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Monday, June 28, 2010

Henry and Vienna are headed back to their room at the Lakeview and they hear some strange noises from Barbara's room.  Henry is worried so he goes back to check on her, and finds her bound and gagged!  Emily did it to get away from her because she didn't trust Meg alone with Eliza.  Henry took Barbara to Paul's house, where Meg was actually the one endangering Emily!  Henry took Barbara back to the Lakeview, and once again, they couldn't resist their attraction to each other.

Today’s episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum and written by David Smilow.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Vienna: That was a delicious meal.

Henry: Yeah. I'm surprised you wanted to eat so early.

Vienna: Well, our little one gets hungry before I do. Oh, which reminds me, we have to have a very large kitchen in our new house.

Henry: What house?

Vienna: The one we move into when we have the baby.

Henry: I -- I didn't realize that acquiring real estate was part of the birthing process.

Vienna: We can't raise a child here in a hotel.

Henry: Why not? Craig Montgomery does.

Vienna: Well, we don't need to have a palace. You know, a small place is fine -- with a very large kitchen, that is. [Barbara groaning] Oh, my.

Henry: I didn't, uh -- I didn't realize Barbara was back here.

Vienna: She obviously likes her room.

Henry: She sounds very, uh, urgent.

Vienna: You know what? That just comes to show that if you really want a man, you can always attract one no matter how old you are or what you look like. Come on, Henry.

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: Let's go. Leave Barbara to her own business.

[Barbara groaning]


Vienna: Oh. I love this one. What do you think?

Henry: It's nice.

Vienna: Yeah? No, it's adorable. It's adorable.

Henry: That's -- that's what I meant -- adorable.

Vienna: Okay, so, what are we looking at?

Henry: Pictures.

Vienna: Of? Bassinets, bassinets! I mean, you're not even paying attention!

Henry: I'm sorry.

Vienna: You're thinking about Barbara, aren't you?

Henry: Yeah. Look, I'm -- I'm sorry. I can't help it. I'm not sure the sounds we heard coming out of her room were what we thought they were.

Vienna: Of course they were.

Henry: She just -- it sounded a bit off, don't you think?

Vienna: Why do you even care?

Henry: I don't -- I don't care, sweetie. I don't -- I don't care what she's doing or with whom, however loudly or incessantly. It's just it sounded very strange to me.

Meg: Oh, no. What's strange is that a woman her age would be having sex on the floor. That's strange.

Henry: Is that what you think she was doing?

Vienna: Of course! Of course she is. You know, once a tramp, always a tramp.

Henry: Whoa! Vienna -- you know, we've had some adventures in some rather exotic locations ourselves.

Vienna: Yes, but we've been creative, not pathetic like that.

[Knock on door]

Henry: Katie.

Katie: Hi. Sorry. I just need to talk to Vienna about baby stuff. Do you mind?

Henry: No, not at all. I, uh -- you'll do a better job than I did. I'll, um -- I'll be at the bar.


[Barbara groaning]

[Knock on door]

Henry: Barbara?

[Barbara groaning]

Henry: Oh, my God, she is on the floor.

[Barbara groaning]

Henry: Barbara? She knows I'm here. Why would she do this, knowing that -- unless she's, uh -- Barbara! Excuse me.

Maid: Yes, sir.

Henry: I'm sorry. Could you help me? Um, my key isn't working. You see? Just -- could you let me into my room?

Maid: Of course.

Henry: Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Thanks.

[Barbara groaning] Barbara! God, here.

Barbara: Thank you, thank you. You got to -- we've got to stop her.

Henry: Who?

Barbara: We need to stop Emily, Emily, Emily.

Henry: What?

Barbara: Yeah.

Henry: She did this to you?

Barbara: She's a menace. She's a menace!

Henry: Come here. Oh, my God. How long have you been like this?

Barbara: I think hours. Untie me, okay? She pounced on me the minute we got in here.

Henry: Sorry. I can't get this.

Barbara: We've got to find her. We've got to find her, 'cause you know what? She's out to get meg. There's no telling what she's gonna do to meg. She's gonna hurt her!


Barbara: Oh, my God. What did I tell you. Are you all right?

