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“We have made it, baby!” (April 26, 2000) 

[Henry grabs the papers out of Katie's hands and throws them up in the air.]

Henry: Whoo!

Katie: Are you crazy? What are you doing?

Henry: Say good-bye to the Oakdale police blotter, baby.  We are going big time. 

Katie: What are you talking about.  Who - who were you talking to?  

Henry: That was the home office. New York City. They want to do a segment on you.

Katie: On me?

Henry: Yes. And your experience with the stalker. This is news line, New York City. We have made it, baby.

Katie: You are kidding. This is incredible. They are bringing a crew to Oakdale?

Henry: No, no, no. We are going to New York. They heard about the story. They loved the anchorwoman angle being stalked by a coworker. This new, young correspondent with an insight into the dark world of obsession.

Katie: Henry, this is --

Henry: This is awesome.  This is incredible. I know, you can thank me later. I am going to book you a flight to New York. You will exchange wore stories with Candice Brenner by dinner.

Katie: Don't bother. I'm not going.

Henry: You don't have a choice. This is national. Opportunity didn't just come a knocking. It blew off the hinges. It turned the door into splinters. This is news line. Don't say no.

Katie: I do. I won't do it.

Henry: Wait. Don't be self-destructive here. Is this about getting back at me?

Katie: This has nothing to do with you, Henry. I have things to do in Oakdale.

Henry: Really? Like Holden? Your married fantasy lover can wait.

Katie: I signed a contract with this station, Henry, not with you. I made a commitment to Holden to do the series of women's issues.

Henry: Chattering about the latest fitness craze or 101 things to do with summer squash. Versus going head to head with Candice Brenner. You need to reprioritize. And fast.

Katie: I've made up my mind. I'm not going. I'm staying in Oakdale.

Henry: The power of the contract. Versus the power of the videotaped confession. I wonder which will come out on top. You care to make a wager?

Katie: Keep threatening. See what happens.

Henry: All right. Threats of her own.

Katie: News line wants me. Katie Peretti, not you. This is my call.

Henry: We'll see about that.


Henry (after convincing Holden that they should all go to New York): Way to go, Peretti. Gave Holden the big ego massage. Sucking up is becoming second nature to you.

Katie: I was telling the truth.

Henry: Don't be such a brat. We're getting what we want. Listen, by the way, listen up now, next time it comes down to you versus me, there's no contest.

Katie: You're right. Because I never lose, Henry. Never.


Henry (after Holden cancelled on the New York trip): I tried to get him back on board. Once he makes up his mind -

Katie: Yeah, right.

Henry: I was this close until Lily came in. Well, she's the love of his life. I guess she has to come first. But, hey, this leaves more of the Big Apple for us to bite off. More creative freedom for me. Our main numbers will go through the roof. Our careers will take off. Who knows, you might have some fun.

Katie: In your dreams.

Henry: Holden bails on you. Get over it. That when that plane leaves for New York, we're both gonna be on it.

Katie: Holden’s gonna be right by my side.


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