vienna: Well, I'm glad you still remember.

Henry: It's unforgettable.

Vienna: You know -- [Sighs] Henry, I got to be completely honest with you. When I was home in Sweden, there was another man, and he was handsome and powerful and very rich. He was every girl's dream, and he was mine for taking.

Henry: Did you take him?

Vienna: No, 'cause he wasn't you, Henry. Listen. Life is no fun without you.

Henry: I'm -- it was hard for me, too. I -- knowing that I hurt you, it made it so much worse. All the grief and the guilt over Brad's death -- oh, God, I've never been so lonely in my whole life. [Sighs]


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