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After the Stalker Story Airs (April 4, 2000) 

Henry: Katie, don't worry about it. You know what? I'm gonna hire a top-notch security team to watch you 24 hours a day. Yes, a big burly guy, so that we can slip some candid photos to the press and show our little Katie Peretti dwarfed by these huge bodyguards, huh?

Katie: Have you forgotten that this whole thing started out as a hoax? The last thing we need is the national press shining a huge spotlight on this. We're gonna get caught.

Henry: No, that's not gonna happen, thanks to Chris Hughes, the ultimate chump. The moment he decided to do that copycat stalking number, we became very credible. There's no untold story to reveal, ergo no media backlash. You're a real victim. And he's a real criminal. So flash that beautiful smile. This is gonna get us our network jobs. Who could ask for anything more, huh?


Henry (after Kim fired him): Well, she didn't take that very well at all, did she? I think she's taking it all a bit too personally.

Katie: You're pretty calm for someone who just lost his job.

Henry: I don't have anything to worry about.

Katie: Sure, yeah. Yeah, you'll be fine. Someone with your connections. God, I'm gonna miss you, though, Henry. You've been such a great pal. But, hey, if you need a recommendation or just want to have lunch, give me a call.

Henry: Oh, Katie, sweetheart, I'm not going anywhere. We're partners, babe. I got you this far. Now it's your turn to go to bat for me.

Katie: Well, I don't see exactly how I'm gonna do that, because I'm in the doghouse, too.

Henry: Ah, but you're a star -- a star that all of Oakdale is starting to sympathize with. And that's some major leverage. And you're going to use it to get my job back.

Katie: Kim is furious with both of us. She's not gonna listen to me.

Henry: Well, gosh, you better hope she does. Otherwise, I'm going to take this story to "The Intruder," and spill the beans about everything.


Katie: You made molly sick. You insisted that we plant those photos that forced molly to quit. You made all of the stalker phone calls.  And you -- yes, you planted that dumb note!

Henry: Yes, but Katie, who took the photos of Molly half-naked with Kim's baby boy, hmm? Who played along with the stalker idea? Gee, I don't know. Who lied to her own sister, the cop, so she could cozy up with Holden?


Henry (after playing the incriminating audio tape): All right, good, then don't call my bluff. Nobody knows my face, Katie. I can get a job anywhere. But you, you'll be such dirt in this town, your own sister won't talk to you, all right? I guess that's the price of fame, isn't it? It's a double-edged sword. The bigger your star, the larger the explosion when you are busted.


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