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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vienna has a doctor's appointment (which is actually about artificial insemination), and Henry goes to the park where they released balloons after Vienna's miscarriage last year.  He begins to panic, when Barbara shows up and calms him down.  She assures them that he can handle whatever happens, and he will be a good father.  He goes to Vienna and tells her he's ready to have a baby with her.  Only problem is, she's not really pregnant!

Today’s episode was directed by Maria Wagner and written by Josh Griffith.


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Henry: Is that a yes? I can come with you?

Vienna: Well, the thing is, this doctor, it's -- it's -- he's notoriously slow. He always makes me wait.

Henry: I'll wait with you.

Vienna: You'll be really, really bored.

Henry: As opposed to anxious and worried here?

Vienna: Okay. How about this? I'll go there first, and then, when it's time for me to go in, I'll give you a call.

Henry: You'll forget.

Vienna: No, I won't. I swear. Okay?

Henry: I guess it's gonna have to be.

Vienna: Oh, stop being so anxious. Everything is gonna be fine this time. I promise, okay? I'll call you soon. I love you.

Henry: I love you, too. [Sighs] This isn't gonna work.


Henry: [Remembering]

Vienna: Let it go, Henry. Let go of the pain, the sorrow. That's not how I want to remember our baby, okay? You remember all our dreams, our hopes? Think about how happy we were and let the rest go, with love.

Henry: I can't do this alone.

Vienna: Okay. [Breathing heavily]


Barbara: Henry.

Henry: Aah!

Barbara: Henry, what's wrong?

Henry: Nothing. It's just my, uh -- just my allergies.

Barbara: No, no. That's not allergies.

Henry: Yeah, you're right. I'm, uh -- I'm having a panic attack.


Henry: It's okay. It's okay. I just need a minute. I don't want you to stick around watching me make a fool of myself.

Barbara: Oh, come on, Henry. I've seen you in a superhero cape. Nothing can embarrass me. Not a paper bag. Besides, I owe you.

Henry: You owe me?

Barbara: Yeah, 'cause you were with me when I was having a panic attack of my own, waiting to find out if my cancer was back.

Henry: This is different.

Barbara: How so?

Henry: I don't -- I don't feel comfortable talking to you about it.

Barbara: Because of Vienna and the baby? Well, lucky for you, I'm over it.

Henry: You are?

Barbara: Well, yeah. You and Vienna are getting married. You're having a child, and I have to accept it and move on.

Henry: That's, uh -- that's good for you.

Barbara: Not like I had any choice, but -- I'm hoping we can still be friends.

Henry: I hope so, too.

Barbara: Then don't push a friend away when you're in trouble, even if it's just a panic attack.

Henry: I really feel foolish.

Barbara: Oh, don't. Why don't you tell me what happened?

Henry: I was -- I was on my way to the hospital to see Vienna. She's seeing her ob-gyn. I stopped by a baby store to get her something. A surprise, you know. And I was getting in the car, and I saw this park.

Barbara: What about it?

Henry: Well, when we lost the baby, Vienna and I came out here, and we, uh -- we let some balloons loose. It was a -- I don't know. It was a ceremony, sort of.

Barbara: Like a goodbye.

Henry: Like a goodbye. And I -- I don't know. I just stood out here and thought about all those balloons and them floating away.

Barbara: It reminded you of what you lost.

Henry: Yeah, Barbara. I got really scared, 'cause if it could happen once, it could happen again.

Barbara: No, no, no. Fate is not gonna be that cruel. It's not gonna take away your chance to be a father.

Henry: I'm not so sure that it can't happen again.

Barbara: Oh, come on. Come on. I mean, look at me. I beat all the odds when they weren't in my favor. You can handle this. I know you can.


Barbara: What a gorgeous day. It's hard to believe that anything in the world can go wrong when it's so beautiful like this.

Henry: Yet they do.

Barbara: Yeah, they do.

Henry: Thank you, though, for trying to cheer me up.

Barbara: Is it working?

