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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vienna gets a rash from the herbal fertility remedy she's been taking.  She goes to the hospital and sends Henry to get a cream that she likes.  Katie finds her at the hospital and tells her she has to tell Henry the truth.  Instead, when Henrys shows up she tells him another lie - that she's had another miscarriage.

Today’s episode was directed by Maria Wagner and written by Leslie Nipkow.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Henry: I just -- are you sure this kind of thing is normal?

Vienna: I hope so.

Henry: No. I mean, is it normal for a pregnant woman to be this insatiable?

Vienna: Oh, it's the hormones. Everything feels so good. Was it good for you, too, Henry?

Henry: Yeah, of course it was. I mean, I'm a guy, but, I mean, we got to get out of bed at some point, though, don't we?

Vienna: Why?

Henry: Well, food and water. Look, I'm gonna turn on the light.

Vienna: No, no. Why? It's so nice and cozy here.

Henry: Yeah, and it's daylight, too, I think. Besides, I want to see my new wife's beautiful eyes. Oh, my God!

Vienna: What?

Henry: Vienna, what's happened to you?

Vienna: What? [Gasps] What are you doing?

Henry: I'm checking med M.D. I want to find out why a pregnant woman would wake up with red spots all over her. Are you allergic to the baby? Are you allergic to me?

Vienna: No, of course not. I've been with you over 100 times since we got pregnant.

Henry: A lot more since the wedding, Sweetheart. Maybe we're doing it too much.

Vienna: That's ridiculous. This has nothing to do with the pregnancy. I'm sure of it.

Henry: What about that Swedish powder you were taking at the wedding, the anti-nausea dust or whatever it was? It smelled like wet elk, Sweetie. That can't be good.

Vienna: This is just a rash. It's ugly. It'll go away as soon as it came on.

Henry: Maybe under -- maybe under normal circumstances, but you are pregnant. You have the baby here, and we cannot take any chances.

Vienna: What are you doing?

Henry: The website said to examine you to see if the rash has spread to your stomach or to your legs. So come on. Just lay back.

Vienna: No! No, no. Please get away, Henry. I can't stand the thought of you seeing me like this. It's just too embarrassing.

Henry: We're married, Liebchen, for better or for worse.

Vienna: No, and worse shouldn't start on the first day. You know, I'm not ready to look terrible in front of you.

Henry: Sweetie, how can I make you comfortable? You are incredibly beautiful, even if you are covered with red spots there, and I'm gonna see you in the labor room, you know, so you should get used to me seeing just about everything.

Vienna: No, no, no. Can you just get -- get me a glass of water.

Henry: Water?

Vienna: Water.

Henry: Water. Okay. Okay.

Vienna: Hello? This is an emer-- this is an emergency. I'm a patient of Dr. Ming's, and I need to know the side effects of his fertility drug, the deer-antler fertility drug. Hello? Do you speak English? English? Hello.

Henry: How about some tomato juice? I'm just gonna call downstairs for some oatmeal for you to bathe in, and then I just thought tomato -- oh, my God!

Vienna: What? What?

Henry: The baby!

Vienna: What?

Henry: It's lopsided!

Vienna: [Gasps]


Henry: I told you we shouldn't have been having so much sex! We've moved the baby!

Vienna: We didn't move the baby! The baby's moving! That's what babies does! They -- they move!

Henry: No, that's not what they does! I've seen plenty of pregnant women! I've never seen anything so off-kilter before!

Vienna: No, don't worry. It's perfectly normal. It'll straighten itself out. I promise.

Henry: What are you doing?

Vienna: I'm itching! What does it look like I'm doing?

Henry: Can I -- can I --

Vienna: No! Don't touch me!

Henry: That's it, that's it, that's it. We are going to the emergency room, and you are going to see a doctor.

Vienna: What? No!

Henry: Yeah. Please let me help you.

Vienna: Okay, okay. Go to Old Town. There's homeopathic cream at -- at the store there, the health-food store. Just give this to the man behind the counter. He'll know what it is. And just bring it back here. And as soon as I get it, I'll be fine within the hour.

