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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vienna has asked Henry to marry her.  He doesn't say yes, but he doesn't say no.  They make up and he goes to talk to Barbara.  She's hurt and furious that he slept with Vienna and throws him out.  Henry buys an engagement right and accepts Vienna's proposal.

Today’s episode was directed by Christopher Goutman and written by Josh Griffith.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Vienna: So, what do you say, my love? Will you marry me?

Henry: I am, uh -- I'm -- I'm speechless.

Vienna: Well, that's a first. But that's okay. You don't have to say much. Just say yes.

Henry: Uh, stand up, stand up, please.

Vienna: But I thought you weren't supposed to stand up before getting an answer.

Henry: Yeah. Um, I -- I don't understand. We -- we were the anti-marriage couple. We didn't need matrimony to make us happy.

Vienna: Henry, I want you. I want you in every possible way. I want you physically and emotionally and legally.

Henry: Oh, the old triple threat.

Vienna: I should never have left town. And when I came back and I saw you, I knew I could never, ever leave you again.

Henry: Oh, "never" is such a big word, and -- and "marriage" is an even bigger word.

Vienna: Well, "unhappiness" is the biggest word of them all, and I'm unhappy without you. Do you love me, Henry?

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: Then when was your happiest moments?

Henry: They've been with you. Well, they've all been with you.


Vienna: But we have nothing to be afraid of now.

Henry: No, except for ending up married to each other.

Vienna: It's not an ending. It's a beginning. You remember how you never wanted children before and how that changed?

Henry: Yeah, and you lost the baby, and I realized how much I wanted a family with you.

Vienna: And then everything happened with your mother and James and Barbara, and I took off.

Henry: I remember that, too.

Vienna: Well, I -- I think if you and I were married, I -- I wouldn't have ran away so easily. I -- I would have honored our commitment, and I would have stayed and fought to make things right.

Henry: Yeah, but -- but we weren't, and you didn't.

Vienna: Yes, but I came back to make it right. Won't you give me that chance? I know we can't change the past, but we can start our future.

Henry: Oh, I -- I really want to believe you, liebchen.

Vienna: Believe me. Stop thinking so much and just listen to your heart.

Vienna: Welcome back, darling. You are a machine. What's wrong, Henry?

Henry: Nothing. Nothing. I was just, uh --


Vienna: Welcome back, darling. You are a machine. What's wrong, Henry?

Henry: Nothing. Nothing. I was just, uh --

Vienna: Were you thinking about my marriage proposal?

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: You know, I know it's a big step for you, and you can't really be thinking straight right now, 'cause I'm not. I'm just delirious with happiness.

Henry: Yeah. So am I.

Vienna: Are you, really?

Henry: Yeah. Gosh, who wouldn't be after what we just did?

Vienna: Oh -- I just want to cry.

Henry: No, please, no tears. I -- I hate it when you cry.

Vienna: Yeah, tears of joy.

Henry: Ah.

Vienna: I thought I'd lost you there.

Henry: Yeah. For a moment, we kind of lost each other.

Vienna: But we found each other again, didn't we?

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: And soon you will realize that getting married is the right thing to do. But I want you to take your time. I want you to be as certain as I am.

[Barbara sighs]

Henry: Hello, Barbara.

Barbara: Hi. Are you looking for me?

Henry: Yeah.

Barbara: Well, please tell me something that I want to hear, because I just spent a half an hour listening to a hundred things from Katie that I didn't.

Henry: Vienna wants to get married.

Barbara: Ah. That makes 101.

Henry: She, uh -- she wants to try again. She thinks we're ready for the next step.

Barbara: Well, I did tell you that your chance with me is over.

Henry: I didn't think you meant that.

Barbara: Is this what you want?

Henry: I know that I blew the relationship the first time because I was -- I was weak, I was stupid, and, uh, I sort of turned my back on marriage altogether. But maybe I shouldn't have.

Barbara: Okay. You have a nice -- nice life. Excuse me.

Henry: Barbara -- Barbara, wait.

Barbara: What the hell do you want from me, Henry?

Henry: There's something else you should know.

Barbara: What else could I possibly need to know from you?

Henry: I didn't say yes to Vienna.


Barbara: So what are you saying? You don't want to marry Vienna?

Henry: No. I -- I don't know why I didn't answer her. I -- I just -- I knew I wasn't ready to say yes.

Barbara: Why not? Because of us? Look, we -- we never had any kind of commitment between us. No strings, right?

Henry: Yeah, I know that, yeah.

Barbara: I mean, it was just fun and games. And you're free to marry Vienna if that's what you really want.

Henry: All this talk about taking our affair public, what was that? Was that just pushing my buttons? Were you just trying to see what I would do?

Barbara: Exactly. Just a game.

Henry: You know that's not true.

Barbara: Do I?

Henry: Yes. So do I. And that's -- that's why I had to come over here and talk to you before I made any kind of decision with Vienna. It's all I could think about when I was lying in her arms. I was thinking, "I have to get here and talk to you. We have to talk this out?"

Barbara: Wait a second. Back up. "Lying in her arms," as in post-coital?

Henry: Barbara, this has been the strangest and most bizarre afternoon I've had in a long time.

Barbara: Wait a second, wait a second. You -- you slept with her? You did?

Henry: Look --

Barbara: And then you came over here, fresh from her bed, to see me?

Henry: I'm confused, okay? I just -- I needed to see you. I needed to talk this out. Please.

Barbara: You're confused? Okay, I gave you a chance earlier to talk, but no, no, no, no, no. You went right to your bed of your betrothed-to-be.

Henry: Barbara, please, it's not that simple.

Barbara: Oh, get out of here, okay? Have a nice life, Henry, without me, because I intend to have one without you!

Henry: Barbara --


Vienna: That wind in the park sure was strong, wasn't it, Jacob? I think we should stay in here until it dies down. Yeah, yeah, sweetie. Oh, god.

[Vienna sighs]

Henry: Here.

Vienna: Hi.

Henry: Hi. Uh, is Katie with you?

Vienna: Um, no. She's, uh -- she is at home getting some work done. I just took Jacob out. How are you?

Henry: I'm good.

[Baby cries] He, uh -- he sounds like he's hungry. Why don't I grab him, and you can get the bottle out of the bag there.

Vienna: Thank you.

Henry: Sure.

Vienna: What's -- what's this?

Henry: Go ahead and open it.

Vienna: [Gasps] Oh, my god!

Henry: The answer is yes.


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