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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paul visits his mom at the Lakeview and is upset to find Henry there.  But Henry wants the world to know about their engagement.  They head over to Fairwinds and break the news to Barbara's sons, who are less than pleased.  Paul gives them a hard time, while Will goes to talk to Parker and Gwen.  Later, seeing how upset Barbara is, Henry withdraws his proposal!

Today’s episode was directed by Jennifer Pepperman and written by Penelope Koechl.


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Barbara: Oh. Hi, honey. I thought maybe you were room service for the oysters.

Paul: Little early for oysters, don't you think?

Barbara: No, not necessarily. Beautiful day, isn't it? So, what are you doing here? Looking for Henry?

Paul: No. Mom! Never mind.

[ Barbara sighs ]

Henry: Ws that room service?

Barbara: No.

Henry: Just as well. Who needs oysters anyway?

Barbara: Well, certainly not you. You proved that to me three times last night and once more this morning.

Henry: Not that you're counting. Who was it, anyway?

Barbara: Well, that would have been my son, Paul.

Henry: Man, you really enjoy shocking him, don't you?

Barbara: No. Teasing him. I don't want to upset him, and he'll get used to the idea of us, eventually.

Henry: He'd better. I'm not letting you out of my arms ever again.

Barbara: Oh, I like the sound of that. Why don't you let me prove to you how much I like the sound of that?

[ Henry growls ]

Henry: I would love to do that, but I want to forego the fun and games, have a little breakfast, and go public.

Barbara: Go public?

Henry: We made big plans, Barbara. I asked you to marry me, and I want Paul and I want everybody to know that Barbara Ryan is going to be my wife. 


Barbara: Good morning.

Emily: Hi. Can I get you some coffee?

Barbara: Uh, no, thank you.

Henry: A light, no sugar for me, please.

Emily: Okay, sure. Um, anything to eat -- scones, muffins, fruit?

Barbara: I'm fine, thank you.

Emily: Barbara, you existed on nothing more than gummy bears and worms for weeks. You should eat, gain your strength back.

Barbara: Thank you. Thank you for being so nice. But you don't have to try so hard.

Emily: Okay, sure. Uh, just help yourselves

Will: Mom, hey. Henry.

Barbara: Oh.

Henry: Hey.

Barbara: Hi, honey. How are you?

Will: I was just gonna call you.

Barbara: You were?

Will: Yeah. We're leaving soon.

Barbara: No!

Henry: No. No, stay a few more days.

Will: We can't. We -- we've really stayed too long already.

Gwen: Yeah. He's got to register for classes.

Henry: Uh, can't you do that online? Something, uh, really important is about to happen.

Barbara: Why don't you tell them?

Henry: Yes. Absolutely. Um, as I'm sure the four of you have gathered, uh, considering how insanely concerned I was about Barbara the last few weeks, I am head over heels in love with this woman. I know it didn't always seem that way. I was an idiot the way I behaved about Vienna. I was an absolute idiot.

Barbara: Why don't you cut to the chase, okay?

Henry: You're right. You're always right. I -- I, uh -- I love this woman, and thankfully, she loves me, too. Which is why I wanted to share with you all that, um, I have asked her to do me the honor of being my wife, and she has graciously said yes. And we would love to have the ceremony here at Fairwinds to make it, uh, that much more special. So, are you guys happy for us or what?

Barbara: Well, don't everybody speak at once. 


Emily: Well, I personally think its wonderful. I -- I'm thrilled. Is -- isn't it wonderful?

Paul: Married? Are you serious?

Emily: Of course they're serious. They just said it. And -- and they want to do it right here in Fairwinds. I think that's fantastic. Don't you think? Honey --

Barbara: Will, say something, honey.

Will: Um -- I -- I'm speechless.

Paul: It's weird.

Barbara: Weird?

Paul: Yeah. He's my brother.

Henry: Half-brother, on our father's side.

Paul: Right. Because if it was a full brother, then she'd be your mother, and that would be a whole different kind of weird.

Henry: Don't -- don't think of it that way. Just think of it as two people that are in love with one another.

Paul: Oh, oh, okay, then. Sure. Uh, no, I can't do that. You know what? This whole relationship that you're having was fine with me when it was a fling.

Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. You saw how concerned I was about her for the last few weeks. You saw how desperately I was looking for -- I've told you repeatedly how much I love her. Do no all this a ling

Paul: Henry, who gets married anymore anyway? Why do you want to formalize all these feelings with a wedding ring?

Barbara: You would rather that I live in sin with Henry rather than have him make me an honest woman? Is that it?

Paul: Yes. That's it. I know that doesn't make any sense to you, but whatever it is you guys are doing isn't making any sense to me.

Emily: Paul --

Paul: No, Henry, come on. Look, you're -- you're a very spontaneous guy, right? You -- you go from job to job. You go from woman to woman. You're -- you're in and out of heels. I mean, I -- do you really know yourself well enough to make a lifetime commitment to somebody, and are you positive that my mother is who you want to make this lifetime commitment with?

Henry: Yes, I am.

