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The Benefit at Java Underground (April 18, 2000) 

Henry: And we're out!

Katie: Okay, so, what's next?

Henry: Lily Snyder. But we need to make sure that her boy-toy's in the background.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Henry: A national exclusive -- "Socialite Lily Snyder steps down from her high-stress job at WOAK to spend some more time at home. Then makes her househusband, Holden, her employee, so she is free to pursue other projects." When the separation happens, we'll already have the footage.

Katie: He is pretty hot. So, you think Lily's interested in more than his blueprints?

Henry: Katie, she brought him to the party. It's a very public gesture. I think Madame Lily is trading up to a newer model.


Henry: I need an update.

Katie: I have interviewed everyone except for the owner.

Henry: No, Katie, what's happening at Chez Snyder?

Katie: Oh, it's not what you thought. That guy, Simon, is just painting a portrait of Lily.

Henry: Please! What, is she "sitting" for him every day?

Katie: I guess.

Henry: Is she naked on the velvet couch while he captures her eyes?

Katie: What, you believe there's more to it?

Henry: Oh, that Holden's missus is cheating? Definitely. Hey, that better be an academic interest, Katie.

Katie: I am just concerned.

Henry: Yes, about poor Holden's feelings -- yada, yada, yada. But, remember, things have changed.

Katie: Why do you care about Holden and me? As long as I do everything you want.

Henry: Everything I want -- as long as it keeps the focus on what it can do for me, not for Holden.

Katie: You can't control how I feel.

Henry: Oh, but I can. I have the videotape, Katie, with you admitting all of our crimes and misdemeanors. Now, when Holden finds out that it was your schemes that hurt Molly, and his darling daughter -

Katie: Stop it! Okay, stop it!

Henry: Listen, if you're planning on using the Snyder family crisis as a way to get "comfortable" with the boss, forget it! Just keep your eyes on the prize, Katie -- the big television career that I have built for you.


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