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Henry Wakes Up (April 11, 2000) 

Henry [waking up]: Get me out of this thing.

Jake: I'll be with you in a minute. Hold on. Quit kicking. There you go. You've probably had a couple dates that ended up like this, huh? No, no.

Henry: Thank you! What happened out there?! Wait a second --  Katie. Is Peretti all right?

Jake: Now that we know the whole story.

Henry: You want to fill me in?

Jake: Well, they caught the stalker. Katie, she's fine. The stalker -- well, he's not. But he won't be a threat to anybody. You need anything? EMTs here --

Henry: No, no, no. A guy jumped me, it's just a bump on my head. I'll recover.

Jake: Somebody will be happy to hear that. Listen, I'd better get back out on the floor.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. Go talk to the police. I just -- I need some peace and quiet. Maybe a couple of aspirin to clear my head up.


Henry: Well, wouldn't you know it? It's the biggest story in the last few months, and I miss all of it.

Katie: Are you okay?

Henry: I've been better. You looking for something, Katie? This tape, perhaps?

Katie: Oh, thank you. Thank you. You got it before they found it in the recorder. Henry, if Holden would have seen that, we would have been -- we would have lost everything.

Henry: I know, I know, I know. I took care of the teleprompter copy, too.

Katie: You're unreal. You know, you get -- you get knocked out, you're bound and gagged, and you did it. You thought on your feet.

Henry: That's what I do best. I'm glad you noticed.

Katie: Thank you, Henry. Thank you. I owe you. Big. I owe you huge.

Henry: Always have, always will.


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