Paul: And what about you, mom? How many times have you been married? What, four or five? I've lost track.

Barbara: Well, I haven't. And I don't appreciate you pointing out my mistakes. I know what they are. And I don't plan on making them ever again, which is why I've chosen to be with Henry.

Henry: Thank you.

Barbara: You're welcome. Well, I certainly expected my family to be surprised about this. I just didn't expect such a chilly reception.


Henry: You know what I find fascinating about your reaction to our announcement, Paul?

Paul: No. What?

Henry: How little you talked about your mother and just how much you went on about yourself, about how embarrassed you would be, about how weird this would be for you.

Paul: Oh no, no. This is weird for everybody. Why else do you think will would walk out of here?

Henry: I -- I don't know. I hope it's not because he's as self-absorbed as you are.

Emily: That's not fair.

Henry: Uh, no. Uh, you know what's not fair, okay, is that, uh, you two with such checkered pasts would actually pass judgment on Barbara. You -- you slept with James and Paul. I mean, most people would think that's pretty far out there. And you -- I don't even know where to start with you! But the two of you, in some kind of weird, twisted -- weird little twisted little way, you both found happiness. Why would you deny Barbara a chance for a new beginning?

Paul: Because it's not a new beginning! You're James Steinbeck's son. Mother would just be repeating the same cycle over and over again, because everything that James is connected to is cursed, including you.

Barbara: You know, I was just hoping that my children might see that I want to be happy. But I guess that's impossible. I'm sorry to have bothered you.


Henry: You think your mother would be cursed if she marries me?

Emily: H -- Henry, Paul didn't mean that.

Henry: Yes, he did. Yes, he did. You are more like James than I will ever be. And the fact that you would invoke his name here in front of your mother when -- when she is so vulnerable, when she is so close to happiness for the first time in her life, Paul -- it proves something to me.

Paul: Really? What's that?

Henry: You really are your father's son.

Emily: H -- he -- he's just concerned about his mother. He has every right to be.

Henry: He's just concerned about himself, and so are you. Then -- then again, what else is new?

Emily: Hey! What are you talking about? I'm the one who said congratulations, that I was happy for you.

Henry: No. You're not happy for me. You're not happy for -- for Barbara. You're happy for yourself, because if she gets married, that means she's out of your life.

Paul: If you really want to marry my mother, insulting my wife isn't gonna get you very far.

Henry: If I want to marry her? I don't need your blessing, Paul. I am marrying her whether you like it or not.


Henry: Barbara and I are in love, and we are getting married. Now, you can either get on board with that, or you can get the hell out of the way!

Emily: Can we just take it down a notch, please? You misunderstood him.

Henry: Did I?

Emily: Yes, you did. If you marry Barbara, of course we're gonna be happy for you.

Henry: We are getting married. There's no ifs about it.

Paul: Okay, Henry, why now? Really, what's the rush?

Henry: I -- I don't know, Paul. Maybe because I almost just lost Barbara.

Paul: Exactly. You've both been through a very traumatic situation. Don't you -- don't you think that you should take a -- a moment and kind of collect yourselves before you make a major life decision like this?

Henry: We've waited long enough already.

Paul: But you didn't wait though, did you, Henry? You married a Swedish girl.

Henry: Oh, my god! I -- I already admitted that that was a mistake! What -- what is it with you? Why -- why can't you let your mother be happy for once?

Paul: Because I don't think my mother really even knows how to be happy! But I'm pretty sure that long-term, it's very unlikely that she will be happy with you.

Henry: You really are his son.

Paul: When you two had this relationship on the side, this secret thing that you were doing, that was one thing, okay? But you get married, and all of a sudden, you're gonna be dealing with the public. You're gonna be -- you're gonna have to deal with other people.

Henry: We don't care what other people think. We don't care what other people think.

Paul: Well, maybe you don't, but my mother does. She's a lot more conservative than people think. And when people start whispering about you're half her age, about how you're her stepson --

Henry: I am not her stepson.

Paul: You are going to hurt my mother, Henry, deeply.

Henry: You don't know her at all.

Paul: I know her a lot better than you think that you do. It's a whole can of worms. Henry, don't open a can of worms.

Henry: Paul, Paul, take your can of worms and shove it.

[ Paul sighs ]


Henry: Barbara -- Barbara? Barbara? Hey.

Barbara: I am so, so sorry.

Henry: What? You don't have anything to be sorry -- you're not the one that should be apologizing. I really let Paul have it after you left.

Barbara: I am so sorry. How could he compare you to James? You're -- you're nothing like him at all. And he said that to your face. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Henry: He feels cursed. He's - he's in pain.

Barbara: I brought that on him.

Henry: No, you didn't. James brought that on both of you. But he is -- he's dead. He's gone now.

Barbara: There's not one molecule of that evil man in you, Henry. You're the most loving, kind, sensitive man I've ever known, and any woman would be so lucky to have you as her husband. And when I stand before our family and our friends and I vow to share my life and my love with you --

Henry: Don't -- don't say any more.

Barbara: What's wrong?

Henry: I'm withdrawing my marriage proposal.


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