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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Henry convinces Will and Paul that Iris is impersonating Barbara and is responsible for her disappearance.  They smell smoke at Fairwinds and go to the wine cellar, where they find Emily and Barbara.  The women confirm that Iris is their kidnapper, but she has already moved out of Fairwinds.

Today’s episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum and written by Josh Griffith.


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Henry: Paul, what if Iris is duping us.

Paul: How so?

Henry: Well, she lied about not drinking. Maybe she lied about everything else, like the real reason that she's here.

Paul: Go on.

Henry: Well, she's -- she's wearing Barbara's clothes. She's wearing Barbara's perfume.

Paul: Iris has always been a little bit of a mooch.

Henry: I think it's more than that. I think the woman in that security video that everyone thought was Barbara was really Iris. I think Iris is behind Barbara's disappearance.

Paul: To what end?

Henry: I don't know.

Paul: I thought Iris was back in town to make nice with Gwen.

Henry: Yeah.

Paul: Why would she put all that at risk?

Henry: Maybe the whole Gwen thing is just a smokescreen so, uh, she won't seem suspicious.

Paul: I don't know, Henry. That's a big jump.

Henry: Don't you think we should at least talk to her about it?

Paul: Fine. Any idea where she is?

Henry: No. But I bet will or Gwen does. Come on.


Paul: I still don't know what it is you think you're gonna find.

Henry: I'm looking for something to connect Iris to Barbara.

Paul: A needle in a haystack.

Henry: You still don't buy the theory?

Paul: What, that Iris kidnapped mom? Yeah, I'm having a hard time believing that Iris is capable of pulling something like that off.

Henry: Well, then, why are you here? Why -- why did you come with me? Why did you call will and tell him to join us?

Paul: Because I do think you're right. I do think that -- that something bad is happening to mom, and I can't get a hold of Emily. Maybe those two things are connected.

Henry: I'm positive that it's all connected.

Will: Hey. Guys, what's up?

Henry: Where is Iris right now?

Will: Gwen's taking her to an A.A. Meeting at the hospital. Why?

Paul: Well, 'cause Henry is suspicious. He thinks that Iris is somehow behind mom's disappearance.

Will: Well, she has been acting really weird, and she's wearing mom's clothes right now, which is totally bizarre.

Henry: Thank you.

Will: And I wouldn't put anything past Iris.

Paul: Double abduction?

Will: Double?

Henry: Yeah, well, if -- if Iris kidnapped Barbara and then Emily found out about it --

Will: That would explain why Emily's missing, too.

Henry: Yeah.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Henry: Hold on. Hello. Yeah. It's Margo. Yeah, they're here with me now. You're kidding me. Thank you. Just keep me posted, all right, Margo? Thank you.

Paul: What is it?

Henry: Someone used Barbara's credit card a couple of hours ago.

Paul: Maybe that someone was Barbara.

Henry: At the eight ball tavern for a chili dog and two shots of bourbon?

Paul: That doesn't sound like mom.

Will: Sure as hell sounds like Iris.

Henry: Exactly. She's -- she's wearing Barbara's clothes. She's using Barbara's credit card. Do you still think I'm wrong about this, Paul?


Paul: I still don't see how Iris could have pulled something like this off.

Will: Well, maybe she had help.

Henry: Maybe you're underestimating her. Because unless Barbara's completely lost her mind, there is no way that she is sucking down chili dogs and shots of bourbon at the eight ball tavern!

Paul: That's probably true.

Will: For sure.

Paul: We need to talk to Iris.

Henry: Yes. We need to talk to -- you said that Gwen was taking her to an A.A. Meeting?

Will: Yeah. That's the plan.

Henry: Where is it?

Will: At the hospital?

Henry: Well, shall we?

Paul: Let's go.


Henry: Excuse me. Is this where the A.A. Meeting's taking place?

Leader: We just finished up. We have another meeting in an hour.

Paul: Too late.

Henry: Well, where would they go?

Will: Good question.


Gwen: Hey.

Henry: Where's Iris?

Gwen: She's -- she's upstairs. Uh, what is this about?

Will: We got some bad news, hon. It's about your mom.

Gwen: Okay, about what she's done?

Paul: We don't have any proof.

Henry: We think she may have something to do with Barbara's disappearance.

Paul: And Emily's.

Gwen: Whoa. That's crazy. Why?

Henry: We don't know yet.

Will: And like Paul said, we don't have any proof.

Gwen: Okay, but you have plenty of suspicion. Is that it?

Henry: Yeah. She's parading around town. She's dressing like Barbara.

Will: And somebody used mom's credit card at the dive bar across town.

Henry: A place that she would never be caught dead in.

Gwen: But the kind of place that my mom lives for. Is that what you're saying?

Will: Yeah, exactly.

Henry: We need to talk to her, Gwen. We need to find out what she knows.

Gwen: Yeah, of course. I'll go get her.

Paul: Wait. Hold on. Anybody else smell smoke?


Henry: Where is it coming from?

Paul: It smells like it's -- it's downstairs. It's the cellar.

Henry: Gwen, Gwen, do me a favor. Keep an eye on Iris. Don't let her leave, all right?

Gwen: Okay. Mom? [ Sighs ]


Barbara: What's that? [ Emily coughs ] Listen.

Emily: What?

Barbara: Something's -- something's coming. I think somebody's coming! I hear something. Oh!

Henry: Barbara!

Barbara: Oh, thank god!


Paul: Are you all right?

Emily: No. Please untie the ropes.

Henry: What happened? Shh, shh! Don't speak, don't speak. We're gonna get you out of here.

Barbara: Hurry up!

Paul: One more second. One more second.

Henry: All right.

Emily: I can't get up.

Henry: Easy, easy.

Emily: Oh, thank god you're here. Oh, thank god. I thought we were gonna die.

Henry: What happened? I'm -- I'm so sorry, Barbara. I'm sorry -- sorry for everything.

[ Voice breaking ]

Barbara: I knew you'd find me. I knew you wouldn't give up.

Henry: What happened? How did you get down here?

Barbara: She -- she kidnapped me, and she took me to this warehouse, and she kept me there for weeks. And then she brought me here.

Emily: I found her. I found her here. Oh, god, it's a long story, but she tied us both up and left us for dead.

Paul: Who did this?

Both: Iris.


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