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Molly Begins to Wake Up (April 24, 2000) 

Katie: So, did you hear that?

Henry: Yes, very touching. "We're all rootin' for ya, Mol!"

Katie: We're finished, Henry! We're finished.

Henry: Don't be such a drama queen.

Katie: Molly was totally onto us for exposing those pictures of her and Chris.

Henry: All right, she played that before, and ended up as rip van winkle.

Katie: She's going to go straight to Holden.

Henry: If she can remember her own name.

Katie: Oh, I don't like this. She's going to become everyone's favorite victim now. All these letters and cards that are coming in --

Henry: Katie, as long as she remains the prettiest little doorstop in town, we're fine.

Katie: But she swore she'd get revenge.

Henry: I swore off chocolate. It didn't work.

Katie: Oh, Henry, I'm scared.

Henry: Of Molly the mute? Chances are, she doesn't know what planet she's on.

Katie: We put those pictures of her and Chris out there. What if she knows more, and she just didn't get a chance to do anything before she fell?

Henry: What if little green men landed from Mars? She's coming out of a coma, Katie. She suffered a head injury. Odds are, she's a few cells short of a brain wave.

Katie: It's so annoying how calm you are.

Henry: Perk up, here come the boss.


Katie (after Henry suggested that she go with Holden to visit Molly): You creep! How could you do that?!

Henry: What, force you to show some human compassion?

Katie: She is going to accuse me right in front of Holden.

Henry: Great, then you'll be there to defend yourself.

Katie: Oh, right, and call her a liar?

Henry: Whatever it takes, Katie. You know, I was happier with Molly the veggie myself.

Katie: Henry, you're sick.

Henry: But we're dealing with reality.

Katie: She could ruin everything.

Henry: Oh, please. Molly -- come here -- Molly is a bump in the road of life. And we will deal with her together -- the way we deal with everything.

Katie: What are you doing?

Henry: I'm improving the odds. I want Holden to keep his attention where it belongs.

Katie: Oh, what is low for you, Henry?

Henry: Oh, you don't want to know.


Katie (outside Molly’s hospital room): What are you doing here?  

Henry: The wait was killing me. How’d it go?  Did she wake up?  Did she say anything?

Katie: She tried.

Henry: Tried? 

Katie:  She looked right at me and said, "you." 

Henry: That's it? "You?"  "You" was the extent of her vocabulary? Katie, she can go through all the pronouns, and we'd still be free. This is very good for team Peretti.  

Katie: Well, we're safe for now.

Henry: "You" are right.

Katie: She's still out of it.  It's creepy.

Henry: Well, with any luck, she'll be in la la land for the rest of her poor, pathetic life.


Katie: Deliver the flowers.

Henry: You

Katie: I already paid my respects.

Henry: To the brain-dead.

Katie: Just deliver the flowers and let's get out of here.  If Holden comes back and the flowers aren't in there, he's gonna get suspicious.

Henry: All right. You come with me?   

Katie: Fine I'll go.  Just leave the flowers.

Henry: Hello in there.  So good luck, Mol.  Keep it. 

Katie: Come on.

Henry: Hey, it's been fun. Next time, charades.

Katie: Henry! 

Henry: Lights are on, but nobody's home.

Katie: I told you.  I feel bad for her.  But at least she can't come after us, huh?

Henry: Yeah.  Yeah, hey. Let's celebrate, huh? We're in the clear. Molly can't touch us now. Hmm?


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