Henry: Eh, it's--

Barbara: You know, you have no reason to be having panic attacks, because the baby's going to be fine, and you're gonna be a wonderful father.

Henry: You think so?

Barbara: Oh, I do. And trust me, I was married to the most loathsome father on the planet.

Henry: James Stenbeck, daddy dearest.

Barbara: Yeah.

Henry: Yeah. I'm just lucky that I didn't have to go through that.

Barbara: You have no idea how lucky.

Henry: Sometimes I feel for Paul. Trust me.

Barbara: Well, Paul turned out okay.

Henry: That depends on your definition of okay.

Barbara: Paul's complicated.

Henry: Mm.

Barbara: But he's a good man. And so are you.

Henry: Thank you. I mean that.

Barbara: I mean it, too.

Henry: Well, no more panic attacks for me. I'm, uh -- I'm done heaving for the day. It's time to get back to the real world.

Barbara: Yeah, yeah. Unfortunately, I guess we should. But one more thing. I don't want what happened between us to keep you from moving on. I want you to give everything you have to Vienna and that baby, 100%, because they deserve to be happy, and so do you.

Henry: I hope you find what you're looking for, too, Barbara.

Barbara: I thought I had.

Henry: I'm sorry.


Vienna: Henry, I thought you were gonna wait for me to call you.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. I got so antsy in the hotel, though, and I just started driving, and the next thing I knew, I ended up here.

Vienna: Yeah. Too bad you came all this way for nothing.

Vienna: What happened?

Vienna: My appointment got canceled.

Henry: What? Why?

Vienna: Well, the doctor had an emergency. So we'll, uh, have to reschedule.

Henry: That's -- that's too bad.

Vienna: Yeah. I was just about to leave.

Henry: Well, then I came here just in the nick of time here. Come on. Come with me. I'm gonna buy you a latte. I have a surprise for you.

Vienna: Really? What surprise?

Henry: Well, that's why they call it a surprise, Sweetie. Come on. I'll show you. Come on.


Henry: Here. I got all of your favorite music. You can play it for the baby every day. They say it's good for them to hear it in the womb. I even heard of couples that actually play music in the O.R. while they're giving birth.

Vienna: Well, as long as it's not punk rock or hip-hop.

Henry: What? Where's your sense of fun? And there's more. There's more. That's the right one, isn't it? That's the one you had when you were a kid, yeah?

Vienna: Yes, yes. Oh, my God. Where did you find this? It's perfect.

Henry: You can start reading to the baby tonight.

Vienna: Oh, I don't even know what to say.

Henry: You don't have to say anything. I'm the one that has to say I'm sorry to you.

Vienna: What do you have to apologize for?

Henry: I've been so anxious and so scared. I want everything to work out right this time.

Vienna: It will work out. It will work out.

Henry: I'm starting to believe that. I can't wait to have a baby with you, Liebchen.


Henry: I have a confession to make.

Vienna: What is it?

Henry: Before I met you at the hospital, I went to Trinity Park.

Vienna: Trinity Park? That's where we let loose all the balloons when we lost Sven.

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: What made you go there?

Henry: I felt compelled to go.

Vienna: Because you're feeling anxious about this baby?

Henry: Yes.

Vienna: Oh, I wish I'd gone with you.

Henry: It was, uh -- you know what it was? It was very cathartic. I went in really worried, and I came out calm.

Vienna: Well, did something specific happen?

Henry: No, nothing specific. Just being there in the place that we said goodbye to our baby, I, uh -- the past is the past, and I can't be scared of it anymore, and I can't let it stop us from thinking about our future.

Vienna: Yes, our future.

Henry: Our future. And I can't worry about things that I have no control over.

Vienna: I'm so glad to hear you say that.

Henry: It's gonna be good. It's gonna be okay.

Vienna: Yes.

Henry: I know that. I feel that.

Vienna: Me too, mon amour.

Henry: We're gonna give our baby a wonderful life.

Vienna: We will. Make love to me.

Henry: Are you sure? Is it okay?

Vienna: No fear. Remember.

Henry: Remember, no fear.


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