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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Katie takes Vienna and Henry to Metro to celebrate their impending nuptials.  They run into Barbara, who's there with Kim and Chris.  Henry is dancing with Katie, and Barbara with Chris, when Chris switches partners so he can dance with Katie.  Henry and Barbara dance, until Vienna cuts in.  Later, Casey corners Vienna, and she assures him that the baby is not his.  Barbara overhears and threatens to tell Henry that she slept with Casey!

Today’s episode was directed by Habib Azar and written by David Smilow.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Vienna: Just think about it. Tomorrow we'll be husband and wife, and a whole new, wonderful life begins for us. Isn't that amazing?

Henry: It's hard to believe.

Vienna: Are you thinking about her?

Henry: Who? No, no.

Vienna: You know, it's okay if you are. You have feelings for Barbara, and I've accepted that. I'm just glad you were honest to me.

Henry: Yeah. I -- I certainly was honest.

Vienna: You know, a relationship should be based on openness and trust, and we should never hide anything from each other whenever possible.

Henry: What?

Vienna: I just -- I just want to know all your feelings and thoughts, whatever's on your mind or in your heart.

Henry: Well, that could be a long conversation.

Vienna: Like what are you thinking about right now? Tell me.

Henry: Well, I'm, uh -- I'm thinking that you have been pregnant for several weeks and you haven't started to show. Isn't that strange?

Vienna: There is nothing strange about me.

Henry: No, sweetheart, not you, your tummy. I mean, it's still flat as a board, and you have been pregnant for a few weeks now.

Vienna: Yeah, but it's in the genes.

Henry: What does that mean?

Vienna: It's an inherited trait. Um, all the women in my family never show until very, very late.

Henry: Well, that's funny.

Vienna: What is?

Henry: Well, when you were pregnant the first time, you -- you showed very early.

Vienna: Well, you -- you forgot the other part.

Henry: What other part?

Vienna: That, uh, I didn't show at all until I did.

Henry: You want to give me that one again?

Vienna: Yeah, that my -- my tummy was as flat as a Swedish pancake until pop, there it was -- my baby bump. Don't you remember?

Henry: No, I guess I forgot. I guess once we lost the baby, I just let a lot of those details go. It doesn't matter. What I do remember is how much I was looking forward to being a father.

Vienna: And you -- you would have been. You will be a great father.

Henry: Do you think so?

Vienna: Yes, because you're a natural. I've seen you with Jacob. Our child will adore you.

Henry: I hope so.

Vienna: No, I promise, Henry. We're gonna be so happy. You'll see. This baby is gonna make everything all right.

Henry: Yeah?

Vienna: Yeah.


Vienna: Make love to me.

Henry: Shouldn't we save something for the honeymoon?

Vienna: No, I can't wait.

[Henry laughs]

[Knock at door]

Henry: Who is it?

Katie: Katie.

Vienna: Katie, come on in. Henry and I -- we've had the most wonderful afternoon.

Katie: Oh, good. Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves. But the "not getting out of bed" part's supposed to come after the wedding, no?

Henry: My point exactly.

Vienna: No, because we're a special case.

Katie: I understand. But the wedding is fast approaching. All the more reason to get up and get dressed.

Vienna: Why?

Katie: Because I'm taking you to metro for an engagement celebration you will never forget.

Vienna: Ah.

[Henry laughs]


Katie: I'm so sorry. I had no idea they were gonna be here.

Henry: It's okay. We can go have dinner at the Lakeview, or we can just skip the whole thing. It might be easier.

Vienna: Yeah, please don't tell me that Barbara sent this over.

Katie: No, no, no. I just remembered, I preordered it. But we can still leave if you want to?

Henry: No. And waste an open bottle of bubbly? No, not on my watch.

Katie: Okay.

Henry: Uh, thank you very much. This is gonna work out fine. Can I talk to you about the specials?

Vienna: Please tell me that you got chris back on our side.

Katie: Yeah. He kind of came around on his own.

Vienna: "Kind of"? Katie, he can't say anything.

Katie: Don't worry. He won't. You know what? Uh, Henry -- [Katie clears throat] I would like to make a toast.

Henry: Okay.

Katie: Henry, Vienna, tomorrow's going to be a very special day, probably the most special of your lives so far. I know what it's like to get to marry the love of your life. Even though brad's gone, I still remember how amazing our wedding day was. It really was the happiest day of my life. And I wish you both the same love, happiness, and peace that I was so lucky to enjoy. Cheers.

