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Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Today’s episode was directed by Habib Azar and written by Elizabeth Page.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Minister: Do you, Paul Ryan, take Emily Stewart to be your lawful wife? To have and to hold. For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health -- so long as you both shall live? Mr. Ryan?

Paul: Sorry, what?

Emily: We're getting married. Honey? Unless, of course, you've changed your mind. 

Minister: Perhaps we'd all benefit from a moment's reflection.

Susan: Absolutely. Let's all take a moment.

Paul: No, no, no. Look, Hal, I know that this is a jail, but I expected some kind of privacy here. That woman ruined my life.

Meg: I ruined your life?

Susan: Come on, baby, let's go home.

Paul: I want her out of here right now.

Hal: Oh, I'd be happy to send everybody home, Paul. But since you insist on going through with this wedding, I don't see any reason why meg shouldn't be here, she's been here every day since you've been locked up and it never seemed to bother you.

Meg: But now that he's got Emily, who needs Meg?

Emily: She was here every day?

Hal: Sometimes twice a day.

Emily: Why? Why? Why did she need to see you?

Susan: Honey, it doesn't matter?

Emily: Yes, it does.

Susan: You can't marry this guy, not with all these doubts.

Paul: She didn't need to see me, she was here, you know with her agenda. But it didn't work. Emily and I are getting married. We love each other. You need to get used to that.

Meg: Oh, I'm loving this. The two of you sailing into the sunset. Oh, that's right. You're not going anywhere. This is your life, Emily. Get used to lining up once a week while they poke through your handbag, all for the love of a decent, honorable man.

Henry: Hey, let's go home, Em. You're not thinking straight. You haven't been thinking straight since the last time you tried to marry this selfish bozo.

Paul: Okay, I deserved that. Listen, I should never have turned you down. I need you. You're the only reason that I survived the -- suicide attempt.

Susan: God help me, I wish he'd succeeded.

Paul: You and I are the only two people in this room that know the truth. Everyone else can only guess what really happened. Now's our chance, okay? Marry me. Prove them all wrong.

Emily: Marry us.

[ Minister sighs ]


Minister: Do you, Paul, take this woman to be your lawful --

Paul: Of course I do.

Minister: I see. Okay. Emily --

Emily: I already answered. Yes, yes, yes.

Minister: I do apologize. There have been so many interruptions --

Emily: No, that's okay. It's okay. Are we done here? Yeah?

Minister: Well, do we have rings?

Emily: Oh -- yeah. Henry, get the rings.

Henry: Yeah, right. Right. I know I put them --

Susan: Oh, Emily, how many signs do you need?

Henry: Here we go.

Emily: Thanks. Got 'em. Okay, so -- I'm going to get better ones. You know, we'll have them engraved and everything -- here, let me have your finger. Here you go. At least they fit, right?

Paul: We fit.

Minister: Now, by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband -- all right, then.


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