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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vienna has taken another pregnancy test, and the result is negative, again.  So she finds Casey to help her with that.  Henry goes to Katie for advice, and he decides to officially propose.  He knocks on Vienna's door with flowers and songs, but she's in there with Casey!

Todayís episode was directed by Maria Wagner and written by Gordon Ransfield.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Vienna: Oh, come on. Come on, please. I'm gonna close my eyes, and when I open them, you're gonna be positive. Counting to five. One, two, three, four, five. Oh, damn it!

[Knock on door]

Henry: Hey, Liebchen. I've got applesauce and white bread, crackers, all kinds of things that won't upset your stomach.

Vienna: Oh, you're so sweet, Henry.

Henry: Are you still having the morning sickness?

Vienna: Yeah, a little bit.

Henry: Here, try the crackers now. That worked last time.

Vienna: No, that's really not what's gonna make me feel better.

Henry: Okay. Well, I got other stuff in here.

Vienna: It's not in the bag, either.

Henry: Did I forget something?

Vienna: No.

Henry: Why don't I go back to the store?

Vienna: No, no, no. It's not in the store, either. It's right here. Here.


Henry: Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Vienna: Why not?

Henry: This early in the pregnancy? I mean, who knows what could happen?

Vienna: Oh, nothing could happen.

Henry: Yeah. We don't want to take any chances, not after last time.

Vienna: That is so sweet, Henry, but I spoke to the doctor, and he said it's perfectly safe.

[Knock on door]

Vienna: They'll go away.

Henry: No, but it -- it could be important.

Barbara: Is this a bad time? I can see you're busy. So, I just wanted to drop this off.

Vienna: Is it finished?

Barbara: Not quite. I am out of the wedding dress business. You'll have to find someone else.

Vienna: This is a little sudden, isn't it?

Henry: We can find another seamstress.

Barbara: I'm sure you will.

Vienna: Well, maybe it's for the best anyways, given our creative differences. In fact, I think I'll go in a totally different direction.

Barbara: Good luck with that.

Henry: Barbara --

Barbara: I have an appointment.

Vienna: Now, where were we?

Henry: How could you be so ungrateful?

Vienna: What?

Henry: She did all this work, and you just dismiss her?

Vienna: She didn't do that much work. And it certainly wasn't good work, and she probably worked off an old pattern or something.

Henry: It's not old. It's vintage.

Vienna: Oh, who cares?

Henry: I thought you did. You're the one that picked it out. You said it was perfect. You said it was everything that you wanted.

Vienna: Well, I changed my mind.

Henry: What? So you couldn't at least say thank you?

Vienna: For what? She didn't finish the dress, and she threw it in my face.

Henry: That's not true.

Vienna: Why are you defending her?

Henry: I'm not. I'm trying to be fair.

Vienna: Not to me, you arenít. What are you doing?

Henry: I'm gonna give this back to her. Maybe some other bride would like it.

Vienna: Who cares about another bride?

[Cell phone beeping]

Casey: Hey, Baby. Itís me. I just walked past the storage closet and couldn't help thinking of you. Call me when you get this.


[Knock on door]

Henry: Barbara. Oh, sorry. Is Ms. Ryan in? Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. Can I see this? What happened to this? Uh, I don't think this was meant to be thrown away. This meant a lot to Ms. Ryan.

Maid: It was in the trash.

Henry: Okay. Well, can I hold on -- I'm gonna hold on to this. My name's actually on it right here. See?

Maid: All right, Sir.

Henry: Thank you.


Henry: Vienna? Vienna, are you in there? "Dear Henry, I'm sorry we fought. Went for a prenatal exam. I'll be back soon. Love, Vienna." [Sighs]


Henry: Thank God I found you.

Katie: Oh, I was just leaving.

Henry: You got to help me.

Katie: With what?

Henry: My love life.

Katie: Oh, you came to the wrong place.

Henry: Vienna is pregnant.

Katie: Really?

Henry: Really. We just found out.

Katie: Oh, Henry, that's great! Oh, it's --

Henry: Are you all right?

Katie: Yeah. I was just -- I was just remembering the last time, you know, when you guys were so excited and then you lost the baby. It's just so great. You're gonna get another chance.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. It is.

Katie: It's not?

Henry: No. I said it is.

Katie: You're happy about this, aren't you?

Henry: I'm absolutely happy. This is what I've always wanted.

Katie: Well, then why does it look like you want to jump off a cliff?

Henry: Vienna wants to get married right away.

Katie: Well, that's probably a good idea. You want the baby to have a stable home life.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. I know.

Katie: And you guys are completely in love, right?

Henry: Absolutely.

Katie: So, what's the problem?

Henry: I didn't say there was a problem.

Katie: Well, you said you needed my advice.

Henry: Okay. Well, there's no problem.

Katie: Okay, okay. No problem.

Henry: 'Cause there isnít.

Katie: Right. So, what did you want to ask me?

Henry: I'm not sure what she wants.

Katie: Vienna?

Henry: Vienna, yes. Lately, she doesn't seem like herself.

Katie: Well, she's not. She's pregnant. It changes you.

Henry: Right. Um, how am I supposed to help her?

Katie: Just treat her like the most beautiful woman who's ever walked the face of the earth, and you need to propose, the old-fashioned way, down on one knee with all the bells and whistles.


Henry: Okay. Are we clear on the plan? Now, I go in, I drop to one knee.

Taffy: And then I throw the rose petals, huh?

Henry: No, Taffy. You don't do that until she says yes.

Taffy: But what if she doesn't?

Henry: Then this will be a complete disaster, won't it? Same goes for you, okay? You don't start singing until she says yes, okay? That's when the party starts. Not before. You got it?

Taffy: Got it.

Henry: Got it. Okay. Let's do this.

Casey: Off, off.


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