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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vienna tells Henry that she's pregnant with his baby, even though if she is pregnant, it's likely Casey's.  Henry is shocked but happy, but still feels the need to talk to Barbara.  She tells him that Vienna is conning him and he should get a paternity test, but he refuses to even think about it.

Todayís episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum and written by Gordon Ransfield.


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Henry: You're pregnant?

Vienna: Isn't it wonderful? I'm going to have our baby! [Laughs]

Henry: Vienna, this -- I don't know what to say.

Barbara: Well, it's -- it's -- it's wonderful.

Vienna: Isn't it? Isn't it? And it's so unexpected. I mean, Henry and I, we wanted to have a family for so long, but after last time, we weren't sure if we wanted to risk that again. But it's a miracle. Isn't it, Henry?

Henry: Yes. That's -- that's what it is all right.

Barbara: Children are a blessing.

Vienna: Oh, yes, they are. And we did it, Darling. We made our dream come true. Oh.


Henry: Well, I don't believe this.

Vienna: I know! Isn't it wonderful?

Henry: You had no idea that this might happen?

Vienna: No, no, none. A -- and I know it's been such a while since we've been together. And -- and even though I've been feeling a little sick in the morning, I -- it didn't hit me until today. So I checked the calendar, and I saw that I was a little late, so I took the tests.

Henry: Are you sure you did it right?

Vienna: Well, how hard can it be?

Henry: I don't -- I don't know.

Vienna: W -- why are you being so negative?

Henry: I'm -- I'm not. I'm not.

Vienna: Well, I thought you were gonna be happy about this.

Henry: It's just -- it's a shock, Baby. It's a shock, yeah.

Vienna: I know, I know! And it's -- it's a shock for me, as well.

Henry: So I just need some time to let it -- sink in and -- and -- it's kind of scary. Being a parent, it's -- it's a big job.

Vienna: I know, but we'll do it together, and it's gonna be wonderful. And -- and we lost our last chance, but I feel like this -- this time, nothing bad is going to happen. Don't you think?


Vienna: No, I want to go home right away and call my family and tell them the good news.

Henry: Don't you want to wait?

Vienna: For what?

Henry: Uh, isn't it bad luck to announce a pregnancy before the end of the first trimester?

Vienna: No! I don't believe in that. That's just like old-wives tales or something.

Henry: Yeah, but we don't want to take any chances.

Vienna: Well, we told Barbara.

Henry: Yeah, we did. You're right. I -- I hope she --

Vienna: What?

Henry: I, uh -- I hope that she is circumspect. Maybe I should find her and make sure she keeps this to herself.

Vienna: No, no, no! She doesn't have to. I want the whole world to know that our love is creating a brand-new life.

Henry: And you want me to be with you while you call Sweden?

Vienna: I want you with me all the time, forever.

Henry: It's all gonna be in Swedish though. I don't speak that.

Vienna: Okay.

Henry: I -- I got stuff I got to do.

Vienna: Okay, go. But come home as soon as you're done.

Henry: I will.

Vienna: Oh. I want to share every moment of this with you.

Henry: We will.

Vienna: Mm!

[Henry sighs]


Henry: I've been looking for you.

Barbara: I'm leaving.

Henry: You wouldn't answer my calls.

Barbara: Do you really sound surprised?

Henry: No, we need to talk.

Barbara: No, I don't think I have anything to say to you.

Henry: I have something to say to you.

Barbara: Save it for the mother of your child.

Henry: Barbara, please.

Barbara: No, get away from me. Get away.

Henry: Barbara, Barbara, no.

Barbara: Let go.

Henry: I'm not gonna do that.


Barbara: Okay, say what you have to say.

Henry: First of all, I want to tell you how happy I am that your test came back negative.

Barbara: I'm glad that my white-cell count is making you feel better.

Henry: Okay, I deserve that.

Barbara: I know how happy you've told me that you are. I want you to go out shopping for baby clothes and diapers and stop playing games with me.

Henry: I'm not.

Barbara: Vienna is pregnant with your baby, and we both know that you're gonna go back to her and be with her. So why are you doing this?

Henry: Because I still care about you.

Barbara: No, no, no. Don't, don't, donít. You have messed with my life enough.

Henry: I don't think we messed up, being together.

Barbara: No, I think you want me to know how much of a favor you did for me.

Henry: That's not it at all.

Barbara: And maybe you did. Maybe you did, 'cause I don't see any other men looking at me that way, you know?

Henry: That's not true.

Barbara: You know what? I've had it. I've had it. I am done with this drama, and I am -- I'm a little bored with you, Henry.

Henry: You don't mean that.

Barbara: I am bored with you. I am done with you. I am done. So I'm tossing you out like a half-eaten sandwich. So go back to your Swedish meatball and tell her that she's won, okay?

Henry: This is not a contest!

Barbara: Really? You don't think so?

Henry: No, I donít.

Barbara: Wow. This is rich. The master con artist doesn't even know he's being scammed.

Henry: What, by Vienna?

Barbara: [Laughs] By Vienna. Yeah. She wanted you, and now with this "Accidental baby," she's got you. You're all hers. You're housebroken. So go be her little puppy dog, and maybe she'll throw you a bone after you've learned a few tricks.


Henry: Wait. Vienna loves me.

Barbara: Oh, I'm sure she does. But she also wants you to do what she wants, and you don't know how to say no.

Henry: She's pregnant with my baby.

Barbara: How convenient. You know what I'd do if I were in your shoes? I'd get a paternity test.

Henry: I can't do that.

Barbara: Why not?

Henry: Well, she'd think I didn't trust her.

Barbara: She should want to prove that you can.

Henry: It's my baby.

Barbara: And you know that how?

Henry: How do you think, Barbara?

Barbara: [Laughs] You know, you are just so cute when you're naive.

Henry: Okay, that's it. That's enough, all right? You're upset, and you have every right to be. But that doesn't mean you can say these things about Vienna. Now, she is going to be the mother of my child, and that's all that matters.

Barbara: Then why are you here?

Henry: I wanted to make sure you're okay.

Barbara: And why does that matter to you so much?

Henry: It just does, and you know it. But I'm going to be a father now, and I won't take that lightly.


Vienna: Henry.

Henry: Hi.

Vienna: I'm so glad I found you. Let's go to the lounge and then celebrate.

Henry: Now?

Vienna: Yes, right now. I want you to have some champagne for both of us.

Henry: Sure.

Vienna: I know this is sudden and hard to get used to, but it's gonna be wonderful.

Henry: Yeah, I know it will.

Vienna: And this time, we can enjoy it. We don't have to hide it from anyone.

Henry: No. No, we donít.

Vienna: I am going to embrace every minute of it. Oh, Henry, we're having a baby -- our baby.

Henry: I know.


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