Henry: How do you know?

Vienna: Because I've had this before. It's hives. I used to have them all the time as a little girl.

Henry: From what? From what?

Vienna: I don't know. Anything. I'll be fine. Once I put the cream on, I'm gonna be fine. I promise. Just go, because this is itching like crazy!

Henry: Okay, okay! Just don't stress out, please! That's very bad for the baby!

Vienna: Yeah, I know, but the only thing that is very bad right now is you stressing out.

Henry: I'm going, I'm going! But if I come back and things haven't straightened out, we are gonna see a doctor, okay?

Vienna: Okay. So we'll talk about it when you get back. Oh, God! This is a disaster!


Emily: I -- I am so, so sorry, Baby. I just -- you know, I was running around so much, getting ready for all of this. It sort of slipped my mind, but, yes. Just like Kim said, she stopped by and asked about Barbara, and I told her we hadn't heard from her.

Paul: Which is strange, 'cause I've left her like a dozen messages, and usually it's the other way around.

Emily: Right. But you know what? I think she's embarrassed about how she behaved with Henry and she's off somewhere licking her wounds, and she'll come back when she's good and ready.

Henry: Hey. Does anyone know where the health-food store is?

Paul: The health-food store?

Henry: Yeah. I have to pick up something for Vienna.

Emily: Oh.

Henry: Actually, since you're here, has anyone heard from Barbara? I thought maybe she would have called one of you by now.

Paul: Yeah, me too. I've called her a ton of times.

Kim: So have I. She's not answering anybody's calls.

Henry: Oh, that's weird.

Emily: Not really. She just went off for a little R&R.

Paul: My mother?

Henry: Barbara? Barbara wouldn't know R&R if it ran over her in the street. I'm gonna give her a call.

Emily: No, Henry. Don't -- don't go looking for her, please. Why is everyone so obsessed with Barbara's whereabouts? She is a grown woman, okay? If she wants to have a little downtime by herself, she should be allowed to do that without you sending out some search party!

Paul: Who said anything about a search party?

Emily: Well, Kim wants to put missing-person flyers on every car windshield in the country!

Kim: Get a grip. I said I was concerned about her.

Emily: Okay, look. The bottom line is this. Barbara is in hiding because Henry here broke her heart.

Henry: Sorry.

Emily: That's not the point I'm trying to make.

Henry: What is the point, then, Emily?

Emily: The point is, this is a small town, and you live in the same hotel, Henry. The elevator's got to feel like enemy territory for her. Give the poor woman a break!

Henry: She's not a poor woman, okay? She's got more dignity in her little finger than -- she's strong enough to handle anything even when she shouldn't have to.

Emily: Well, you know what? We all have our breaking point, and unfortunately for the most of us, it usually involves a man.

Henry: When you say it like that, it makes sense.

Paul: Well, if she feels like that, don't you think she should be around her friends and her family?

Emily: Oh, for God's sake! We're not talking about a wallflower. We're talking about Barbara Ryan. The woman knows what she wants, okay? And she's survived a lot worse than Henry Coleman.

Henry: Hey!

Emily: Yeah, well, it's true. She -- she lived through James Stenbeck, for God's sake. I mean, compare a broken heart to living with Satan. I think she'll get over it. I mean, I bet you she already has.

Henry: Yeah. Well, I should go get the thing for my wife.

Emily: Next to the cleaners, Henry. [Sighs]


Henry: Vienna! Liebchen, I got the cream! I think it's the cream. Sweetie, are you in there?


Henry: Oh, thank God I found you. Are you okay?

Vienna: Henry, what are you doing here?

Henry: Well, I got home and you weren't there, and I figured you'd come here. Are you all right? Did the rash spread? What's going on? It's okay. I'm here. Come here, Sweetie. Why didn't you call me?

Vienna: Henry, I'm so sorry. We lost the baby. We lost him. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


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