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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Henry and Vienna run into Casey and Allison.  Casey confronts Vienna about the possibility that she's pregnant with his baby, while Alison gives Henry some advice.  Later, he runs into Barbara and apologizes for Vienna's behavior at the christening.  He also tells her that he told Vienna he had feelings for her, and Barbara asks him to let her go.

Today’s episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum and written by Leslie Nipkow.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Vienna: I think we should say that we are re-engaged, unless we decide to forget about the time that we spent apart. What do you think?

Henry: I think it's fine. Whatever you want.

Vienna: Well, I suppose it doesn't really matter. I mean, we're not gonna be engaged for that long. My god, there's so much planning to do for the wedding. It's gonna be perfect that day, especially now that I'm pregnant. What could be a more beautiful expression of our love than a child that we've made together. Hey, are you listening?

Henry: Yes, of course. I -- I'm just -- I'm overwhelmed. [Laughs]

Vienna: I know. You're nervous. But this is going to be the most beautiful time of our lives -- all of our lives. [Laughs]


Alison: Hey, uh, you should really come by memorial and check out the new wing. Dr. Oliver has been doing a great job getting everything organized.

Henry: Oh, please, don't tell him that. If his head gets any bigger, they're gonna have to add an extra floor to that space. They're gonna have to widen the doorways.


Alison: Um, well, if you have a couple minutes, uh, there's a few things that I just think you should know about what's going on with your donation, you know, from someone on the inside.

Vienna: Yeah, Henry doesn't really have any time. We're -- we're very busy planning our wedding.

Alison: Well, it will only take a couple minutes. Uh, we could grab a cup of coffee.

Vienna: You just had a coffee.

Alison: I know. I -- I told one of the nurses I'd get her a latte and completely forgot.

Henry: A latte sounds great.

Vienna: What about the wedding?

Henry: I'll be right back, and then we can get right back to planning our big day.

Vienna: Actually, I need a --

Casey: Uh, you're not going anywhere until we talk.


Henry: I'm -- I'm not really a hands-on philanthropist, so if there's something I should be worried about --

Alison: Um, you know, it's actually not about that. There's -- there's something else that I -- I want to talk to you about.

Henry: Okay. What is it?

Alison: Um, I'm hoping that I'm not crossing any lines here, but, um, I talked to Vienna when she was at the hospital for her appointment the other day.

Henry: And?

Alison: And I got the feeling that she's more worried about the pregnancy than she wants to let on.

Henry: Really? She doesn't seem worried. Actually, she's been bouncing off the walls.

Alison: She hasn't said anything to you about it?

Henry: No. In fact, she said her doctor told her that everything was fine.

Alison: Hmm. Well, could she have just said that to protect you?

Henry: I -- I don't think so. It's been all baby, all wedding, all the time. She won't even let me say the word "worried."

Alison: Nobody's that happy. I mean, especially when they're facing nine months of stretch marks and swollen ankles.

Henry: I'm so glad I'm not a woman.

Alison: Yeah, it's not easy.

Henry: So, uh -- so what do I do?

Alison: Just be careful with her, you know?

Henry: Yeah. I love kids. I do. It's just this whole pregnancy thing is -- is overwhelming. So any advice that you could give me --

Alison: Well, just do special things for her, make her feel good. I mean, the hormones are probably gonna make her crazy sometimes.

Henry: Great.

Alison: Yeah. Just be aware, that's all. You know, make sure she knows that you want to have this baby as much as she does.

Henry: I do.

Alison: Well, good. So, there it is. It's just about making Vienna feel safe and loved. And it's not very hard, is it? 

Henry: No. Uh, no. Thank you. Thank you, Ali. And if you think of anything else just --

Alison: Well, don't be so worried, Henry. You're gonna be a great father, okay? Vienna is a very lucky woman.

Henry: Thanks.

Alison: [Clears throat] Um, I have an errand to run, so I'll see you guys later.


Casey: How is the baby?

