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Monday, August 9, 2010

A psychic tells Henry, Paul, and Will that Barbara was in great pain, but more emotional than physical.  She tells them that the clown absorbed her pain, so Henry takes it back to the Lakeview with him.  He finds the rest of Barbara's note in the clown, the part that says she's being held against her will.

Today’s episode was directed by Sonia Blangiardo and written by Penelope Knoechl.


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Myra: This clown knows the secrets of this room.

Paul: Not the only clown around here who says he knows something.

Henry: I thought you said you were gonna take this process seriously.

Paul: No, no, no. You said that. I said this was a complete waste of time.

Henry: Well, then, maybe you should just leave, Paul.

Will: Guys, let's reserve our judgments until after Ms. Haft has told us what she has to say. Please, just, uh, go on.

Myra: I'm picking up a strong vibration that there has been pain and suffering in this room.

Paul: So you keep saying. I -- I wonder if, um, maybe you could be a little more specific or maybe back up one of your vibrations with a fact?

Henry: Would you give the woman a chance, please?

Myra: The answers that you need about your missing mother, your friend -- they're in here. They're inside him.

Henry: I knew it. I knew it. First we had the pen that led us here, and then the lipstick, and now Myra’s picking up these vibrations. Barbara was definitely held against her will in this warehouse!

Paul: This is wishful thinking on your part. Whatever proof she says she has doesn't prove anything.


Henry: Why were you being so negative? You've had a sixth sense about situations in the past, and your hunches turned out to be right.

Paul: But that's not gonna be good enough for the police. Margo said that she would investigate Mom's disappearance if we brought her back some evidence. Mysterious voices through a baby monitor and dubious perfume and lipstick sightings -- that doesn't count.

Henry: You're not even giving it a chance, Paul.

Paul: I'm just saying we have to give the cops some facts. So, hey, Myra --

Myra: Yes?

Paul: Um, based on everything that you've seen and felt in this room, uh, do you think you'd be willing to come down to the police station with us and talk to the nice Lieutenant Hughes and tell her that, you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Barbara Ryan was held captive in this room against her will?

Will: Paul, that's -- that's not really fair.

Paul: Really? It seems like a pretty fair question to me. Do you think you could do that? Do you think you could sign on a swearing statement to that effect?

Myra: I can only say what I sense, Mr. Ryan. I leave the interpretations and the conclusions to others.

Paul: I'm pretty sure that's a no, which means that this is an exercise in futility.

Henry: No, no, not necessarily. Maybe she can tell us something that will lead us to some concrete evidence that we can take to the police.

Paul: That's a really big maybe.

Will: We're already here. What's the harm? Um, Ms. Haft, can -- can you tell us a little more about what you think might have happened in this room? You said you felt pain and suffering. You mean physical pain? Was our mother hurt in this room?

Myra: I sense physical discomfort, but the pain I feel here is more pain of the heart and the soul, a pervasive feeling of despair and helplessness.

Henry: And, uh, this clown was part of that pain?

Myra: He was present for it. He bore witness to it. And therefore he absorbed all that tortured energy. I know that sounds strange.

Paul: Oh, no, no. Not at all.

Myra: But I do feel that this clown is very much a part of whatever transpired here, and deep inside him, he holds the key to unlocking this mystery for you.

Paul: Yeah, that's super-interesting, but it's not gonna mean much to the police. Do you think maybe you could tell us what the guy looked like who held my mother here captive or -- or maybe tell us where Mom is now?

Myra: No. I'm afraid I can’t.

Paul: Okay. So we're back to square one. Which means whatever's happening with Mom, wherever she is, there's nothing we can do about it.


Will: Thank you so much for coming, Ms. Haft.

Myra: If I can be of any more help, please let me know.

Will: We will, thanks.

Henry: Actually, Myra, there is something else you could tell us. Uh, what do you make of this lipstick stain on here?

Myra: My sense is that your friend was very lonely in here and she clung to this doll for comfort.

Henry: Oh, God.

Myra: That's when he absorbed her pain.

Henry: All right.

Myra: I do hope that you find this woman safe and sound. She's obviously very important to all of you.

Henry: Will we find her safe and sound?

Will: Um, I'm sorry, Henry.