Paul: She's not hurt, if that's what you're asking.

Barbara: Emily tried to kill her, didn't she?

Paul: Mom --

Barbara: She did! She tried to kill her. I knew this was going to happen. I am so sorry. You told me to try to keep her away, and I tried. But you know what she did?

Paul: It's okay.

Barbara: She overpowered me. She bound and bagged me and left me on the floor.

Paul: You did that?

Barbara: Yeah. She was like an animal.

Paul: Are you all right?

Barbara: I am fine now thanks to Henry. He found me.

Paul: Well, thank you, Henry. Maybe you could do us all another favor.

Henry: Sure. Anything.

Paul: Take my mother back to the Lakeview.

Barbara: No, no. I am not going anywhere until I see that woman in handcuffs and arrested again!

Meg: Where's Eliza?

Barbara: Oh, my God. She drugged her again, didn't she? You still had methadone lying around here?

Paul: Actually, mother, meg has been drugging herself.

Barbara: That's impossible.

Paul: It's the truth.


Paul: Yes, I have known all along that meg has been drugging herself.

Emily: And you never said a word?

Paul: I couldn't.

Barbara: That I understand, because you can't be trusted.

Emily: Would you shut up? This has nothing to do with you.

Barbara: Why didn't you talk to me about this?

Paul: Why? Because you make everything worse.

Barbara: Well, I don't --

Paul: And because I didn't feel like I had to convince you or anybody else that meg was taking methadone on her own. I thought it would come out on its own.

Emily: So you just sat back and watched?

Paul: Well -- no, not exactly.

Barbara: You have so little faith in me?

Paul: Given what you think of Emily, if I had told you that meg was drugging herself, you probably would have accused Emily of drugging me.

Barbara: Am I that unreasonable, Paul?

Paul: No. It's just that the stakes were really high, and I couldn't take the chance of you tipping my hand.

Henry: You know? Barbara, you've had a hell of a day. Let's, uh, head to the Lakeview, draw a warm bath. You can get some rest.

Paul: That sounds like a great idea.

Barbara: No. I am not doing that until I find out all the details. Or can't I be trusted with the facts after the fact?

Henry: You can have the blanks filled in later. Come on. Let's go.

Paul: Thank you, Henry.


Barbara: I have never been through anything so -- so demeaning and insulting in my entire life.

Henry: Barbara, let me do that. Here. Come on.

Barbara: I can't believe that my own son -- my own son did this to me.

Henry: Why don't you sit down?

Barbara: You know, he had this planned. He shut me out, and he had a plan from the moment he put it into action.

Henry: Yeah. But I got to hand it to him. It was pretty clever how he went about it -- I mean, the whole getting meg to reveal herself part, anyway.

Barbara: Well, I still blame her.

Henry: Meg?

Barbara: Emily.

Henry: Why? She wasn't drugging meg.

Barbara: She bound and she gagged me. I -- I have bruises all over my entire body.

Henry: Yeah, I know. But she was just desperate to get to Fairwinds to prove her innocence.

Barbara: The woman is a menace.

Henry: Barbara, why don't you just admit it. You were wrong about her.

Barbara: Yes, and Emily will rub that into my face the rest of my life. So please don't do the same.

Henry: Forget I ever mentioned it.

Barbara: I think you're thinking that I brought this on myself.

Henry: I'm not saying a word, remember?

Barbara: You're probably right. I -- I don't think this ever would have happened if I hadn't been there at Fairwinds, Paul's little house of horrors.

Henry: It was your idea to move there.

Barbara: Which I wouldn't have done if I didn't have to leave here.

Henry: Which you did to put some distance between us. Look, I'll share the blame if that makes you feel any better.

Barbara: That's gallant. Thank you.

Henry: Move back.

Barbara: What?

Henry: Yes. Move back now, for good, permanently.

Barbara: I --

Henry: No, things will be different. Things will be different this time, I promise. And I promise there won't be any, uh, feelings of awkwardness or any kind of difficulties whatsoever.

Barbara: How is that possible?

Henry: It's not. Because every time I see you, I -- this is all I can think about doing.


Henry: I should go.

Barbara: I know. Henry -- never mind.

[Henry sighs]


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