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Margo’s Trial (Dec. 6-9, 1999)

Henry: All right, if anybody wants me, I’ll be down at the courthouse for the feeding frenzy. And, people, get your bets in now, okay? Because once the jury goes in to deliberate, this bookie is closed.

Holden: You're taking bets on Margo Hughes' guilt or innocence?

Henry: Just some innocent fun.

Holden: That's one opinion.

Henry: That's the news business. You can close your eyes to the truth, but that doesn't make it go away. Just gives the competition a chance to take the story right out of your hands.

Holden: Okay, Henry, what is it? What are you up to? Spill it.

Henry: What do I know? I'm only the news director. But I do know that if you gave me a crew to go down to the Hughes' residence this morning, I might have some footage for the 12:00 News, some human interest stuff. You know, her going to the courthouse –

Holden: No human is interested in that stuff.

Henry: Maybe how this whole thing's affecting her family. I heard her youngest son came home with a nice shiner the other day. Why can't we have someone down there?

Holden: Because we are aiming at standards that are much higher than what you're used to.

Henry: It's called the news.

Holden: No, it is called unnecessary invasion of privacy, a waste of time and beneath this station's ethics.

Henry: All right, I see it is now my job to instruct you on what makes a good news story.

Holden: What makes a good news story is the truth -- nothing more, nothing less. We do not exploit human suffering. Not as long as I'm in charge. Got it?

Henry: Sure. Got it. (Dec. 6, 1999)


Henry: Did we get some juicy footage at the courthouse! Detective love's boy toy has turned against her. That woman is gonna fry. (Dec. 7, 1999)


Henry: You working it, Peretti? Take a tip from a pro. You can only kiss up to the boss for so long. If you want to move into Molly Conlan's chair, you're gonna have to be more creative.

Katie: You're hateful.

Henry: You go, girl. (Dec. 7, 1999)


Holden: Coleman, I'd appreciate if you'd just at least pretend to have a little sensitivity, okay?

Henry: All right. I'll see what I can do. (Dec. 7, 1999)


Henry: It's a small station. All right? There's only room for so many stars. And sooner or later, it's gonna come down to you and her, and you're gonna need a serious weapon.

Katie: Henry, you're a dear, but you are so wrong. I am not in some war with Molly. I am not trying to undermine her career in favor of my own, okay?

Henry: Okay, sure. That's nice. You've got a really sweet, nice, clean conscience. All right? They may even give you the secretarial golden pin for 40 years of loyal service. (Dec. 9, 1999)


Henry (after Kim asks Katie to keep an eye on Casey): Would you look at that? Career-building opportunities around every corner.

Katie: It's family, Henry. Possibly a concept you don't understand.

Henry: No, sure, I do. You hire the kid for no money, and then you keep her busy with all the challenging chores that nobody else wants to do. You know, if you prove yourself at this, I've got a dog that needs walking.

Katie: You can be a real creep, you know that?

Henry: I'm just telling it like it is. If you have any cards up your sleeve, now is the time to play them. (Dec. 9, 1999)


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