Vienna: That's none of your business.

Casey: Excuse me?

Vienna: You are prying in to a private family matter, and it's completely unacceptable.

Casey: We're not exactly strangers.

Vienna: I'm engaged.

Casey: You have a pretty easy time forgetting that anytime you're in the mood.

Vienna: Will you just keep your voice down?

Casey: I'll be quiet if you answer my questions, or I'll -- I'll find another way to answer them.

Vienna: You can't do that.

Casey: Oh, just tell me the truth!

Vienna: I've already told you that. This is not your baby.

Casey: Why did you tell me your doctor's name was gravid? There's not a gravid in Oakdale.

Vienna: Well, he's from out of town.

Casey: There's not a gravid in all of Illinois!

Vienna: You know what? I really don't know where you're getting your information.

Casey: I -- I know for a fact that "gravid" means "pregnant" in Swedish. So either your doctor has the world's most ironic name or you're lying to me about something.


Henry: You're sure there's no caffeine in this, right? My fiancée's pregnant.

Barista: It's an herbal-tea latte. Pregnant women come in for them all of the time.

Henry: Really? All right. Well, I'll have to bring some to Vienna, show her how much I care.

Barbara: How very sweet.

Henry: Barbara, hi.

Barbara: Hello. Don't you think you should take that to your fiancée before all that lovely foam goes flat?

Henry: How are you?

Barbara: Oh, I'm just ducky. Oh, by the way, I saw Vienna and Casey outside having a rather heated discussion.

Henry: Really? What's that about?

Barbara: I have no clue, but she didn't even make an "old crone" crack as I walked by.

Henry: I am so sorry for the way that she behaved at the christening.

Barbara: You've already apologized for her behavior.

Henry: It deserves to be said again, and it -- and it couldn't be further from the truth. Barbara, you are beautiful and funny and -- and vibrant!

Barbara: Yeah, yeah, I know. It's okay. It didn't bother me.

Henry: It didn't?

Barbara: No, because I always consider the source.

Henry: It got to you. I saw your face.

Barbara: She hijacked my granddaughter's christening to make it all about her, and we both know why -- because she wanted to throw your relationship into my old, pathetic face. Her words, not mine.

Henry: She did not say that.

Barbara: She didn't have to. I just can't believe you haven't seen through her machinations yet.

Henry: I -- I took your side, didn't I?

Barbara: I know that, and it was very chivalrous of you. I really thank you for that. But you don't have to take care of me. I am not helpless. But you, on the other hand -- you're being marched down the aisle like some bewildered bull with a gold ring through his nose.

Henry: What exactly are you trying to tell me?

Barbara: You have horns, Henry. Use them. Be a man.

Henry: I -- I am a man. I'm a man. I'm gonna be a father. I'm -- I'm gonna be a husband.

Barbara: Good. You be a husband. And you know what? If you want Vienna, you can have Vienna. [Voice breaking] But you can't have us both.

Henry: I know.

Barbara: Good. So let me go. Whatever this is, it's just not working. And Vienna is going to get suspicious, and I don't think you want her to know about us.

Henry: It's too late. She already does.

Barbara: Who told her?

Henry: I did.


Barbara: What exactly did you tell Vienna about me?

Henry: I told her that I cared about you in that way.

Barbara: What are you, in high school?

Henry: This isn't easy for me.

Barbara: Good.

Henry: I told her I had feelings for you -- romantic feelings.

Barbara: Why?

Henry: Because it's the truth, Barbara. She was suspicious anyway, and I was tired of lying about it.

Barbara: How unlike you.

Henry: Tell me about it. You want to know something else?

Barbara: What?

Henry: I'm not sorry I told her.

Barbara: That doesn't change anything, does it? You and Vienna are still getting married. [Cries] Oh, hang on. Honey, what's the matter? I know. Do you want your teddy? Oh, big yawn. Big yawn. You want your teddy?

Eliza: Yeah.

