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A Little Career Advice (Dec. 21,1999)

Henry (to Katie after watching her with Holden): You're good. You're real good, Peretti. You played him like a real Stradivarius. (Dec. 21, 1999)


Henry: Oh, Katie, come on, this is me -- Henry. You know, I was thinking about taking you out for a drink, giving you a few pointers on office politics, but I underestimated you. Yeah, you've got some resources, and you're not afraid to use them.

Katie: If you're referring to my sister's troubles –

Henry: And then, those photos you took of a certain TV news hen and her rooster. Katie, when you took those photos, you showed me that you've got what it takes.

Katie: Oh, you think so?

Henry: Yeah, that's right. Don't be ashamed to use your personal problems to your advantage -- yours or anybody else’s for that matter. It's a dog-eat-dog world, kid. And sometimes, the ends more than justify the means. (Dec. 21, 1999)


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