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The New York Plans Continue (April 27, 2000) 

Katie: I'm scared, Henry. I'm not going to go on a national news show and lie!

Henry: Garth the stalker was real, Katie. I have the scars to prove it.

Katie: Well, those phone calls, the letters, everything that you did -- they're gonna ask me about that. And I'm -- what if I falter and say something wrong? I won't do it, Henry. Not without Holden there.

Henry: Oh. Isn't it ironic how we always want the things that can do us the most harm?

Katie: Oh, just give it up, Henry.

Henry: You know, I think pretty soon, you're gonna want to be as far away from Holden as you can get.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Henry: A very chatty nurse told me this morning that Molly is getting more alert by the minute.

Katie: Alert? How? Is she talking?

Henry: No, I'll give Holden a call. He and she can have a nice long chat.

Katie: No, when we just saw her, she was totally out of it. I mean, it's going to be weeks before she's well enough to even form sentences.

Henry: Nurse Miller -- Nurse Miller told me that just with a little effort, Molly could be as wonderfully verbal as ever.

Katie: Eventually.

Henry: Sooner than you think. Maybe even today.

Katie: You're lying.

Henry: Well, she's probably in speech therapy right now. "Katie take naughty pictures. Katie ruin Abigail's life." I'm sure Papa Holden will be none too pleased, sweetheart. You sure you want to stick around for that?

Katie: Why not? If the truth's gonna come out, I'd much rather be here than in front of a national audience.

Henry: Katie, that's exactly why we have to leave today. All right? So that we can get national exposure before the truth comes out.

Katie: No, I'm not gonna set myself up like that.

Henry: Katie, you can't lose. The pretty, blonde innocent telling how she was nearly killed by a madman -- the networks are going to eat it up!

Katie: Yeah, until Molly sets them straight.

Henry: Who is gonna believe her? Some bitter has-been whose sordid life you have reluctantly exposed -- you're gonna come out looking like a heroine.

Katie: Not to Holden.

Henry: After we get this prime-time shot, we don't need Holden.

Katie: It's not worth it.

Henry: Well, you don't have a choice.

Katie: Oh, really? Are you going to force me to go? You can't!

Henry: If you believe that, then Molly isn't the only brain-damaged anchor in this town. This is my one and only shot to impress the network honchos, and I am going to grab it before Molly can recite our sins chapter and verse. Wait. Where do you think you're going?

Katie: I'm going to check things out for myself. I can't let Molly tell Holden everything.

Henry: Listen, Katie. Just come with me to New York, and we'll figure it all out when we get there, all right?

Katie: I am not going without Holden!

Henry: You be on that plane, or Molly won't have a chance to destroy you. All right? I'll do it for her. You betray me, and losing Holden will be the least of your problems.


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