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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alison confronts Vienna about her relationship with Casey, who tells her to stay out of it.  Later, they're watching Lisa's anniversary show at WOAK when Barbara shows up.  She needs Henry's support when she gets her cancer results, which turns out to be good news.  Vienna sees Henry and Barbara kissing, so she tells Henry that she's pregnant.

Today’s episode was directed by Chris Goutman and written by Susan Dansby.


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Alison: Hi, Vienna.

Vienna: Hi.

Alison: Are you here with Henry?

Vienna: Of course.

Alison: You guys are back together?

Vienna: I've always been with Henry.

Alison: Well, the other day, I saw you with Casey.

Vienna: You know what? We're gonna go over to WOAK and watch Lisa's show there since it got rescheduled.

Henry: Hi, Alison.

Vienna: Yeah, I was just asking Alison if she was gonna see Lisa's show.

Alison: Well, I knew that I was gonna have to miss it, so actually the director's gonna send me a tape.

Henry: Why?

Alison: I'm sworn to secrecy.

Henry: Uh-huh.

Vienna: They're making fresh coffee, but we can leave if you want to.

Henry: Uh, no, take your time. I changed my mind. Could you get me a cup of coffee to go?

Vienna: Of course.

Henry: Okay. And you know what? I'm gonna call Katie and tell her that we're running late.

Vienna: Okay. Thank you for not bringing up Casey in front of Henry. Things are delicate.

Alison: Look, Vienna. Casey's a great guy, and you can't just dump him and go back to Henry like he doesn't even matter.

Vienna: That's what you did. Dump Casey at the altar. Alison, just stay out of this, please.


[Cellphone rings]

Barbara: I'm in a rush, Henry.

Henry: Lisa Grimaldi, live and in person. Yeah, I know. I also know that today is your big day.

Barbara: You remembered.

Henry: Sure. When will you get the test results from the doctor?

Barbara: Soon, I hope.

Henry: Well, if you want to talk about it --

Barbara: You know, I'm okay. I really am. And, you know, Lisa's gonna start singing soon, so I've got to go.

Vienna: I thought I'd lost you there for a second. Is everything okay?

Henry: It's going to be. I know it will. Thanks.


Henry: Hey, what are you doing here? I just saw you at Lisa's show.

Barbara: I, uh, I had an errand to run for Kim. I need to get some papers.

Henry: Barbara.

Barbara: Okay, I'm lying. I'm lying. I was hoping that you were gonna be here. Just hearing your voice earlier just helped me.

Henry: The scans are gonna come back clear. You will be cancer-free. You've got to believe that.

Barbara: What if I'm not?

Henry: There's no point of even going there.

Barbara: What if I'm not? I just keep thinking about all the lost time, you know? All the days that I did nothing, and all the weeks that I worried about nothing, and all the time that I've ignored my children, and all the time that I could have repaired my marriage to Hal, and I didn't or I wouldn't.

Henry: Please. Please don't do this to yourself.

Barbara: And then I keep thinking about the days with you, and they keep running over and over and over in my head. And I don't know if it's because they were after the cancer, but I was completely alive those days, Henry. I was completely here. I want more of that. And -- and don't get nervous, okay? I don't mean I want -- I want more of you, although -- although -- I just want more time.

[Classical music playing]

Henry: Dance with me.

Barbara: Why?

Henry: Why not? We're the champs, right?


[Cellphone ringing]

Henry: Is it the doctor?

Barbara: Uh-huh.

Henry: It's okay. Whatever it is, I'm here.

Barbara: Hello. Yes, it's ms. Ryan. Yes. It's the nurse. She wants me to hold for the doctor. It's got to be bad news, otherwise she would have told me herself. Yes, yes, dr. Hearn. Yes, I understand. Thank you.

Henry: Find another doctor. We're gonna find a better doctor -- a doctor who knows what the hell he's talking about. We're -- we're gonna go get a third and a fourth and a fifth opinion.

Barbara: Cancer-free.

Henry: Say that again?

Barbara: I'm cancer-free. He said that we can take another scan in a year, but just to make sure that everybody's okay.

Henry: You're okay?

Barbara: I'm okay.

Henry: Oh, my god. Oh, my god!


Barbara: I am sorry. I -- I shouldn't have done that.

Henry: It's okay, it's okay. We were both excited by the news.

Barbara: Yes.

Henry: The world is a much better place with Barbara Ryan in it.

Barbara: Thank you for that. Thank you for the dance. Thank you for being here with me.

Henry: I should, uh -- I should go back to the studio. Vienna's here.

Barbara: Oh, oh, I didn't realize.

Henry: Yeah, so, um, I should probably find her.

Barbara: Uh, yeah, you should. You saw us.


Vienna: Yes, I saw you kiss my Henry. I mean, how could you?! You're making my wedding dress! I mean, you more than anyone knows how much we -- we love each other! And then you throw yourself at my fiancé?

Barbara: I -- I lost my head for a moment, that's all.

Vienna: No, no, no, why, why?

Barbara: Why?

Vienna: Why, yeah. I mean, what did you think would happen, that -- you would kiss him and immediately he would just forget all about me and he -- he would make passionate love to you?

Barbara: Well --

Vienna: No, because that would never, ever happen.

Barbara: Look, I've already apologized to Henry, and now I'm apologizing to you, too, Vienna. I've had a very emotional day.

Vienna: You know what? That is no excuse. I should never have trusted you.

Henry: Vienna, uh, wait. I can explain.

Vienna: You know what? Don't bother, because I don't even care.

Henry: You don't?

Vienna: No. Barbara's kisses don't matter, 'cause I -- I know where you and I stand.

Henry: You do?

Vienna: Yes, or at least I will know once I tell you the news.

Henry: News? What news?

Vienna: We're pregnant!  


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