Henry: No, no, no. Don't be sorry. This is a good thing. She gave us a lot to go on. We know -- we know that Barbara was here. We know that she was in trouble.

Paul: We know that the clown absorbed all of Barbara’s considerable pain and suffering.

Henry: We know that she was here and that she was along and afraid and that she connected with this clown. It makes perfect sense.

Paul: In what universe does it make perfect anything?

Henry: You think I'm happy about this, huh? Think it makes me feel good after what I've done to Barbara?

Will: It wasn't exactly on purpose.

Henry: I wish you could talk. I wish you could say something. What did you see?

Paul: 'Cause that's what we need is a creepy talking clown.

Will: Um, I should really get back and see Gwen.

Paul: Right. Go. I'll make sure Henry gets back to the Lakeview.

Henry: God, I hope the psychic was wrong. The thought of Barbara suffering in here all alone --

Paul: Can I get you a drink?

Henry: Yeah.

Paul: Henry --

Henry: Yeah?

Paul: The clown?

Henry: Yeah, I'm bringing him with us. If Myra was right, he was the last one to see Barbara.

Paul: It's a doll.

Henry: It's a doll with knowledge that no one else possesses. Come on. You could use a martini, too.


Paul: I thought we agreed we were gonna leave your friend upstairs.

Henry: The vodka spoke louder than you did. I feel calmer now, more rational.

Paul: Yeah. I can see that.

Henry: So, what we have to do is take what Myra gave us, put it together with what we already know, and figure out where we go from there.

Paul: We don't go anywhere from there, Henry. When are you going to admit that?

Henry: Never.

Paul: Look, Mom was not in any danger, okay? She was not held captive in a party warehouse where she confessed her deepest secrets to an inflatable clown. She was just avoiding us, that's all. No more, no less. She -- she was just trying to jerk us around.

Henry: If that were true, and I don't believe it for a second, why, Paul -- why would she do that to us?

Paul: Because you married Vienna. You said so yourself. She was just trying to hurt you, Henry. She was trying to punish you. She doesn't know the marriage is over.

Henry: Yeah, but there's so much evidence to the contrary. And I -- I just feel in the pit of my stomach something is terribly wrong.

Paul: Okay.

Henry: No, I know it sounds crazy, but I can't deny how I feel. It'd be like you denying the vision that you had of Meg being on that island or denying the vision of Parker and Faith being in the woods, okay? You had a gut feeling, and you went with it, and that's what I'm doing.

[Cell phone beeps]

Henry: What is that? Is that about Barbara?

Paul: No. Oh! It's work. Emily's not gonna be happy about this. Hey, it's me.

Emily: Hi.

Paul: Everything going okay there?

Emily: Do you really want to know?

Paul: Uh, you sound upset.

Emily: Upset? Why would I be upset? Iris just busted into our wine cellar and drank our best Bordeaux. And according to Gwen, it's all my fault because I'm so mean to her poor, misunderstood witch of a mother. But really, Paul, why would that make me upset?

Henry: You got to help me out here.

Paul: I'm so sorry.

Emily: Will you just please tell me you're coming home before I kill one or both of them?

Paul: Yeah, I'm not gonna be able to do that in the next couple of hours.

Emily: Why not?

Paul: Well, something's come up with an account in Chicago, and I got to go out there and straighten it out.

Emily: Right now?

Paul: Well, usually Mom handles this client, but she hasn't been around lately. But hang in there. I'll get home as soon as I can.

Henry: Come on. You've got some information.

Paul: Henry --

Henry: What?

Paul: What are you doing?

Henry: Well, I'm trying to get our friend here to give us the information that he has. Come on, Chuckles. Anything, something to help us find Barbara.


Henry: Hmm-mm. I'll get it, I'll get it.

Paul: Thank you, Henry. Are you okay here all by yourself?

Henry: Present company excluded?

Paul: I'm starting to worry about you a little bit, Henry.

Henry: Yeah? You need to worry about Barbara. She is the one that deserves your concern.

Paul: I'll call you tomorrow, or tonight if I get home in time.

Henry: Well, clown -- straight up. Head to me -- it's just you and me. Myra thinks that you've got some secret stored inside of you. Where are they, hmm? Come on, Chuckles. Where -- what is this?


Henry: "This is a lie. I'm being held against my will." I knew it. Barbara is in trouble.


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