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The Day After Garth (April 13, 2000) 

Holden: Hey. Really didn't expect to see you here today.

Henry: Oh, well, you know, neither rain, nor sleet, nor stalker, nor -- how's the rest of that go?

Holden: All kidding aside, how're you feelin'? You took quite a shot to the head last night.

Henry: Yeah, well, it's all in a night's work. Although I plan on never wearing duct tape again.

Holden: Yeah, well, listen. If you need some time off, just let me know.

Henry: No, no, no, no.

Holden: Although I don't know how we'll get along without our news director.

Henry: Well, that's me, indispensable.


Henry: Katie, you ready for those promos?

Katie: The only reason I got through that newsbreak was because Holden was practically holding me up. Okay, Henry? I'm done with this stalker victim image.

Henry: Are you nuts? You can't jettison your 15 minutes of fame. Listen, these promos are our opportunity to show that not only do you report the news, you live it.

Katie: No. I am not exploiting my experiences any more, okay? Henry, Garth Andrews died here last night.

Henry: Yes, Garth and his tragedy are your magic carpet out of this burg. Now, I've just got call about a national pick-up on this story, Katie. If you shine in these promos, we can be in New York or L.A. in six months.

Katie: Fine, you pick your coast, Henry, but I'm staying right here. I enjoy working with Holden.

Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, it doesn't work that way. I put -- I put everything in to making you a star. No, I cannot go national without you.

Katie: Henry, you are exaggerating!

Henry: No, if you stay here, I am stuck in Dopedale, all right? So you can moon over Holden all you want. But, when I go, you are going with me. 'Cause, hey, we're a team.

Katie: Henry, you are so amazingly talented. You are gonna be a huge success wherever you go.

Henry: Save it, Katie.

Katie: No, you don't need me. You could go anywhere and make any girl a star. I have roots here, I have family. Holden wants me anchoring at WOAK for a long time --

Henry: What is this with you thinking small? If I hadn't been here to show you the big picture and nudge you into it, you would still think that "copy" is something you do at a Xerox machine, instead of what you read on the air. Holden has served his purpose, we don't need him anymore.

Katie: You may not, but I do.

Henry: Why?! He is just the station manager in some rinky-dink local market. And his wife got him the job. He has no vision. He has no national contacts. I don't know what else he can do for you.

Katie: He can make me feel safe. All right, Henry? He makes me feel safe. I've experienced what happens when you're in the public eye, and I don't want it.

Henry: Katie, stalker Garth was an anomaly.

Katie: I want a normal life with no surprises. By the way, thank you so much, a million times, for retrieving that confession tape that Garth forced me to make. If the cops had found that, I don't even -- oh, I don't even wanna think -- could you get it for me?

Henry: Hand over my most precious possession to you? Dream on, Katie.

Katie: We have got to destroy that tape. If it falls into the wrong hands -

Henry: You scared, Katie? You don't need to be. Oh, should we call Holden back in here so you feel safe?

Katie: What is with you? That tape could ruin both of us!

Henry: Katie, I've risked criminal charges boosting your fanny into that anchor chair.

Katie: Exactly why we need to destroy that tape!

Henry: Don't worry about it. It's in a very safe place. And no one will ever see it -- provided, of course, that you behave.

Katie: This is insane, Henry!

Henry: Wake up to who's calling the shots around here, Katie. You may be the star of the world, but, as long as I have that tape, I own you.


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