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“Portrait of a Stalker’s Victim” (April 3, 2000) 

Katie: "Portrait of a stalker's victim"? You mean me? You can't do this, Henry.

Henry: I can, and I did.

Katie: No way. I am not gonna exploit myself for 15 minutes of free publicity, all right? I have a news show to do.

Henry: Right. Shall I remind you who made that possible?

Katie: I have got to put this~ stalking thing behind me, all right, Henry?  The court, the papers -- I have had plenty of the wrong kind of publicity.

Henry: Katie, think of this as an opportunity. How often do we have a forum for the victim's side of the story? To share their anger? I thought you'd be eager, eager to do this public service.

Katie: Skip the self-righteous hard-sell, Henry. I know you were just using me to boost your ratings.

Henry: All right, so there's a perk. Is that so wrong?

Katie: Forget it. I am not gonna do it. You can find yourself another stalking victim.

Henry: Katie, listen -- you are doing the broadcast, because you owe me. You owe me big.

Katie: Are you threatening me, Henry?

Henry: Oh, that's such a harsh word from the woman that I put into the anchor chair. The woman who never found ipecac syrup in her own sandwich. Threatening -- oh, no, I'm not going to threaten, Katie, but I'd love to reminisce. Do you remember the bad old days? Back when you were fetching coffee and hauling copy from desk to desk? When you were living with your sister and only dreaming about intimate dinners with the boss?

Katie: All right, I admit it. You have done tons for me, Henry.

Henry: Right. If I hadn't been watching your back, molly would have played that tape to Holden of you admitting your part in nearly poisoning her.

Katie: You wouldn't have.

Henry: Oh, and if I had made that tape disappear, that story would have gotten to the national news and trashed your career.

Katie: And yours, too. 

Henry: Oh, you're the one whose career shot up when molly was crashing and burning. I'm a valued news director. Pretty blonde anchor-wannabes are a dime a dozen.

Katie: You have no conscience, do you?

Henry: Oh, I just want you to consider what I've done for you, Katie. When the network gets this, they'll be knocking on our door.

Katie: I am not comfortable with this!

Henry: You don't have to be, you just have to do it! Let me put it another way, Katie. Not only am I your boss -- your only boss -- but after what I've done for you, I own you.


Henry: How does it go? "If you want to throw a party --"

Katie: "You have to pay the band."

Henry: Right. You've enjoyed a swell shindig here at WOAK, Katie, thanks to me. I guess I just assumed that you'd want to repay my favors.

Katie: I get it, Henry!

Henry: Glad to hear it. Katie, you know you're bright. And the network is always looking for people that are up-and-coming --

Katie: Can it, Henry, and just tell me how you want me to do this.

Henry: All right. Start off even-tempered. This is a serious human interest piece. But then bubbling from a pen, those memories, the panic -- all right. Feel it from the inside.


Henry: Milk the tears, Peretti. But only after you've established yourself as unsentimental. The contrast will kill them.

Katie: Wow, you've thought of everything.

Henry: Yep. Now, once you've got their attention, let them flow. They won't dare channel surf through your tears.

Katie: I hate this.

Henry: Katie, Katie, this piece will attract national attention and maybe a prize or two. Wouldn't you like a real gold knick-knack to adorn those empty shelves of your apartment?

Katie: I don't care.

Henry: Ok. Well, let me present to you the alternatives. Either you do this piece and cement Chris Hughes' fate, or he gets out and continues his pursuit.

Katie: Henry, he would never come after me again.

Henry: His pursuit of the villain who took those nasty pics.  Now, your face on the tabloids tomorrow or WOAK tonight. Your choice, Peretti.


Henry (ignoring Tom’s phone call to stop the story about Chris): Tom who? I never got any phone call. Neither did you. Places!

Katie: But, Henry, wait.

Henry: I said places, Katie. We're doing the segment, top of the broadcast as planned. Now, get ready to make that mascara run.


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