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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Henry slept over at Katie's house because he thinks he heard Barbara's voice on the baby monitor.  He goes to Paul's house to talk to him and Will, and only Will believes him.  Henry decides to stake out Barbara's room, and once again dresses as a woman to do so - this time a maid with a curly blond wig.

Todayís episode was directed by Maria Wagner and written by Penelope Koechl.


Transcripts from TVMegasite

Katie: Oh, look, Jacob. Henry spent the night! And he really likes your monkey. Good morning.

Henry: Good morning.

Katie: How long do you think you're gonna be camped out there?

Henry: As long as it takes.

Katie: Right. Yes, Jacob. Uncle Henry thinks he hears voices. He's a little --

Henry: Jacob, tell your mother not to mock me, please. And I don't think I heard a voice. I did hear a voice.

Katie: Barbara's?

Henry: Yes, Barbaraís, right here in this house. I don't know how. I don't know where it came from. But I am not imagining it.

Katie: Okay, so you're sticking around at the scene of the, um, hearing, 'cause when you see it again, you'll what, talk back to it?

Henry: She's doing it again, Jacob. She's doing it again.

Katie: I'm just glad he's not old enough to know what's going on, because he would be scared diaper-less. I'll be right back, Baby doll. Okay. I'm gonna go grab a latte. You want one? Right. You need a double espresso and some food. I will make you something when I get back.

Henry: I am not nuts. I don't think I'm nuts. No. I heard Barbaraís voice, clear as day. [Sighs]

Barbara: Can anyone hear me? Henry? Henry, if you're out there, please find me. Henry, Henry, somebody, anyone, please, help me. Get me out of here, I'm begging you! Help!

Henry: Barbara?

Barbara: Please say you can hear me?

Henry: Yes, yes, I hear you! I hear you!

Barbara: I need you, Henry.

Henry: I'm here! Where are you?!

Barbara: I can't hold out much longer.

Henry: I'll save you! Just tell me where you are. Barbara -- oh, my God. Barbara? Barbara? Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!

Katie: What the hell is going on?

Henry: I found Barbara! She's in here!


Henry: Barbara? Barbara, can you hear me? Answer me.

Katie: Stop this, Henry.

Henry: Barbara, please say something. Say anything.


Henry: Barbara?!

Katie: Get a grip, Henry! This is not a walkie-talkie. It only transmits signals one way.

Henry: Okay, it transmitted her voice right into there, all right? She was asking for help. She was calling my name!

Katie: Your name?

Henry: Yes.

Katie: This voice actually said, "Henry, help me"?

Henry: It said "Henry" over and over and over again.

Katie: Oh, Honey --

Henry: No! I'm telling you the truth. She was pleading for me to save her.

Katie: You are sleep-deprived. Come over here. I don't know what you thought you heard, but just sit down.

Henry: No, no, no! Don't do that! Don't humor me like that! She is in trouble, and I'm positive of that now. She has been kidnapped, and she was trying to send out an S.O.S.

Katie: And so this monitor, out of all the monitors in all the homes in Oakdale, just happened to pick up her cry for help?

Henry: Yes. I don't know how it did it. I don't know where it came from. But I'm gonna find her. And after everything that you did to me and that you did to Barbara, you at least owe me the possibility of believing me.

Katie: Wait. Where are you going? Henry!


Paul: That is definitely Mom's handwriting.

Will: If she's really okay, why would she write this instead of just calling us?

Paul: Because if she called, that would be two-way communication, and then she would have to hear how angry we are.

Will: I'm not angry. I'm worried.

Henry: Hey. I heard Barbaraís voice.

Paul: Hello, Henry.

Will: Where? When?

Henry: Just now on Jacobís baby monitor. She -- she begged me for help. She called my name.

Paul: Mother spoke to you over a baby monitor?

Henry: Yeah.

Paul: Did she say, "We're here," or reveal the location of the Holy Grail?

Henry: Look, look, it happened, I swear. I don't know where she is. I just know she's in trouble.

Paul: Okay, she's fine. Do you not remember this? She's fine. She says so herself.

Henry: I do remember that. If she did indeed write that note, she did it so under duress.

Will: I thought that all along.

Henry: Okay, well, now I'm positive. She is being held against her will. The question is, where and by whom? Actually, that's two questions.

Paul: Just stop. Okay, please, this is the most ridiculous --

Will: Wait. Hold on. What -- what did she say? What exactly did you hear?

