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Henry meets Holden (Nov. 10-17, 1999)

Henry (to Lily): Yes. I've got a dynamite piece in the can on Margo Hughes, the prime suspect in the Alec Wallace case. I've got some old detective love footage, you know, back when she was bedding the kid that turned out to be Wallace's son. I've also got some tape of her kanoodling with Wallace, Sr., Along with her being hauled down to the station this morning, and, oh, yeah, I've also got some tape on her husband's love child with Emily Stewart. (Nov. 10, 1999) 


Henry (to Lily): Okay, listen. I was promised creative freedom when I took this job, all right? Now you come barging in here, some dilettante absentee owner, pushing your weight around. Why don't you go back to planning your little charity balls and let me do the job I was hired to do? (Nov. 10, 1999) 


Henry (to Holden): Well, congratulations. You saved the damsel in distress. Chivalry is not dead. Now get out of my face. (Nov. 10, 1999) 


Henry (after finding out Holden was coming down to the station to help find a replacement anchor): As if wonder-boy's gonna solve our crisis. Move over, Diane. (Nov. 17, 1999) 


Henry: Look, Mrs. Hughes fired Miss Conlan

Holden: Listen, Henry

Henry: Molly Conlan -- Molly

Holden: Henry!

Henry: Hey, hey, Molly Conlan, David "psychopath" Stenbeck's gal pal. Not exactly the image Kim Hughes wants for this station, much less the twelve o'clock news.

Holden: What Kim and Lily want is their station to run smoothly with an experienced newsperson.

Henry: All right. You're right. Experience being the operative word. How long have you been in broadcasting, Mr. Snyder? About as much as experience as this spandex-wearing puff piece personality. Now, the woman is a joke, a dirty one at that. Kim would agree with me.

Holden: Henry, this is a one-shot deal. Okay? Molly, she can handle this. She is a professional, which is more than I can say for you. So, why don't you just let Molly do her job and you worry about your own job, okay? (Nov. 17, 1999)


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