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Henry Discovers the Photos (Dec. 14,1999)

Katie: Who gave you the right to go through my stuff? That's stealing!

Henry (looking at the pictures of Molly and Chris): And these, in some circles, could be considered soft-core porn.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Henry: Well, not this one of this adorable little baby, and not this one of you, which, by the way, you don't look red-eyed or multi-chinned in the least. No, I'm referring to this.

Katie: Oh, my god.

Henry: And this

Katie: I don't know how those got in there. I mean, that was my nephew's camera, and he sure wouldn't take pictures like that.

Henry: Well, if that's true, that strangely precocious kid has some talent.

Katie: Maybe it was a joke. I mean, somebody probably just stole the camera.

Henry: Yeah, nice try, Peretti. I'm not buying it.

Katie: I didn't do anything.

Henry: Look, you've been dropping hints left and right about some kind of dirt you have on Conlan, but this -- the anchorwoman with the station owner's son. I mean, this is too good to be true.

Katie: If you had those pictures, what would you do with them?

Henry: I do have them. Well, let's see -- I could sell them to the tabloids and then watch Conlan go down in flames. Or I could express mail them to Kim Hughes and let her know what baby boy's been up to. Of course, I could always let Molly get a good, long, hard look at 'em first and see how long it takes her to take you apart.

Katie: You cannot show those pictures to anyone, Henry.

Henry: Why are you so scared? You didn't take 'em. Hmm?

Katie: Okay, I did. But I didn't -- oh! If anyone ever knew that I took those, they would hate me.

Henry: What were you planning to do with them, Peretti?

Katie: I don't know, okay? And that is the honest truth. Why are you so interested anyway, huh? What are you after?

Henry: You know, your potential hasn't gone unnoticed, Katie. Yeah, I've been watching you, the way you suck up to Conlan, with the peppermint tea and the lozenges and the compliments. You know, that's impressive. You're not quite ready to be an anchor yet, but with my assistance, there's no telling how far you could go. All you have to do is follow my sage advice and you can have the career, the fame, the money, the fans.

Katie: And I'm supposed to believe that you would just do this out of the goodness of your heart? What do you have to gain? Oh, oh, I know. Yeah. Not too many people are very fond of Henry around here. Lots of people would like to see you out of here. You think those pictures can help you, huh?

Henry: A brilliant blonde. I never thought I'd see the day. Yeah. Yeah. I do I want to get ahead. And so do you. But that is not gonna happen while certain people are in control around here -- certain people like down-home Holden.

Katie: Yeah, he doesn't think much of you.

Henry: Yeah, he doesn't think of you at all. He will never, ever groom you to sit in that anchor chair. But I will, Katie. I have the experience and the know-how. If we can come to some kind of -- agreement. (Dec. 14, 1999)


Katie: I like my job.

Henry: Oh, but you'd love Conlan's. I can see it in your eyes, Katie. Every time she sits down at the chair, you're wondering, how did she get away with this? She sleeps with a murderer, she sleeps with the station owner's son, she gets arrested on live television, and yet, there she is -- back in the saddle again, bringing home the big bucks and any hunky young hottie she sees. Do you know why, Katie? Do you know why? Because she's shameless. There isn't anything that she hasn't done or wouldn't do to get what she wants.

Katie: Well, some of us have higher standards.

Henry: Well, shameless gets rewarded. Goodness runs and fetches coffee. Do you want to shine in that chair? Then you need me.

Katie: No. We need each other. And since you're the expert on knowing what to do since you have all the answers, what do you propose we do with these pictures?

Henry: Well, why don't we just hold onto them for now, hmm? Put the pictures in a safe place, the negatives in another safe place. Those babies are gold. And when the right time comes, we are gonna cash them in. Cha-ching. (Dec. 14, 1999)


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