Henry: Cheers. Vienna --

Vienna: What's wrong?

Henry: You can't drink if you're pregnant.

Vienna: Oops. How silly of me. Old habits.


Chris: Excuse me.

Vienna: Uh-oh.

Chris: Hi.

Katie: Hi.

Vienna: Hi.

Chris: Hello. Would you like to dance?

Katie: No -- I mean I can't 'cause I did something to my ankle.

Chris: Really? You want me to take a look?

Katie: No. I'll be okay. Thanks.

Chris: All righty then. Have fun then.

Vienna: Why did you do that? You obviously want to dance.

Katie: Not with him.

Vienna: Henry, take Katie for a dance. She needs to get in the swing of things.

Henry: If her ankle is up to it.

Katie: I know. That was pretty lame, wasn't it?

Henry: So to speak. Here. Shall we?


Henry: How are you?

Barbara: I'm having a wonderful time. You?

Henry: Much better now.

Vienna: You know, I love this song. You don't mind if I cut in, do you?

Barbara: Well, actually, we just started.

Vienna: Yeah, I'd like to dance with my fiancée.

Barbara: Oh!

Henry: Vienna --

Barbara: Okay, that does it. Come here, you.

Henry: Whoa, whoa!

Vienna: You miserable old lady!

Barbara: You two-bit tart!

Chris: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Henry: Think about the baby, Vienna.

Kim: All right. Everybody, just calm down.

Katie: This is supposed to be a celebration.

Vienna: Yeah, you -- you know what? You're right. It's Henry's and my engagement.

Chris: Take it easy. Come on. Take it easy.

Vienna: Oh, what a shame? Your dress is probably ruined.

Barbara: It breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Vienna: You should probably go and take it, uh, into the dry cleaner. Right now, in fact. Go. I'll be happy to pay for it.

Barbara: Oh, don't worry. I can take a hint. Thank you for the dance, Henry. It was lovely.

Kim: You gonna be all right?

Barbara: I'm fine. I got my last dance in, didn't I?

Kim: You did.

Henry: That was completely uncalled for.

Vienna: You know what? I totally disagree. That was way overdue. Now, where were we? Ah, our dance.

Henry: I don't really feel much like dancing right now.

Vienna: Oh, come on. I'll put you back into the mood. Please?


Casey: Henry, you mind if I cut in?

Henry: No, not at all.

Vienna: No, no.

Henry: No, no. Don't be like that. There's plenty of music to go around. Dance with Casey. Go ahead.

Casey: Thank you.

Henry: Sure.


Casey: You thinking about all the girls you've loved before?

Henry: One or two. Mostly one.

Casey: I think it will be pretty easy to put it out of your mind. I mean, you're marrying an amazing woman.

Henry: You think so?

Casey: I know it.


Vienna: Henry, it's time to go.

Henry: We were just having a drink.

Vienna: No, we've celebrated enough tonight. Let's go.

Henry: Okay, if you insist.

Vienna: Yes, I do. Please. Bye, Casey.

Casey: Bye.

Henry: Bye. Good night.

Casey: Night.


Henry: Well, that was fun, sort of.

Vienna: Well, I'm exhausted.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, we should, uh -- we should hit the hay. We got a big day tomorrow.

Vienna: No, no, no. We can't sleep together.

Henry: I haven't heard you say that recently.

Vienna: Well, I'm superstitious. It's bad luck for a bride and groom to be together the night before their wedding.

Henry: Okay. All right. I'll -- I'll stay somewhere else.

Vienna: Where?

Henry: I don't know. I haven't had time to think about it yet.

Vienna: You wouldn't go to Barbara, right?

Henry: No. No, no, no, no, no. Of course not. I'll -- I'll go stay with Katie or Paul. There's plenty of places.

Vienna: Well, as long as you don't end up with her. Promise me, Henry.

Henry: I -- I do. Of course. I promise.

Vienna: Please understand, I -- I wouldn't -- I wouldn't let you out of my sight if I wasn't afraid it would put a curse on our wedding day.

Henry: No, sweetie, no. Everything's gonna be fine, liebchen. Everything's gonna be fine.

Vienna: I love hearing you say that.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. We're gonna be wedded tomorrow. We're gonna be together. And soon, our little boy or girl will join us.

Vienna: It still feels like a dream.

Henry: Yeah. Boy, does it ever. But we're gonna be married tomorrow, and nothing is gonna stop us. Nothing.


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