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Preparing for the Benefit (April 14, 2000) 

Henry: Katie, where's the gorgeous evening gown meant to inspire the envy of all the women of Oakdale?

Katie: Rehearse in my dress? Not likely. Where's Holden?

Henry: He'll be here soon -- with the wife in tow. So you can drop the "neurotic waif in a crisis" bit, all right? There's no more stalker. It is time for Katie the anchorwoman. You're almost ready for prime time.

Katie: Stuff it, Henry. I am not your meal ticket. You want job security? Cut the sarcasm, buy a heart and stay out of my way.


Katie: The sights, the sounds, the electricity and thrill of Las Vegas touched down tonight in Oakdale. Welcome to Java Underground, where a savvy new owner --

Henry: Speak up.

Katie: -- Isaac Jenkins, kicks off the grand reopening of this always hip

Henry: Wooden, monotone, where's the personality, Katie?

Katie: Infectiously exciting nightclub --

Henry: Face set like that, you're gonna push them away in droves.

Katie: -- With a benefit to raise funds for breast cancer research. Gambling comes to Oakdale, and this town will never be the same. Get what you needed? Thank you. If you're not gonna help me, Henry, back off.

Henry: Katie, get a grip. Oh -- I'm sorry, there was no pun intended. You're gonna talk yourself right out of a job.

Katie: I'm sorry, how many people have you seen fall to their death, Henry?

Henry: People? None. Careers? You keep this up, and it will be two. The network has its big eye on you, Katie. But if you blow it by this -- whatever this is -- nerves, then I will look somewhere else for fresh, new talent.

Katie: I'll be fine.

Henry: Great. Sometime tonight?

Katie: All I have to do is get something to eat, take a bath and put on something a little more appropriate.

Henry: What? What is it?

Katie: Most of my stuff us still at Molly's.

Henry: Yeah, so what's the problem? The stalker's still dead and Molly's still in a coma. What? Katie, what? Do you want someone to hold your hand? Grow up.

Katie: Back off!


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