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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Henry is still searching for Barbara, not realizing that she is literally under his nose, er, feet.  She and Emily are being held in the wine cellar at Fairwinds.  You'd think that after all of the kidnap victims who have been held there (including Henry), that would be the first place they'd look.  But no, they have no idea where she might be.  But Henry begins to suspect Iris when he spies her wearing Barbara's clothing and perfume.

Today’s episode was directed by Habib Azar and written by Susan Dansby.


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Henry: Whoa. What's that for?

Katie: For inviting me to breakfast, which means we are back to where we were and you're not mad at me anymore.

Henry: And I need a favor.

Katie: Things are really starting to feel like old times. What is it?

Henry: Help me track down Vienna.

Katie: But you already know she's in Sweden.

Henry: Mm-hmm. And I need you to go there with me.

Katie: Why?

Henry: To get her to tell us the truth about what she did with Barbara.

Katie: She didn't do anything with Barbara.

Henry: I -- listen. Barbara was the only thing that was standing between Vienna and me and marriage and lots of pretend babies. She was desperate.

Katie: You know Vienna. She couldn't kidnap anyone, not even Barbara.

Henry: I know somebody did something to Barbara, and right now Vienna is the best choice.

Katie: Well, if you really feel like you have to go, go.

Henry: I can't get through to her on my own. You owe me. You've got to come with me.


Katie: I know how upset you are about Barbara.

Henry: No, you don't.

Katie: Henry --

Henry: No, no. You thought that we were just, um, bed buddies and she was some stopover on my way back to true love with Vienna.

Katie: Yeah, that is all I thought she was.

Henry: Well, she was more than that. She was a lot more.

Katie: I know.

Henry: No. I tried to tell you about it, but you wouldn't listen to me. And then you brought Vienna back to town.

Katie: I'm so sorry.

Henry: Yeah, you should be. You owe me.

Katie: I know. I do. I would do anything to make up for Vienna hurting you.

Henry: Fine. We'll leave for Sweden this afternoon.

Katie: I can't!

Henry: You just said that you would do anything for me.

Katie: Did you forget that I have a baby?

Henry: No. Bring him with us. Jacob's portable.

Katie: Do you realize how often we would have to stop for feedings and naps? Not to mention the fact that we'd have to get through a transatlantic flight with a baby.

Henry: Fine, fine, fine. Leave him with your sister, uh, while you're gone.

Katie: It's not that easy. Besides, I don't want to leave town right when I'm starting --

Henry: Starting to what?

Katie: Nothing.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. What is this, about Chris? Have things taken a turn?

Katie: I don't know. I start to think that they have, and then he pushes me away.

Henry: He's crazy about you.

Katie: Do you really think?

Henry: From what I've seen.

Katie: I thought so, too, but I'm just so gun-shy myself that any little thing that happens, it just makes me think.

Henry: Think that he wouldn't want you? Bubbles, he wants you.

Katie: You just called me "bubbles," Henry.

Henry: Uh, no, no, no, no. We're talking about you and the good doctor. Continue.

Katie: I just don't know how ready I am or how ready he is, for tat matter, to move on to the next level. But I'd like the chance to find out.

Henry: You'll get that chance. And if he's what makes you happy, I -- I want that for you.

Katie: Thank you for understanding.

Henry: Don't I deserve some happiness, too?

Katie: Yes, of course.

Henry: Okay. Well, then, come with me to Sweden to get the truth out of Vienna.

Katie: But what about --

Henry: I will never be happy unless I find Barbara!


[ Henry sniffs ]

Henry: It's Barbara's perfume. Barbara, Barbara! Iris?

Iris: Oh, poor Henry, of course you thought I was Barbara.

Henry: Yeah. You're wearing her -- have you seen her? Is she back?

Iris: No. I'm sorry to disappoint you. I know how worried you are about her. I mean, we all are.

Henry: Why are you wearing her clothes? Where did you get them?

Iris: From will. See, I didn't bring a lot of clothing with me, 'cause I didn't know how long the kids wanted me to stay with them, and I'm living on a budget, and so I really couldn't afford to buy anything new.

Henry: So he just handed her things over to you?

Iris: Yeah. He was being kind. I mean, what's the harm in letting me use a few of her clothes from her wardrobe, right? An, she's not using them.

Henry: You're wearing her perfume.

Iris: Yeah. That was so naughty of me. I mean, I couldn't resist. I just -- one little squirt, you know? I didn't think anybody would mind. But listen, I've got to go, so good luck in your quest.


Henry: Hello. I know this is none of my business, but I don't think it's very nice of you to just give Barbara's clothes away. It's not as if she's never coming back.

Will: I don't know what you're talking about.

Henry: Uh, well, I saw iris having a drink, and she said that --

Gwen: Wait a minute. My mom was drinking? Where?

Henry: At the Lakeview. Anyway, she said --

Gwen: I got to go find her.

Will: You think that's gonna do any good?

Gwen: Look, my mom doesn't want to be drinking. Maybe if I talk to her, I can help her.

Will: I'll go with you.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: Will you call us if you find Emily? Thank you.

Henry: Emily is missing, too?

Paul: She didn't come home last night. And those two think that that's proof that Emily's responsible for mother being missing.

Henry: Well, you've got to admit, that's pretty strange.

Paul: Emily didn't kidnap Barbara.

Henry: Yeah, well, Barbara didn't just take off on her own either.

Paul: You don't know that.

Henry: Yes, I do know that. Just like you know Emily, I know Barbara. The way everyone's acting around here, like she's playing some kind of game -- that's insulting. It's insulting.

Paul: I'm starting to agree with you.

Henry: But Barbara would never just -- you're agreeing with me?

Paul: Yeah, I'm starting to think that whatever's going on is no game.

Iris: You are gonna regret playing with me.


Paul: Even if Vienna were responsible for mom's disappearance, I don't think she's the kind of person that would hurt either Barbara or Emily.

Henry: Well, when I'm completely rational, I don't think Vienna would hurt Barbara either.

Paul: Well, if nothing else, we've saved you a trip to Sweden.

Henry: Yeah, but if Vienna didn't make Barbara disappear and Emily didn't either, then who did? Paul, when I was at the Lakeview and I saw iris wearing Barbara's clothes, for just a second, I thought -- I thought it could be Barbara.

Paul: I know the feeling.

Henry: Yeah. The videotape from the hotel -- I was never convinced that was Barbara. What if it was iris wearing Barbara's clothes?

Paul: Iris?

Henry: Why not? She lied about the drinking. Who knows what else she's lied about.


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