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Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Bob and Kim's 25th wedding anniversary, and Katie invites Henry to go to the party with her.  Henry runs into Barbara, and the anniversary hits a snag.

Today’s episode was directed by Ellen Wheeler and written by Susan Dansby.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Mandy: Is that coffee hot enough for you? Henry?

Henry: Hmm?

Mandy: Can I heat that up for you?

Henry: No, no. It's hot enough already. [Henry sighs] Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Katie: Henry? Are you okay? Who were you talking to?


Henry: Can you get Katie's catering order, Mandy? It's under the name Hughes.

Mandy: Sure thing.

Henry: Thanks.

Katie: Thanks.

Katie: So, what was that about?

Henry: What?

Katie: Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!

Henry: Oh, oh. I was reminding myself not to drink hot coffee too fast, otherwise I'd burn my tongue.

Katie: You sure you weren't seeing Brad again?

Henry: Word of honor.

Katie: Okay.

Henry: Is that why you're so glum? Are you thinking about Brad?

Katie: Yeah. It's just this anniversary stuff, you know. I mean, I'm happy for Bob and Kim, but I can't stop thinking about Brad and how we barely had one anniversary.

Henry: Yeah. You packed in a lot of happiness in the short time that you had.

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, we did.

Henry: Oh, yeah.

Katie: Okay. Well, let's pack in some more happiness, then.

Henry: What did you have in mind?

Katie: Why don't you come to this party? Be my date.

Henry: A Hughes anniversary party? No, no, no, thank you. I don't want to horn in on some family affair.

Katie: It's not all family.

Henry: Oh, really? Who's gonna be there?

Katie: Well, Tom, Margo, Chris, Nancy --

Henry: No, no, no, no.

Katie: Barbara, Reid.

Henry: No. Yes, yes.

Katie: Yes?

Henry: Yes. You've convinced me. I'll go with you.

Katie: You will?

Henry: It's the least I could do.


Tom: Hey, you're just in time. Dad and Kim are probably on their way down here already.

Barbara: Margo.

Margo: What?

Barbara: Don't you have any cocktail napkins?

Margo: Yes, I do, I do, but I was in such a hurry coming from the car, I left them outside.

Barbara: I'll get them.

Katie: Are Bob and Kim here yet?

Barbara: Oh, no. Not quite yet. I didn't know you were going to be here.

Katie: Let's get inside.

Henry: I'm right behind you.

Barbara: I'm glad to see you. Where's Vienna?

Henry: Not here.

Barbara: Good.

Katie: Henry.

Henry: Hmm?

Katie: You coming?

Henry: Yes, yes. I'm helping Barbara with her bag. Where does this go?


Barbara: I'm gonna go find her.

Margo: Do you think she went home?

Bob: I doubt that.

Barbara: Well, she has a key to my suite. Maybe she's there.

Henry: Why don't I drive you over there?

Katie: Barbara can take care of it herself.

Barbara: I will find her. I'll get her back here.


Katie: I invited Alison because I knew Chris wanted her here, even though he was pretending it was for Casey. I guess Casey's just still so mad at her, though, that he scared her away.

Henry: Yeah. It was really nice of you to do that. When do you think Barbara's gonna get back?

Katie: Barbara? Who cares? You mean Kim, right?

Henry: Yes. I mean -- I mean Kim. Kim. Do you think she's gonna show?

Katie: I wish I knew.


Margo: Well, we found the minister, and, unfortunately, he's in jail.

Chris: On what charge?

Tom: That's where it all gets a little dicey.

Margo: It's fraud. He's a con artist who rips people off by pretending he's a man of the cloth.

Bob: You mean he's never been ordained and he can't legally perform marriages?

Tom: I'm afraid not, Dad.

Chris: Hey, wait a minute. What does that make me?

Reid: I always knew you were a bastard. I just didn't know it was official.

Henry: That's not funny.

Reid: All right, well, listen. Thank you all for the food and the memorable afternoon. Sorry it didn't work out as planned.


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