Henry: She said, uh, "Help me," and, "I need you," uh, "Find me," and, um, "I don't know how much longer I can hold on." Wait, wait. Does that sound -- yeah, she said all of that on a baby monitor. Does that sound like something -- somebody sipping margaritas on a beach and getting the last laugh on us?

Will: That can happen. I get stray signals on our monitor at home all the time. Maybe this is worth checking out!

Paul: It's not. Look, we have a note. Not only that, we have video surveillance footage from the Lakeview that clearly shows Mother walking down a hallway.

Henry: That is not Barbara.

Paul: It is. It's Barbara.

Henry: No. Those aren't those calves. Her calves are, uh -- are more shapely than that, and she's got this swish when she walks! Her gait is much different.

Paul: I -- I'm not gonna listen to any more of this.

Henry: Fine! Then don't listen to this anymore! Listen, I am telling you that she has been kidnapped, okay? And -- and they have been trying to throw us off her scent by literally using her scent and by using someone to go in and out of her suite that looks like Barbara.

Paul: No, that -- that someone is Mom.

Henry: No, it's not! Come on! The bogus postcard from Bermuda, now this letter? Fine. You two want to play right into the kidnapper's hands, just be my guest. I don't need your help. I will find Barbara, and I will save her by myself.


[Henry sighs]

Henry: "Henry, the sitter took Jacob to the park. Hope you're okay. Katie." No, Katie, I'm not okay.

Will: Henry, you're a hard guy to catch up to.

Henry: What are you doing here? Oh, wait. Let me guess. Paul sent you here to second his opinion that I'm crazy.

Will: No, Henry. I want you to tell me everything that you heard on that baby monitor this morning so we can find my mom.

Henry: We? The two of us, together?


Henry: And that's when I walked over to this spot, and I called her name again, but she wasn't there anymore. And that's when I saw this, and I realized that her voice had been coming out of the baby monitor.

Will: You're sure that it was Mom that you heard?

Henry: Yeah, well, I know the sound of your mother's voice. Absolutely, positively was her voice coming out of this speaker.

Will: For -- for real or in your head? Because you've been pretty wigged out lately, Henry.

Henry: I -- I know for real, I swear.

Will: Paul thinks Mom's playing us.

Henry: I can understand her wanting to hurt me because I married Vienna. But to make her sons worry like that -- no, no way.

Will: Well, I think Paulís opinion's based a lot on Emilyís opinion right now.

Henry: And we both know how Emily feels about Barbara.

Will: It's like he's fixated with this idea of having a normal family, and Mom being in trouble doesn't fit into his idea of normal, so he won't even consider the possibility.

Henry: Yeah, but you believe me, right? You don't think your mom left of her own volition, that wherever she is, she's in trouble.

Will: Unfortunately, I think you might be right.


Henry: I can't tell you what a relief it is to have an ally in this battle. Okay, now that we agree that Barbaraís been kidnapped --

Will: I didn't say I'm in total agreement, just that I see it's a possibility.

Henry: It's the same thing. All right. I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out how we can find this kidnapper, and I've got an idea. I think we should stake out Barbaraís suite at the Lakeview.

Will: What do you mean, stake out?

Henry: Stake it out 24/7. If someone is going in or out of there, we'll find out who. We can take shifts.

Will: Why would we do that? The -- the hotel has surveillance cameras. Why can't you just tell Margo what you heard and have the police handle it?

Henry: Well, don't you get it? They're not -- the police aren't gonna help us! They're gonna respond the same way that Paul did. Barbara sent a note saying she's fine. I'm hearing voices. That's the end of the story.

Will: Henry, itís worth a shot.

Henry: Fine. You want to go to Margo, go ahead. But I don't think that we can count on her for any help.

Will: So you're gonna go stake out Mom's room?

Henry: I'm gonna do whatever it takes to bring her back to us, Will.

Will: Don't do anything illegal.

Henry: I'll do what it takes.

Will: All right. If you learn anything, then keep me posted, and I'll do likewise.

Henry: Yeah. [Sighs]


Henry: I know what I heard. I know it was Barbara. I swore never again. But for you, Barbara, I'll do anything.


Henry: I swore I would never do this again. But if I have to wear a bra and girdle for the rest of my life, I will do it. I will do it, Barbara, if it brings you back to me.


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