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Friday, July 9, 2010

Instead of telling Henry the truth, that she was never pregnant, Vienna tells Henry that she's had another miscarriage.  Henry is devastated, but Vienna just wants to forget about it.  He takes her home so she can rest, and then goes to the bar.  Katie finds him and can't stand seeing him in so much pain.  She tells him that Vienna didn't have a miscarriage because was never pregnant.

Today’s episode was directed by Jennifer Pepperman and written by Susan Dansby.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Henry: We lost the baby?

Vienna: I'm so sorry.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You didn't do anything wrong. I can't believe this happened to us again.

Vienna: I don't want to think about it.

Henry: And you don't have to. Listen. I want you to lie here. I want you to get some rest, okay? I can't believe I wasn't here when it happened.

Vienna: Henry.

Henry: I'm the one that's sorry.

Vienna: Oh, my God.

Henry: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make this tougher on you.

Vienna: No, no. You didn't. Stop apologizing, because you have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

Henry: I'm the reason that this happened.

Vienna: No! How can you be blamed for --?

Henry: If I hadn't been so honest about how I felt about Barbara, then --

Vienna: No! I don't want to talk about her. Not today, please.

Henry: Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I ever brought it up. Just, I wish this hadn't happened.

Vienna: No, no! Please, I don't want to think about what's done, and I don't want you to think about it either.

Henry: We've already lost one child. To lose another like this, it's not right!

Vienna: No! We can't do anything about what nature decides, okay?

Henry: How can you be so calm and -- and philosophical about it? This was our baby, Vienna. Now it's gone!

Vienna: I'm just trying to be strong.

Alison: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt. I just have the ointment for your rash, Vienna, from Dr. Marcus.

Henry: Do you really think that what Vienna needs right now is some ointment?

Alison: Well, she is all blotchy.

Henry: That is the least of her concerns right now!

Alison: Okay. Um, sorry. I was just doing my job.


Vienna: I don't want to see a doctor. I just want to go home.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. You can't. No, no. You've just miscarried, Sweetie. No.

Vienna: I can rest at home.

Henry: There's no doctors at home, and you might start bleeding or something.

Vienna: No, I'm fine.

Henry: No, you're not fine. You're not. You're physically hurt. You're emotionally fragile. Please.

Vienna: No!

Henry: You've got to do the procedure.

Vienna: Procedure?

Henry: Yes, the procedure, the one that you had done the last time you miscarried. Do you remember?

Vienna: Yes, of course I remember, but I don't have to do that this time.

Henry: Well, I'd like to hear your ob-gyn say that, okay? Please? I'm gonna go get your doctor.

Vienna: No, no, no, no, no!


Henry: I know you're upset.

Vienna: Yes! 'Cause you're trying to tell me what's gonna make me feel better!

Henry: I'm sorry. You need to see your doctor.

Vienna: I want to go home, so can you take me home, please? Just take me home.

Katie: Hi. When did you get here?

Henry: Just a little while ago. Thank you for bringing Vienna here.

Katie: What's going on?

Vienna: You know, Henry, he's insisting that I have an operation, and all I want to do is go home!

Katie: Why would she need an operation for a skin rash?

Henry: It's not for that.

Vienna: Henry, please. Can -- can you just go outside for a moment? I want to talk to Henry alone.

Henry: Sweetie? No, wait a second. You're our best friend. You may be able to do something that I can't right now.

Vienna: No, Henry. No. All I needs is just -- it's you.

Henry: [Sighs] That's terrible. Vienna's had another miscarriage.

Katie: That can't be right. That didn't happen. You did not have a miscarriage.

Henry: And that's what I keep telling myself. It's impossible. It's just wrong.

Katie: Yeah. That's the word for it, all right.

Henry: But it happened, Katie. Vienna lost the baby.

Vienna: Henry and I, we're still trying to come to grips with it, and I'll do much better at home. Can we just go home? Can you take me home, please?

Henry: Okay, okay. I still want to see your doctor.

Vienna: We can do it later. Please? You know, it won't change anything.

Henry: You're right. It won't. Okay. If you want to go home, I'm not gonna fight you on it.

Vienna: Thank you. Thank you.

Henry: I'll bring the car around front.

Katie: How could you do this?

Vienna: You told me to tell him the truth!

Katie: Yeah, that there was never a baby! Not this! Not another lie! I've had a miscarriage, Vienna. So have you.

Vienna: Yeah, you don't have to remind me!

Katie: Obviously, I do! Knowing what it felt like to lose a child, what it did to your relationship before, how could you do this to Henry? How could you put him through that? It's cruel! It's horrible!

Vienna: No, it is necessary!

Katie: What is happening to you? How could you say that?

Vienna: Because he kept asking why I wasn't showing, and then I got the baby pad, and then it was moving around, and then I had to take it off when we have sex, and we have sex all the time, because I'm trying to hard to make a real baby!

Katie: Vienna, you have to stop it!

Vienna: But it was just a matter of time before Henry figured out the truth! And then he would hate me forever, Katie! And now -- now we can start our lives together, you know, support each other and make a baby, a real baby! Without all this pressure. So now all the problems are solved.

Katie: Yeah, except for Henry's devastated and mourning a child that never existed.

Vienna: But it will only be for a little while, because I will be pregnant real soon, and then he'll be happy again.

Katie: I think you actually believe what you're saying.

Vienna: It's the truth. Everything is okay now. I have to get dressed. Thank you. You're the best friend anyone can have.


Henry: I want you to get some rest. Remember how exhausted you were the last time.

Vienna: Yeah, but this is not like last time.

Henry: Why not?

Vienna: Because we're married now, and -- and I don't have to wonder about if -- if we're gonna have more babies, because I know we will have more babies.

Henry: Uh, in you go.

Vienna: Okay.

Henry: Easy, easy. When you wake up, we'll go back to the doctor and get you checked out.

Vienna: All right.

Henry: Do you need anything?

Vienna: No. I'm just gonna sleep, close my eyes, and forget that this day ever happened.

Henry: Got to figure out what went wrong. I don't want you going through this heartbreak ever again.

Vienna: Whatever you say, Henry. Do you still love me?

Henry: Why would you ask that?

Vienna: You're not sorry you married me, now that there's no baby?

Henry: Rest. I love you. I'll come back and check on your, make sure you're doing okay.

Vienna: Okay. I love you, too.

[Door closes]


Katie: Henry.

Henry: Bubbles, thank God you came. I was about to order a six-pack of martinis and drink myself into oblivion like I did on my wedding day.

Katie: Don't do that.

Henry: This is all my fault.

Katie: No, it's not.

Henry: Yes. I told Vienna about my feelings for Barbara. Why did I do that? Why did I do that? I knew she was in a fragile state, and she's been walking around an emotional wreck ever since. She's scared to death that I'm gonna leave her, and she keeps asking me, "Do you still love me? Do you still love me?" And she's trying to get me to prove it day and night and night and day in various positions, and I'm the reason that -- I'm the reason that she lost the baby. She wanted so hard for this marriage to work out. And if I was just thinking clearly, if my focus wasn't split between her and Barbara, if I loved this woman, if I loved the mother of my child, if I loved my wife the way that she deserved to be loved, then none of this would have ever happened!

Katie: Vienna didn't lose the baby! There was no baby to begin with.


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