Barbara: Yeah! There we go. She's kind of just getting used to me again. I haven't spent a lot of time with her lately. See what you can do.

Henry: Sure. Well, hello, ms. Eliza. How are you doing, princess? [Laughs] It's just your kingdom, isn't it? We're all just living in it. [Laughs] Want some of this? You giving it to me? Why don't you hold onto it?

Barbara: You're really good with her.

Henry: I -- I've had a lot of practice. Audrey wasn't really around, and I've sort of brushed up on my skills with Jacob.

Barbara: You're gonna be a wonderful father.

Henry: Well, I'm, uh, gonna be a lot better than mine was, I hope, the stand-in or the real thing.

Barbara: Well, your child is gonna have a much more stable life than this little angel. That's for sure.

Henry: Why? What's going on?

Barbara: [Sighs] After you left the christening, meg had a complete meltdown. She was railing at Emily, calling her the devil.

Henry: All of the sudden?

Barbara: All of the sudden. It was very strange. I mean, she had been this proud, beaming mother, and then the next thing you knew, it was like she was possessed.

Henry: How is she doing now?

Barbara: She's in the hospital. And I have to tell you, even out of her mind, I would much prefer meg as a daughter-in-law than Emily Stewart.

Henry: Well, do me a favor. Don't start drugging Emily's tea again. I mean, if it didn't get Paul to dump her the first time, it's not gonna work now.

Barbara: Don't remind me. Oh, my. You know what? You're a genius.


Casey: Why are you lying to me, Vienna? Is it because the baby is mine, or are you just trying to pass it off as Henry's?

Vienna: No, no.

Casey: Then just tell me the truth, or I'll go tell him myself.

Vienna: No, you can't!

Casey: Try me.

Vienna: Okay, fine, fine, so I lied about my doctor's name.

Casey: Why?

Vienna: Because I didn't want you to be harassing me.

Casey: Why would I do that?

Vienna: Because you are sexually obsessed with me.

Casey: No. No, I don't -- this is not about sex. This is about the baby you're carrying and why you're lying about that.

Vienna: Listen to yourself! This is exactly what I was afraid of. [Stammers] If I told you my doctor's real name, who's to say that you wouldn't go back to work and sneak around in my private medical files just because you have this fantasy that I am having your baby?

Casey: Well, are you? I --

Vienna: No! I told you. This is not your baby. How many times do I have to say that?

Henry: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What's going on here? Why are you so upset? 


Vienna: Well, Casey can't seem to get it through to his head that you and I are back together, that we're getting married and we're having a child together and we're planning for a wonderful life for ourselves.

Henry: Why would he care?

Casey: Yeah. Vienna, why would I care?

Vienna: Well, you might not know that, uh, Casey and I -- we're good friends from when I used to work at the diner. He was a regular there.

Casey: Yeah. I couldn't get enough of Vienna's cookies.

Henry: Well, that's sweet.

Vienna: Yes. He also knew that I was very upset when we lost our baby, and then I left without saying goodbye. So I am trying to tell him that everything is fine now, that you and I, we have found our way back together and that nothing will ever come between the two of us again.

Casey: Yeah, we'll see.

Henry: What's that supposed to mean?

Casey: Nothing.

Vienna: Well, Casey's had his heart broken, so it's really hard for him to understand that you and I were meant to be.

Henry: Really?

Casey: Hey, man, relationships are hard. Good luck.

Henry: Uh, I got you an herbal-tea latte. The barista says all the pregnant women are having them.

Vienna: Oh, you are such a wonderful man, but I am running horribly late to a meeting with the wedding planner.

Henry: Do I have to go?

Vienna: No. You would be bored to death. I'll call you later, okay? Bye.

Henry: I -- you forgot the latte.


Bartender: You look like you could use a drink.

Henry: Yeah. What do you have to calm the nerves of an expectant father?

Bartender: That's hardcore, man.

Henry: That's hardcore. Martini, very dry. [Sighs]


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