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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vienna decides that she wants to get married tomorrow, because she's worried that Chris will tell Henry that she's not really pregnant.  Henry is hesitant, but agrees because of the baby.  Vienna gets the invitations printed quickly, and makes a point of giving one to Barbara.  Later, Henry apologizes and explains why he's doing it, but that's no comfort to her.

Today’s episode was directed by Ellen Wheeler and written by Susan Dansby.


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[Vienna sighs]

Henry: Vienna, we need to -- hey, what happened?

Vienna: Nothing.

Henry: Let me help you.

Vienna: Thank you.

Henry: Listen, I've been thinking about this, about --

Vienna: I know what you're going to say.

Henry: You do?

Vienna: Yes. I don't think we should wait either. Let's do it right away. Let's get married tomorrow. Marry me tomorrow. Yes.


Henry: Why do you want to have the wedding so quickly?

Vienna: Why wait? We haven't made any specific details about the wedding, so -- so we have nothing to work around.

Henry: Yeah, but tomorrow?

Vienna: You know what? I know I shouldn't be vain, but I really don't want to be huge in my wedding dress. And if we wait any longer, I'll be getting more and more pregnant.

Henry: Sweetie, you're gonna look beautiful every step of the way. I just --

Vienna: Henry, I really -- I love you so much. I just -- I want to be your wife right away, as fast as I can, before anything happens.

Henry: What do you think is gonna happen?

Vienna: I just -- I just meant before more time is passing by. And it's a good idea, right?

Henry: I just -- I think we need to talk about something we can't keep ignoring.

Vienna: Oh, and wedding -- wedding photographers and music.

Henry: We need to talk about Barbara.

Vienna: No, no, no, no, no.

Henry: No, we can't keep avoiding this subject.

Vienna: No, we -- we don't have to talk about Barbara again. She has nothing to do with us or our wedding.

Henry: She has everything to do with it.


Henry: Whatever I'm feeling with Barbara, it's interfering with how I feel about you.

Vienna: You know what you're afraid of, Henry?

Henry: Commitment?

Vienna: No. No, my darling. You're not. Look at your life. You're committed to Maddie. You're committed to Katie. And you and I -- we have been together for years. So obviously you are committed to me. But you're afraid of the ceremony and the words.

Henry: If that's true, then why do I still have these feelings for Barbara?

Vienna: Because she's a way out. She's a way out. But I'm having your child. And if you and I, we got a little lost on the way, it's okay. But we owe it to our baby to be to find our way back together, right?

Henry: I want to be a good father.

Vienna: And you will be. You will be a great father. But you have to stand in front of the minister and say those two words and mean it. Do you think you can do that?

Henry: For this baby -- I do.

[Vienna sighs]

[Henry sighs]


Vienna: Look at this.

Henry: Hi. What is this? "The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of ms. Vienna Hyatt and Mr. Henry Coleman."

Vienna: Isn't it beautiful?

Henry: Yeah. How did you get this done so fast?

Vienna: Lisa is having the staff print it out for me. But we'd better go over the list again to make sure we have everything ready for tomorrow.

Henry: All right.

Vienna: Actually, let's have something to eat. I'm eating for two, you know?

Henry: That's right, that's right. Never let it be said that my son or daughter ever went hungry. You just want to eat here?

Vienna: No. Let's go to metro. Hurry up. I'm starving.

Chris: Henry, Vienna. I was hoping we'd run into you.

Henry: Hey. Actually, we were just about to have dinner. Do you want to join us?

Vienna: No, they're probably really busy, and we were on our way out.

Chris: Oh, can you just hold on one second? Isn't there something you want to tell Henry?

Vienna: Well, there is nothing Katie could say that is more important than what I have to say right now. Henry and I -- we're getting married tomorrow.

Katie: Why? What's the rush?

Vienna: Well, we've been engaged forever.

Katie: Are you okay with this?

Henry: Yes, I am. I think we should be settled in before we have the baby.

Chris: Really? I mean, just waiting a couple weeks -- that couldn't hurt, right?

Vienna: No, it's too late to wait, because we already had all our invitations printed out. Which reminds me, can you go to Lisa's office and get two more?

Henry: I thought you said you were starving.

Vienna: No, I can wait a little longer. I want Katie and Chris to have their invitations right now.

Henry: Okay. I'll be right back.


Vienna: I thought you said that you would keep Chris away from Henry.

Katie: I tried.

Chris: Okay, all the lying has to stop, Vienna. I know that you are not pregnant.

Vienna: What? You told him?

Katie: I had to. He thought the baby that you're not carrying was Casey's.

Vienna: Oh, Casey -- why did I ever sleep with Casey?

Chris: Maybe to get pregnant.

Katie: Not helping.

Vienna: Listen, whatever is happening between Henry and me is none of your business.

Katie: Vienna, Chris is right. Why do you have to marry Henry tomorrow?

Vienna: I have to. Please, Katie, don't ruin this. If I don't do this now, I'll lose him. I know that.

Henry: Here you go.

Katie: Oh, wow.

Chris: Yeah.

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Vienna: Thank you, my love.

Henry: You're welcome, liebchen. [Laughs] What's up with you guys? You look weird.

Katie: Oh, I was just -- I mean, the reason that I came here --

Chris: Such a coincidence, right? Katie was gonna try to convince you to set a date. I mean, after all, Vienna's not getting any less pregnant, right? [Laughs]

Henry: Well, yeah. Actually, you got your wish. We have set a date. It's tomorrow.

Katie: I have to go. I left something at the hospital.


Vienna: Hmm. Barbara, I'm so glad I ran into you.

Barbara: Really? Why is that?

Vienna: Well, I wanted to give you -- this. Of course, I understand if you can't make it, since it's such short notice. I'll give you and Henry some time alone.

Barbara: What is this? Tomorrow?

Henry: We decided why wait?

Barbara: You don't have to do this, Henry. This wedding -- it isn't what you want. Ks an hour for tennis lessons from this guy?

Henry: I can't let this be about what I want.

Barbara: Why not?

Henry: I have responsibilities.

Barbara: Okay, fine. You can be there for your -- your child. You can be a wonderful father. But I know -- I know by the way that you kissed me, you're not ready to be Vienna's husband.

Henry: I'll be ready by tomorrow.

Barbara: Really? What are you gonna do, drink some magic potion that makes you forget what we are together, what we are to each other?

Henry: No. I can't forget that. I wish things were different, Barbara.

Barbara: Then change things. You can change your mind. I have tried so hard to be understanding and supportive and -- damn it, yes, mature. But we deserve -- we deserve some happiness, too.

Henry: You do deserve that. And I am sorry that I've stood in your way all this time.

Barbara: Don't apologize to me.

Henry: You could have been happy with those guys that you were dating. You could have found happiness with one of them if I wasn't so damn selfish. I want you to be happy, Barbara. Please, will you do that for me?

Barbara: Don't you see? You're not doing the best thing for your child by marrying some woman that you don't love.

Henry: I think I am. I think I am. I think I -- I think I need to put a little baby Coleman ahead of what I want, what I need. When Vienna had the miscarriage last year, I -- this is my second chance, Barbara. God, this may be my last chance to be somebody's dad. I don't want to blow that.

Barbara: It's our last chance, too.

Henry: I'm sorry. You have no idea how sorry I am.


Henry: Hey, baby, you know what? Tomorrow, I'm gonna make your mom an honest woman.


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